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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Thanks a ton! I actually received the order yesterday and was very pleased with the quality. I will absolutely be ordering again in the future." - Charlotte from Maine

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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Chandra S.Verified BuyerMay 26, 2015
THE Cinnamon!
Perfect in every way. Once I did research on cinnamon and found out this cinnamon was the best, I was sold. I absolutely love the taste of it and talk about making treats tastier! Love it!
EVELYN A.Verified BuyerMay 25, 2015
Great stuff!
Barbara C.Verified BuyerMay 25, 2015
Highly Recommended
Second order good as the first. Excellent quality, attractive packaging, quick delivery, courteous "phone-in" staff! Complimentary sample of Smoked Spanish Paprika, excellent as well.
Louis B.Verified BuyerMay 24, 2015
The Best
received powder in a couple of days. quick service. thank you
Charles N.Verified BuyerMay 23, 2015
Mike W.Verified BuyerMay 23, 2015
Bad Batch
i'm going to send it back because one of the packages had a small opening. The cinnamon also tastes slightly rancid.
Roy H.Verified BuyerMay 23, 2015
Great For Diabetes
helps control my blood sugar. I use the powder to make an alcohol tincture and to add to my coffee, tea and other beverages. Best price I've found. Great service.
Dennis D.Verified BuyerMay 23, 2015
Only Place I Will Be
Only place I will be buying my spices from. They have great prices,selection and shipping
Sylvia H.Verified BuyerMay 22, 2015
A Special Taste
I ordered tumeric and ceylon cinnamon and was very pleased with both. I ordered these spices to make tumeric tea which is touted to be a natural health booster. I was anxious also to try the Ceylon cinnamon as it is a different type of cinnamon than the one I usually use. I was very happy with the flavor which is milder and more aromatic than that I have customarily used. I have not yet used it for general cooking, but it makes excellent cinnamon toast. There is no doubt both of these spices were an incredible bargain.
Lorraine B.Verified BuyerMay 22, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
wonderful cinnamon, thank you
Tom G.Verified BuyerMay 21, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
Not as much flavor as I expected. Price was great and I received it very quickly.
Jimmy S.Verified BuyerMay 18, 2015
Very Pleased Good Product Grea
very pleased good product great service thanks
Parks M.Verified BuyerMay 17, 2015
My Spice Sage
I ordered cinnamon which was delivered promptly and was excellent quality. I intend to purchase other spices from My Spice Stage in the future. Thank you for the great service.
Thomas C.Verified BuyerMay 15, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
my order was processed very quickly and quality is excellent. will buy all my spices from this web site in future
Joyce S.Verified BuyerMay 12, 2015
Very Good
Very good
Betty S.Verified BuyerMay 09, 2015
I love cinnamon and had read that there were severl kinds of cinnamon and usually what we get in the grocery store was not the best. I found Spice Sage and was happy to see they have the better kind of cinnamon. I use a lot of it with my homemade Chai Tea each morning and enjoy the flavor of Ceylon Cinnamon and also the stick cinnamon. It is very sweet and makes anything you make with it better. (and the prices are reasonable)
Patricia S.Verified BuyerMay 06, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
love the fresh citrusy smell
Carol K.Verified BuyerMay 05, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
I love it..
Carol K.Verified BuyerMay 05, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
I love it..
Charlotte W.Verified BuyerMay 04, 2015
Ceylon Healthy Choice
I switched to the Ceylon cinnamon after learning it has ultra low coumarin levels as I have learned that is toxic to the liver and I use a lot of cinnamon daily in my tea. I do find it is not as spicy as other types, but I will only use it from now on. Looking forward to baking with it, as I have read most traditional recipes were developed using it. I am very happy with the product you sell.
Ruth B.Verified BuyerMay 01, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
it is a great product
David W.Verified BuyerApr 29, 2015
Better Living
I am happy to have a product that has more subtle cinnamon flavor with additional subtle flavors that is also better for my overall health.
Colette S.Verified BuyerApr 28, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
Mild but very flavorful.
Michael L.Verified BuyerApr 27, 2015
Delicious Cinnamon
This product is superb. Everything purchased from Spice Sage is high quality.
Beverly G.Verified BuyerApr 23, 2015
Loved It
I like cinnamon in my coffee at times . So good
MaryPatricia D.Verified BuyerApr 23, 2015
Right Time, Right Spice,
This is a place I go when I want the right spice in a timely manner. I am so glad I stumbled onto this site, it has been a while now. Instead of trying to find the correct spices going to store after sore, and finding a spice store, I just type in MY Spice Sage and wall I'm covered.Thanks
Carol B.Verified BuyerApr 23, 2015
What A Difference!
The flavor and odor of this cinnamon compared to supermarket brands is outstanding.
ROBERT J.Verified BuyerApr 21, 2015
This Was The Second Time
This was the second time I purchased the cinnamon from you and I was more pleased than before as it was on sale. Thank you.
Irene H.Verified BuyerApr 18, 2015
As Good As The Cinnamon I Boug
Fragrant and delicious, this is the best cinnamon I've bought domestically. A few years ago I ordered directly from Ceylon and it was fabulous, but expensive. I've been getting what is called "Ceylon Cinnamon" from other sources, but it doesn't have that incredible fragrance and taste as the original. Spice Sage Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is the first I've found sold domestically that matches the cinnamon I bought directly from the country of Ceylon. I will definitely be buying my Ceylon cinnamon from Spice Sage from now on!
Patricia N.Verified BuyerApr 18, 2015
Disappointed. No Flavor. I Thi
Disappointed. No flavor. I think my bag of Ceylon cinnamon was stale and old.
Glenn O.Verified BuyerApr 18, 2015
WOW!!! This Is GREAT!!!!!
Ceylon Cinnamon is absolutely the best! I have been buying it from Spice Sage for a while now and it never disapoints. Everyone in the family notices the difference, and so we use more of it. We have a couple of friends that love a dash in there coffee and the first time we had coffee together here they asked if we had cinnamon and of course we did and so they used it and immediatly they noticed the difference and asked what kind it was and where we got it, they were sold and now use it themselves. Great quality, good packaging, and a good price!
Frank C.Verified BuyerApr 18, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
good stuff !!! just what i ordered !! the service was great and fast , next time i need something i'll order from this company . Frank Carroll
Sumpter P.Verified BuyerApr 18, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
Great product. I always buy my cinnamon from My Spice Sage and I have my relatives buying there also.
Peggy P.Verified BuyerApr 18, 2015
Love it!!!
Benjamin B.Verified BuyerApr 18, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Under T
Yup, tastes just like cinnamon powder. Spice Sage strikes again.
Kimberly M.Verified BuyerApr 18, 2015
Perfect Every Time...
Our family cooks from scratch 3 times a day,since finding My Spice Sage we have bought all our Spices from here.Fresh,Fast Shipping,Perfect....
Velma V.Verified BuyerApr 17, 2015
Puerto Rico
You refund my money because you d on't sent to my country :(
Janey B.Verified BuyerApr 16, 2015
Very Nice Quality!
this is nothing like cinnamon in the grocery store. Recommended!
Orville C.Verified BuyerApr 16, 2015
Very Good Product And Service.
I like it. Personally use it with vegetable smoothies every day.
Gary J.Verified BuyerApr 13, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Very good flavor will rebuy
Carolyn C.Verified BuyerApr 12, 2015
Fast Receipt Of Product Thanks
fast receipt of product thanks!
Maxine F.Verified BuyerApr 12, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
It is the best!! I put it in everything, including the coffee maker with my Starbucks. My Spice Sage is the only place to shop for quality spices.
Jan H.Verified BuyerApr 11, 2015
Love Getting My Very Fresh Spi
The Ceylon cinnamon powder taste fantastic on my oatmeal and anything else I can put it on! I enjoy getting all my fresh spices at My Spice Sage.
Steven R.Verified BuyerApr 06, 2015
I Like It
i like it
Edward O.Verified BuyerApr 05, 2015
Spice Is Nice
This is the best to acquire your favorite spice great prices, free shipping
Linda P.Verified BuyerApr 03, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Real pleased with the cinnamon I purchased. I make tea with it. Also purchased sea salt which I am also pleased with. I will purchase again.
JOSEPHINE S.Verified BuyerMar 30, 2015
Wonderful Spices
I haven't gotten around to some big time cooking with the cinnamon yet. However, used this cinnamon in my coffee and it was great. Also all spices that I purchased have a strong identifying aroma which is wonderful. Thanks!
Stephen R.Verified BuyerMar 28, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
The product arrived fresh and in good shape.I am using the Ceylon Cinnamon as a diatary supplement. The flavor is mellow and very tasty. I can see my health improving as a result of taking this spice. Also it imparts a feeling of well being on myself. I take a teaspoon of Ceylon once a day.....when I run out of spice...I know where to go. Thank you in advance for a wonderful product !!
Richard F.Verified BuyerMar 28, 2015
I received my spices in a timely manor. However, I'm wondering about the ceylon cinnamon. The ceylon cinnamon I've bought before has always been a lighter color. Your ceylon is dark and I'm concerned that it would damage my liver as I use larger amounts of it. I don't yet know how to determine if it's really ceylon. I'm just not sure. A reply from you would help, I hope. Thnx
Lisa M.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2015
Great Product!
The cinnamon is wonderful. Will most definitely order from here again.
Steve V.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2015
Lousy Spice
Second time I've purchase from you, and it will be the last. The spice is old, and almost tasteless. When I buy something I expect value for what I pay for, I did not get that, therefore I will go somewhere else to get my spice.
Darrel H.Verified BuyerMar 20, 2015
Very good taste. Fast delivery. Thanks
Shelley R.Verified BuyerMar 18, 2015
I Love, Love, Love Ceylon Cinn
Most of what is sold in America as "cinnamon" is actually cassia bark rather than cinnamon bark. Cinnamon bark is good for what ails you and tastes marvelous...cassia just tastes good but is not so good for you! I love cooking with real Ceylon Cinnamon.
Ruth D.Verified BuyerMar 17, 2015
Very Good
very good
June M.Verified BuyerMar 16, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
I am very happy to have found a great source of Ceylon Cinnamon Powder and I will shop again. Thanks!
Susan P.Verified BuyerMar 15, 2015
Delicious Ceylon Cinnamon Powd
This will be a regular purchase for my kitchen. Fragerent and yummy!!! One try and you will be hooked
Alicia K.Verified BuyerMar 14, 2015
Great Price For A Great Produc
Shipping was fast and the product is of great quality at a great price. I would highly recommend ordering and will continue to do so from now on.
Wini H.Verified BuyerMar 14, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, And Ot
I buy a few pounds of cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg every few months because I make about 7 quarts of chai every week. I've been very pleased with the quality of the spices, and promptness of shipping. The spices are nice and potent, packed well, and reasonably priced. I'm glad I found them.
MSandra H.Verified BuyerMar 11, 2015
The Cinnamon Was Very Good.
The cinnamon was very good.
Betha D.Verified BuyerMar 11, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
Excellent product and excellent service
Joseph T.Verified BuyerMar 10, 2015
Everything Is Great
great site to do business the free shipping is great
Gary W.Verified BuyerMar 09, 2015
Great Stuff
what a great buy on cinnamon... fast shipping and excellent product... thanks and I will be back
Mary B.Verified BuyerMar 08, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
Great stuff and good customer service. Thanks!
Tatyana P.Verified BuyerMar 08, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder.
I order from this company for a while. Good products. I refer them to my friends too.
Neal I.Verified BuyerMar 07, 2015
Excellent Fast Service As Alwa
Excellent fast service as always!! Thanks
Loretta P.Verified BuyerMar 07, 2015
Great Customer Service!!
I recently ordered peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender and also used a promo code to get Ceylon cinnamon. When I opened the box there was no eucalyptus and in its place was Scorpion pepper. I called and was warned about handling the pepper carefully, I was told that I did not have to bother with returning the pepper and for my trouble I was sent two bags of the eucalyptus leaves!!!! Great products and great service!
Marc G.Verified BuyerMar 06, 2015
Very Disappointed.
The Coriander Seeds were the (round) Chinese seeds, starkly inferior to the Indian ones. The Guajillo chiles was satisfactory. The Vadouvan Curry powder contained many spices that were not ground at all. The label listed ONLY ground spices but was hard to read because the label was extremely faded. RE: the Kampot pepper I have no basis for comparison. The worst product was the Berbere Spice, as the mix lacked heat and seemed to be predominantly paprika. The proper mix is VERY fragrant and VERY hot.
Michel M.Verified BuyerMar 04, 2015
Very Mild
It is so mild compared to what I have always used, that it will take a while to get used to.
Martin H.Verified BuyerMar 04, 2015
Not above average. Good, but I like cinnamon.
Chuck W.Verified BuyerMar 04, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
very satisfied
Janet P.Verified BuyerMar 02, 2015
Sorry, I Have Not Tried
Sorry, I have not tried it yet.
Patrick M.Verified BuyerMar 02, 2015
Great Experience And Great Pro
Everything arrived quickly and of high quality
Glenn B.Verified BuyerMar 02, 2015
Best Spices
Will not purchase my spices anywhere else. They are always fresh, flavorful and reasonable priced.
Georgia M.Verified BuyerMar 01, 2015
I never have any problems with spice sage. Everything in my order was and is great!!
Joy L.Verified BuyerMar 01, 2015
Great Place To Buy Spices!
Great place to buy spices!
Linda S.Verified BuyerFeb 25, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
As always, ordering was easy and the cinnamon, which is incredible, arrived before expected. I wouldn't even consider buying spices and herbs anywhere but My Spice Sage. I totally ADORE this vendor.
Craig H.Verified BuyerFeb 25, 2015
True Cinnamon
Always a good product swiftly delivered.
Darrell B.Verified BuyerFeb 24, 2015
Very Good.
very good.
Sumpter P.Verified BuyerFeb 21, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
We love it and My Spice Sage is the only place we by it.
Susan L.Verified BuyerFeb 19, 2015
Wonderful Flavor
This Ceylon Cinnamon is a favorite. Flavorful, no grit ~ just smooth powder. I use cinnamon daily so purchasing in the large re-sealable bag is great.
Daniel H.Verified BuyerFeb 17, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Is A Great Thi
and My Spice Sage does an excellent job of delivering it to us! Good price, good taste, good healthiness, good packaging.
Cheryl F.Verified BuyerFeb 15, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
Good quality and flavor, even better price! Highly recommend.
Richard M.Verified ReviewerFeb 15, 2015
Tasteless And Smelled Like Dir
Very disappointed with my one and only experience buying from My Spice Sage.
Lisa C.Verified BuyerFeb 15, 2015
The ceylon cinnamon is very aromatic, light- great taste
Colleen D.Verified BuyerFeb 14, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
I like the cinnamon but I didn't get the sifter that was supposed to come with it.
Patty C.Verified BuyerFeb 11, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
My Spice Sage delivers best quality, best variety .
Francois E.Verified BuyerFeb 10, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Is Exce
I have never been disappointed with anything purchased from My Spice Sage. Their packaging and delivery are fantastic.
Lawrence L.Verified BuyerFeb 10, 2015
Fresh Tastee Cinnamon Ceylon P
An excellent quality addition to my pantry plus a more old time fresh complex taste to contrast with the Saigon type Cinnamon heat and vigor. I like it a lot so a great low price for better than pre packed at my grocery stores for certain.Thanks, L.L.
Jerald L.Verified BuyerFeb 10, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
we use this cinnamon with honey to help with our arthritis . It is great cinnamon.
Patti H.Verified BuyerFeb 05, 2015
Satin Smooth
I combined all four cinnamons purchased which was like smooth satin. I have increased my use because of its superiority. I am telling everyone about My Spice Sage.
Sheryl D.Verified BuyerFeb 04, 2015
love it! I use it to assist diabetes control.
Susan K.Verified BuyerFeb 01, 2015
A Fantastic Product At An Exce
Baked products taste so much better with Ceylon cinnamon!
Jack L.Verified BuyerJan 27, 2015
Great Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
great ceylon cinnamon powder
Glynda B.Verified BuyerJan 27, 2015
Excellent transaction. The cinnamon is wonderful
Shirley S.Verified BuyerJan 26, 2015
Great Product
Excellent product and excellent service and price
Douglas C.Verified BuyerJan 26, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
I'm having a cup of coffee,right now; and there is a some cinnamon in it! I found you guys on the internet, called the order in, paid a fair price and got the stuff quickly. I'm not gonna thank you for doing your job......but, I will thank you for doing it very well! Thanks
Walter S.Verified BuyerJan 25, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Robert M.Verified BuyerJan 24, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder.
Very Good
Peggy Z.Verified BuyerJan 22, 2015
First Buying Experience
Excellent buying experience with professional packaging and delivery of Ceylon Cinnamon Powder. I will be using your products in the future.
Kimberly W.Verified BuyerJan 22, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon
the bedt in the world to me! I used this with my apples to compliment my pork. What a nice compliment the aroma in the house while cooking awesome. This is a must have in any cooks kitchen!
Jerry W.Verified BuyerJan 19, 2015
Perfect, I am using the Ceylon cinnamon in A lot of ways, thanks for a good product.
Iris S.Verified BuyerJan 17, 2015
Ceyon Cinnamon Powder
I haven't used the powder very much, but what I have used has been very good quality and strong flavor.
Jerry H.Verified BuyerJan 17, 2015
nicely packaged, very good quality
Diem C.Verified BuyerJan 16, 2015
Good Quality!
Good quality!
Pam C.Verified BuyerJan 11, 2015
Love it! Used it on rice pudding. Bought small size just to try it. Would buy larger next time.
Robert K.Verified BuyerJan 10, 2015
Review Comments
Good but it is very difficult to mix. It's takes over a minute of constant stiring to disolve a single teaspoon into a cup of coffee.
Josephine S.Verified BuyerJan 10, 2015
I am very pleased with this cinnamon. I will purchase this product again from this supplier. I never knew their was a difference. Don't worry about buying a pound. Its so good you will go thru it in no time. I have been using it for medicinal purposes and because it comes from a better plant and its powder you can use more. I stir it in hot water with honey, I make a paste to put on a break out on the palm of my hand that the doctor gave me a steroid for that didn't do anything for it but make the skin on my hand really really thin and almost burned. Also on a spoon with honey for coughs and finally I mix Vitamin C crystals, spiralina and this powder cinnamon in applesauce and it's really good to get those items down. Love love love this product! My daughter tried in on her break from college and loved it so much I sent her home with some.
Randy F.Verified BuyerJan 07, 2015
Its Not The Fabulous One I Tho
A few years back I ordered glass spice jars and with them I received a free bag of cinnamon which was the most fabulous cinnamon I've ever had. Everyone who tasted it agreed. I tried order the same one (it was a shot in the dark to guess which was the right one) but my guess was wrong. I should have saved the bag! The cinnamon I wish I ordered was lighter in color and much more powdery-- as opposed to the more grainy texture of the Ceylon type. I have nothing against the Ceylon Cinnamon, but after having the other one, this is a disappointment. If you can figure out which one I wish I'd bought, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. It was more of an orange color, more powdery, and had a bit of a bite to it. Thanks!
Jerry F.Verified BuyerJan 04, 2015
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
While I'm glad to have some Ceylon Cinnamon powder again, I am unhappy with the strength of the flavor. The last Ceylon Cinnamon that I had purchased from a health food store was very strong and would even burn the mouth. This is quite disappointing and makes me wonder if My Spice Sage has diluted it with the standard and quantity-toxic variety.
Shelly D.Verified BuyerJan 03, 2015
Very Fragrant, Tastes Sweet, C
Very fragrant, tastes sweet, claims of mildness true, I tried in a coffee drink tastes fresh and no bitterness even when I doubled suggested amount. I will be definitely purchasing this again.
Sandra J.Verified BuyerDec 26, 2014
Henry C.Verified BuyerDec 25, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Great spice. Low price. Excellent service.
James R.Verified BuyerDec 25, 2014
I Found The Good Stuff
The good stuff that I'm referring to is fast shipping, great packaging and quality true Cinnamon. Here's to a healthy future. Thanks MMS
Raymond R.Verified BuyerDec 22, 2014
So Far I Like It !!!
Have only used it a little but it is far better than store bought cinnamon.
Tani S.Verified BuyerDec 22, 2014
Bag Not Sealed Properly; Cinna
While I like the Ceylon cinnamon I was disappointed that the bag was not sealed properly so that cinnamon spilled out. There needs to be a wider margin of the bag sealed.
Joe G.Verified ReviewerDec 21, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Fast service and excellent product.
Leslie R.Verified BuyerDec 21, 2014
i will order again
Mary O.Verified BuyerDec 18, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
Very good product.
ROBERT J.Verified BuyerDec 18, 2014
Elizabeth R.Verified BuyerDec 17, 2014
Jerry C.Verified BuyerDec 10, 2014
I Like It Very Much
I will buy it again. I have liked, very much, all of the spices I have purchased from the My Spice Sage Co. I enjoy trying the different ones in my dishes. I like Curry in my mexican dishes. I am very pleased to have discovered My Spice Sage. I usually don't write reviews, unless I really believe in a product & or a company. My Spice Sage Is Great! Jerry Cobb.
LOUANN L.Verified BuyerDec 07, 2014
most fragrant for holiday use.. always fresh.
Craig S.Verified BuyerNov 30, 2014
Great Products Super Service
As always a great product packaged well promptly delivered. Not much else to say. Thanks
RachaelVerified ReviewerNov 26, 2014
Good With My Oatmeal
I am pleased with this purchase. Taste good!
Sumpter P.Verified BuyerNov 26, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
only kind I buy just would like more specials on it, it's a little pricey.
Vickie M.Verified BuyerNov 21, 2014
Susan W.Verified BuyerNov 21, 2014
Has No Taste
Very disappointed. No taste, no smell.
CatVerified ReviewerNov 20, 2014
Have Ordered Ceylon Cinnamon T
Very happy with the Quality and taste and this is why I am a repeat cutomer.
Inez J.Verified BuyerNov 17, 2014
Not Quite Cinnamon
I should have read the others reviews closer.
John S.Verified BuyerNov 16, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Has Cured My D
Since I started Ceylon cinnamon I have gone from 240 area to around 100. A vegan diet and no processed foods also helped.
Carl A.Verified BuyerNov 15, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Milder to the pallet than Cassia with a more complex, mellow flavor. My first experience with "true" cinnamon and I don't think I can ever go back to "pretender" cinnamon. Was quite pleased with the fast and efficient service. I'm certain I will be a return customer.
Gerry G.Verified BuyerNov 15, 2014
Gennaro (Jerry) Galante
Product is extremly excellent
Stanley R.Verified BuyerNov 08, 2014
Excellent product AND service
Pam H.Verified BuyerNov 04, 2014
Excellent Service And Products
Excellent service and products as expected
Anna O.Verified BuyerOct 29, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
Love it.....taste great!
Jessica D.Verified BuyerOct 26, 2014
Wonderful Quality Cinnamon!
Excellent aroma and flavor--love all the spices we order through Spice Sage.
Valerie H.Verified BuyerOct 23, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
I had previously order this and found that the current shipment wasn't quite as nice. Will give it another try in the future though.
Barbara C.Verified BuyerOct 23, 2014
When I need a large amount of a particular spice, I will purchase it at My Spice Sage. I received my package three days after ordering it.
Thomas B.Verified BuyerOct 18, 2014
Love It! Ceylon Cinnamon That
Much more delicate than the other.
Terry D.Verified BuyerOct 17, 2014
Love It
good flavor; glad I found this site
Martha H.Verified BuyerOct 16, 2014
My Favorite Among All Others
My Favorite among all others tried
Joanne H.Verified BuyerOct 09, 2014
Gave It As A Gift
Gave it as a gift along with some other spices purchased from you. Recipient was extremely pleased
Maryn L.Verified BuyerOct 04, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
This is wonderful, intensely flavored cinnamon. It is the best I have ever used. Love it in sweet and savory recipes!
Valerie H.Verified BuyerSep 30, 2014
Best Customer Service!
We had robbers in our neighborhood, targeting mailboxes and UPS/FEDEX deliveries. My package must have gone to the robbers because the tracking stated it was delivered...but never showed up as far as I knew. "My Spice Sage" sent me a new order immediately!
Xenophon H.Verified BuyerSep 30, 2014
Pete L.Verified BuyerSep 30, 2014
I Order Alleppey Turmeric Grou
when i order Alleppey Turmeric ground powder that's what i expect to see on the package.i call and ask why alleppey wasn't on the package but i was told you got what you ordered
David W.Verified BuyerSep 28, 2014
I'm Very Happy With All
I'm very happy with all the products and shipping time.
Norma H.Verified BuyerSep 25, 2014
The Ceyon Cinnamon Powder Is
The Ceyon Cinnamon Powder is excellent. We are using it because my husband has Parkinson's Disease and research informed us that this Cinnamon is beneficial to patients who have PD. We notice an improvement in his condition.
Sean R.Verified BuyerSep 25, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Great quality and sourcing. This was the first time using Ceylon Cinnamon, it wasn't the same flavor as Saigon Cinnamon that I thought it would have. (my bad)
Joseph P.Verified BuyerSep 22, 2014
Great spice! Quick ship!!
Steven K.Verified BuyerSep 22, 2014
Completely Different From Past
When I received this cinnamon I thought they had sent me the wrong spice. It was very different from the last two times I had bought the exact same cinnamon from them. When I say different I mean different color, different smell and different taste. The color went from a bright burnt orange to a dark walnut brown. The smell went from sweet to pungent and earthy. The taste went from sweet to sharp. I understand that this is a product of nature and subject to some variance between samples, but this is ridiculous. This product is more like the cheap stuff (Casia) I can get in the supermarket. When I called they were closed so I sent them an email asking them to please call me back. They did not call me back. Instead they sent me an email assuring me that what I got was genuine and pretty much wrote me off as a customer.
Richard F.Verified BuyerSep 19, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
I got this to help lower my blood sugars which it does. I'm on my 2nd bag thanks to my daughter using it for waffles, pancakes, toast, banana nut bread' cereals etc. The taste of this Ceylon is wonderful. You will not regret a purchase.
Paul I.Verified BuyerSep 19, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Great product with fast delivery from a very reputable merchant. Will definitely buy from them again.
Adrienne D.Verified BuyerSep 18, 2014
Himalayan Salt, Turmeric, Viet
Love these spices! Delivery is quick!
Mary S.Verified BuyerSep 16, 2014
The Ceylon Cinnamon does not have the flavor nor strength I expected. I certainly will not not order again. Perhaps I wasn't aware of what the product actually is?
Harold H.Verified BuyerSep 14, 2014
Cheryll G.Verified BuyerSep 11, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder was my first purchase from My Spice Sage. This cinnamon is the best I've found. I am very happy with my purchase and the whole shopping experience. I also received the free sample of the chili lime. It will be on my next order!
Gregory J.Verified BuyerSep 09, 2014
Dianne M.Verified BuyerSep 05, 2014
A Lovely Winner!
Refreshing and pure, we use your Ceylon Cinnamon Powder with our organic yogurt. We add fresh blueberries even travel with it with an iced cooler. It is a huge hit with our grandchildren as well when I add it to almond flour cookies. Thank you Spice Sage. We love your site. Keep up the great service & professionalism. Warmest regards, Di Murphey
Michelle C.Verified BuyerSep 04, 2014
The Real Thing
I love being able to get REAL cinnamon from My Spice Sage, only imitation cinnamon is available locally. Cinnamon is very good for one's health, and I love the flavor. I use it as much as possible from everything from oatmeal to baked goods. My shipments always arrive promptly, and I was pleasantly surprised to get a free generous sample of black sea salt.
Elizabeth B.Verified BuyerSep 01, 2014
Great Tasting!!!
Great tasting!!!
Deborah E.Verified BuyerSep 01, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
Excellent product. Great price
Eric J.Verified BuyerAug 30, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
It is very good to season my baked sweet potatoes.
Sandra A.Verified BuyerAug 30, 2014
Not As Good As The 1st Time I
I thought it had a moldy after taste this time.
Melodye S.Verified BuyerAug 28, 2014
From Cinnamon To Vanilla...
Once I started ordering from My Spice Sage I never stopped. The quality and price went beyond my expectations. They also give you a little treat with the promotions they offer, it helps me try new items without having to purchase a larger quantity because of the sample gifts they send out. I've told many about this site and they now order as well.
Scott A.Verified BuyerAug 24, 2014
Great Taste
This Cinnamon is real smooth and mellow tasting.I will purchase again ; )
MARCIA V.Verified BuyerAug 23, 2014
John S.Verified BuyerAug 22, 2014
Cures Or At Least Stops Diabet
Take this for diabetes, along with diet and excercise. Must be "Ceylon" Cinnamom or you may get liver problems. One heaping tablespoon a day - is a smoothie works for me.
Sarah M.Verified BuyerAug 18, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
The first 2 packages of Ceylon Cinnamon I bought were great. The cinnamon was a light orangy brown color and was very mild and sweet. The latest package I got was a much darker brown, more pungent and has a sharp flavor. It was so different I contacted customer service to be sure it was Ceylon Cinnamon. They said, yes indeed it was and was from a new shipment. Not crazy about the latest shipment.
Ishwar G.Verified BuyerAug 15, 2014
Karen B.Verified BuyerAug 13, 2014
Very Satisfied
I am very pleased with the quality and the free shipping has me not going any where else to buy my spices. My Spice Sage Rocks!!!
Miklos K.Verified BuyerAug 11, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
Love your Ceylon Cinnamon
Sonia C.Verified BuyerAug 09, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Very good cinnamon. Taste great! Fast shipping and great prices.
L Y.Verified BuyerAug 08, 2014
Great Stuff!
The spice came quickly and it was fresh!
Evelyn G.Verified BuyerAug 06, 2014
Tasted And Smelled Moldy
Will not buy again, it is very poor quality.
Yvonne F.Verified BuyerAug 05, 2014
A Good Buy
Very pleased with the Ceylon cinnamon, love the taste. It came packaged in a plastic bag and I poured it into an empty spice bottle for convenient use.
Judith L.Verified BuyerJul 30, 2014
Superior Cinnamon
I bought it because I read that Ceylon cinnamon is less damaging to the liver than a store bought spice. The flavor and smell is more intense and pure smelling
Bonnie T.Verified BuyerJul 27, 2014
Pleasant taste and aroma
Janne P.Verified BuyerJul 27, 2014
Very pleased with the cinnamon, high quality & flavor. Also very pleased with how easy it is to order & the fast service.
Bonnie T.Verified BuyerJul 26, 2014
Wonderful Aroma, But Smallish
This cinnamon is excellent, but I was disappointed in the quantity--4 oz did not fill up a glass spice jar that previously held 1.75 oz of ground cayenne red pepper. I thought something was wrong when it was weighed out. The quality is excellent, but for the amount you get it is expensive.
Chyanne H.Verified BuyerJul 26, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Excellent! I do not know of any Product, Ceylon Cinnamon that stands up to or compares to yours!!! Thank you. Do you give coupons so I can order again really soon?
David J.Verified BuyerJul 22, 2014
1 Pound Ceylon Cinnamon
I ordered 16 ounces of Ceylon cinnamon, but received 4 - 4 oz bags of it. I thought that was strange, but it's actually proving to be handier. I also thought the cinnamon looked to be a darker color than my previous orders. Made me wonder if there wasn't Saigon cinnamon mixed in.......
Brad W.Verified BuyerJul 21, 2014
Happy To Find This Site
the Celyon cinnamon is a wonderful replacement for ordinary cinnamon. the taste is more appealing, and is has a pleasant fragrance.
Vicki S.Verified BuyerJul 14, 2014
Mrs. S
I love the Ceylon Cinnamon. I appreciate the speed at which you handle the orders. Always love doing business with you.
Morton S.Verified BuyerJul 14, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
Your Ceylon Cinnamon has the richest fullest flavor of any cinnamon I have tasted. And this is the type of cinnamon the health experts take about as being so good for diabetics!
Darlene M.Verified BuyerJul 08, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Is Much Better
I love it! It has a MUCH better taste than the cinnamon you buy at the store. I will definitely keep buying it!
Betty B.Verified BuyerJul 05, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
I am very pleased with the ceylon cinnamon that I ordered. It arrived in a few days with free shipping. I make a tea of unprocessed honey and ceylon cinnamon for my husband's arthritis. He said he felt better than he had felt in a year. I will order from Sage S[ice again.
John G.Verified BuyerJul 01, 2014
I have never bought Ceylon cinnamon before. I was hoping it to have more or at least the same flavor of cassia. I assume it is the variety and not the quality of the product
James B.Verified BuyerJun 14, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Is Excellent!
This Ceylon Cinnamon is sweeter and smoother tasting than the typical ground Cassia bark found in supermarkets. Obviously great in baked goods. Superb in yogurt, smoothies, and hot and cold beverages.
Tara W.Verified BuyerMay 24, 2014
White Pepper
Barnyard smell. Not good. Problem in the fermenting process perhaps, but not worth it.
J. S.Verified BuyerApr 01, 2014
Love This!!
Love it have ordered it 2x.
Sherry A.Verified BuyerMar 31, 2014
Mild Taste
The Ceylon Cinnamon has a very mild taste & works well in smoothies, oatmeal, cookies etc. We are enjoying using this fine product & believe it will help lowered cholesterol & blood sugar.
Chris M.Verified BuyerMar 30, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
i love this cinnamon. it is a sweet cinnamon. it makes the best cinnamon toast, and works wonderful in hot chocolate.
Wilfred B.Verified BuyerMar 28, 2014
Best Ceylon Cinnamon On The Ma
We use Ceylon Cinnamon in our coffee, tea, on ice cream, blue berries & real whip cream and much more. We purchase a pound to test the taste and loved it so we ordered 5 more pounds because we use it so much because of the health benefit. This Ceylon doesn't clog up in my coffee like the cinnamon bought at local stores like Walmart etc. More important My Spice Sage shipping is the fastest I've encountered and we order a lot off the internet. We have also order other spices because the prices are great and shipping is free. We be shopping more at My Spice.
Lisa L.Verified BuyerMar 28, 2014
Love It!
I was very happy with my whole experience at My Spice Sage..you have gained a loyal customer!
Jackie B.Verified BuyerMar 27, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Medication has caused me to loose my senses of smell and taste. Cinnamon from grocery stores taste like sawdust. When I use this cinnamon in large amounts, I can taste it. It's expensive, but worth the price to me.
Douglas M.Verified BuyerMar 27, 2014
The Only Problem With The
the only problem with the order was the missing vanilla beans I was supposed to receieve>
Bert T.Verified BuyerMar 27, 2014
Was Very Weak. Went In
Was very weak. Went in garbage. Will not buy anything from here again.
Dalila C.Verified BuyerMar 26, 2014
This is a great pure product. I love it!!!
Andrea G.Verified BuyerMar 26, 2014
I even use it in my coffee and tea. It gives them both great flavor. I'll order again before I'm out! If you haven't tried it, do so!
Nina P.Verified BuyerMar 26, 2014
Amazing As Always!
I am always delighted with my purchases from My Spice Sage! They are excellent products and delivered with astounding speed!!! Thanks My Spice Sage!!!!!
Sandra M.Verified BuyerMar 26, 2014
Not So Flavorful As Veitnamese
Although Ceylon Cinnamon is safer to consume than the Vietnamese Cinnamon it is not as flavorful. I was disappointed with this product and found the flavor to be "dull" in comparison.
Virginia H.Verified BuyerMar 25, 2014
The Ceylon Cinnamon has made such a change in the way I us cinnamon. I have shared my supply with others and now they are using My Spice Sage Seylon Cinnamon. Thank you.
Heidi W.Verified BuyerMar 25, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
I am delighted with my purchase!!! It is so hard to find Ceylon cinnamon in the stores and at an affordable price. I actually could not find any I could afford. Until, I found your website! I am pleased with the price and quantity that I received. The shipping time didn't take too long either.
Sherryl W.Verified BuyerMar 25, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
I really like the Ceylon cinnamon I ordered -- I could taste and smell the difference between the Ceylon and the Saigon Cinnamon. Thank you for your product's integrity!
Matthew C.Verified BuyerMar 25, 2014
Good Quality
Fresh, neatly packaged. Tastes better than store bought cinnamon, and less toxic [according to recent studies].
Mike R.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2014
Great Value
I got my order within a week even with free shipping. Love the Ceylon Cinnamon Powder. Helps lower my blood sugar and tastes great. Best cinnamon at the best price. I will be re-ordering soon.
Linda S.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2014
Excellent Quality
Good stuff, I am glad that I used this website.
Jelena S.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon
The cinnamon powder I received arrived quickly from My Spice Sage. I'm very happy with my purchase and will order again from this company in the future.
Default_firstname D.Verified BuyerMar 20, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder–exact
I wanted cinnamon without coumarin; Ceylon Cinnamon from My Spice Sage is perfect. Great taste. No Coumarin. Quick delivery.
Frank F.Verified BuyerMar 20, 2014
No Taste At All
Was not what I expected. I was wanting a cinnamon taste. I guess I ordered the wrong product. This was on me, I guess.
Michael R.Verified BuyerMar 20, 2014
Everything Perfect Again!
I have bought from my spice sage a few times now, this last time I asked my wife if she wanted anything before I sent in my order, she said whole nut meg...and then she thought about it and changed her mind, she said she would be going to the store the next day. Well, a few days later I received my order, I asked my Wife if she ever bought her whole nut meg, she looked at me and said no, I should have had you order it for me. She still doesnt have any whole nutmeg. I highly recommend My Spice Sage, if you see something you like, just order it, it will be there before you know it, its priced great and a high quality product.
Pari A.Verified BuyerMar 19, 2014
Does Not Have The Good Smell O
I heard that Cylon cinnamon is much healthier than the other kinds, but unfortunately this one that I bought from you has neither a good taste nor a good smell.
Jeff P.Verified BuyerMar 18, 2014
Good Stuff! Shipped Fast!!!
Good stuff! Shipped fast!!!
Fred F.Verified BuyerMar 18, 2014
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Very fast delivery thanks..Great deal
Melissa M.Verified BuyerMar 18, 2014
I love shopping with my spice sage. Their products taste great and I love their prices.
Joan C.Verified BuyerMar 17, 2014
Love The Ceylon Cinnamon Powde
I will never use regular cinnamon bought in the market, again. This Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is wonderful. It tastes delicious and I know it is much better for me than the market cinnamon.
Beverly T.Verified BuyerMar 17, 2014
Don't Know For Sure
I have the hives but don't know if that's what caused it so have stopped.
Ron H.Verified BuyerMar 14, 2014
Cinnamon Is Very Good. I Need
List of sodium free products u offer
NANCY W.Verified BuyerMar 10, 2014
Love It , I Put 2 T. In My Mor
love it, I put 2 t. of cinnamon in my morning Jorge cruz muffing every morning thanks
Amber ClarkSep 01, 2013
Excellent Product! The Price R
Excellent product! The price really cannot be beaten and very fast delivery! Very Satisfied and will be sure to buy again.
Rhiannon EmerickSep 01, 2013
I Love This Cinnamon. It
i love this cinnamon. it is much sweeter and a lot less spicy. shipping was fast. the quality was good i am going to shop here again, i'd recommend this site to a friend.
Susan BredehoftSep 01, 2013
This Cinnamon Is Wonderful! It
This cinnamon is wonderful! It is superbly fragrant and has a subtle sweet taste. I've never experienced cinnamon like this type before. I will be using Ceylon Cinnamon on my oatmeal often. Thanks for the four ounce sample My Spice Sage!