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Customer service: 1-877-890-5244

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"I just love the selection, and the information that is available on all the products. It sure makes it easy when you're semi-homebound. The free shipping is a plus too! Thanks!!!" - JL from Arkansas

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Cardamom Ground
Renee T.Verified BuyerMay 06, 2015
Cardamom Ground
I am a new customer and love the fresh spices from your site I could smell them before i even opened the package
RICHARD K.Verified BuyerMay 03, 2015
Great Company
A really superior product at a great price!! Very fast fas tshipper could not be more pleased
Alexandra F.Verified BuyerApr 25, 2015
Spice Sage
I love your product and I like the sales because I'm more willing to try something new out ,I miss the samples...
Geoffrey W.Verified BuyerApr 14, 2015
The Real Deal
I ordered Cardamom from another company originally and was close to running out, but when I went to order, it was not for sale because there was a question of its content. The first time I opened the bag for this companies Cardamom, the difference was clear. This had the strong lemony smell that Cardamom is known for where as the other one had almost no scent. Very good quality and lasts a long while at a great price. Will reorder
Nada L.Verified BuyerMar 11, 2015
Love The Smell
Cardamom smells SO wonderful. I love its spicy, but slightly sweet taste. Cardamom from MY SPICE SAGE is a gift!
William S.Verified BuyerFeb 28, 2015
Excellent Ground Cardamom
This is the best ground cardamom I have ever found in the USA. It is very fragrant and makes a great cup of Indian chai.
John N.Verified BuyerFeb 18, 2015
Grind was spot on, flavor is fresh and perfect. Can't ask for better. Shipping was also well packages and arrived in a timely fashion.
Susan L.Verified BuyerFeb 15, 2015
Best Spices
Order all my spices from My Spice Sage. Always fresh and of good quality. I really love the fact that you can purchase in small quantities at a great price. Thanks for all your products
Mary M.Verified BuyerFeb 15, 2015
Great Products And Service.
I will be ordering again from them.
LindaVerified ReviewerFeb 06, 2015
Cardamon Ground
Not sure how I lived without this fresh spice. The smells are so fragrant and aromatic. ALso got ground corriander. These spices are so far superior, and fresh, from those you get in the market that you cannot compare them.
David B.Verified BuyerFeb 04, 2015
Cardamom Powder
Good quality at very reasonable price
Sharon F.Verified BuyerFeb 04, 2015
Cardamom Ground
I love th ground and add it to all cookie recipes along with cinnamon. It adds flavor.
Dorothy J.Verified BuyerJan 30, 2015
Hard To Find Cardamon
I have been skipping cardamon in Danish recipes for years. Know I do not have to. Thanks for a good source of bulk spices, even hard to find ones.
Cynthia H.Verified BuyerJan 26, 2015
They Were Polite, Well-priced,
They were polite, well-priced, and promptly fixed the error with my shipment.
Thomas S.Verified BuyerJan 21, 2015
As Always Fresh !
A great spice. Its good in a lot of every day dishes, also its super in sauage.
Virginia C.Verified BuyerDec 01, 2014
Great Cardamom
Good price for already ground cardamom...
Lukshmiben B.Verified BuyerNov 27, 2014
Very Good Quality.
I use it for mixing it in other spices to make my Tea Masala. I love the taste.
Donna S.Verified BuyerNov 26, 2014
What I Needed
Very good
Mary P.Verified BuyerNov 23, 2014
I Love This Site, Love
I love this site, love the product. Super fast and fresh
Sue D.Verified BuyerNov 21, 2014
Excellent! I Use Cardamom Ofte
Excellent! I use Cardamom often.
Sharon K.Verified BuyerNov 07, 2014
You can never use too much cardamom.
N G.Verified BuyerNov 05, 2014
My Spice Sage As A Supplier
Great products, reasonable prices, go for it!
Ann S.Verified BuyerOct 31, 2014
Ground Cardmom
Very good quality. Have tried other brands but always come back to Spice Sage.
Barbara C.Verified BuyerOct 31, 2014
Great Product, Good Quality
great product, good quality I'm a Happy costumer. Thanks!
Linda R.Verified BuyerOct 24, 2014
Good Quality & Fast Delive
Recommended for quick delivery. I was making Sauerbraten and German Cookies for an Oktoberfest Party andcould not find all the spices I needed in the local supermarket. My Spice Sage had everything in stock and in the small quantities I needed. Everyone loved the food.
Diane B.Verified BuyerOct 24, 2014
Love the spice... will be ordering more THANKS! :)
Walter P.Verified BuyerOct 15, 2014
As Promised
My order was filled just as promised. It took a little longer than expected to receive my order but it arrived in great shape.
Patricia S.Verified BuyerSep 26, 2014
Love It!
Love it!
James L.Verified BuyerSep 22, 2014
Great Store
very good selection
Melissa H.Verified BuyerSep 21, 2014
Am trying to find a job and have not had time or money to experiment with recipes. Hopefully this will soon change.
Patricia S.Verified BuyerJul 25, 2014
It's great
Nathaniel S.Verified BuyerJul 21, 2014
Everything From My Spice Sage
Excellent; that all I can say; excellent. You will love their herbs and spices. Expect the highest quality, the just-packaged freshness, the exceptional service every order receives. As we've written before, the nicest thing is opening the mail when their package arrives and the fantastic aromas fill our apartment. They are the best.
Alexandra G.Verified BuyerJul 20, 2014
Best Cinnamon I Have Tasted
Rich flavourful with a slight sweet taste. I use it every morning in my Greek yogurt. The free shipping helps me order it - and other spices - more often
Susan F.Verified BuyerJul 04, 2014
Love It!
I like being able to buy small quantities of spices. Grocery stores soak you for a whole bottle that you use one teaspoon of and then it sits for years. Not good!
DarleneVerified BuyerApr 02, 2014
Love This Spice!
Makes anything I put it on taste great!
Barbara A.Verified BuyerMar 30, 2014
Fresh, rich, delicious...used it to make a gift of chai tea for a friend! Wonderful!
Diane C.Verified BuyerMar 19, 2014
Good Spice
I use this ground cardamom in a rice dessert and it makes a real difference in the taste. I also use it in coffee drinks. I really like the flavor of this spice.
Judy H.Verified BuyerMar 16, 2014
for the amount of the spice and the price it was a good value
Jay J.Verified BuyerMar 16, 2014
Very Good, Very Fresh
When opening the bag a strong smell of Cardamom, not like when I buy it at the store. Was disappointed though as again didn't receive my free sample spice with my order
Janel CarrascoSep 02, 2013
In Addition To Baking I
In addition to baking I have been adding my ground cardamom to my almond milk/almond butter smoothies and my chai green tea for a little extra "spice". It's very good and fresh.