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Clear Jel Cook Type
Kate M.Verified BuyerMay 03, 2015
Love It
great for jam!
Michel M.Verified BuyerMar 09, 2015
Never Use Anything Else
Doesn’t get lumps or taste floury. Beautiful clear, not murky. Can add to hot or cold without mixing in water first. My only go to thickener!!
Loretta A.Verified BuyerNov 29, 2014
Recieved My Product When I
Recieved my product when I was supposed too
Virginia S.Verified BuyerNov 17, 2014
Clear Jel Cook Type
I am very happy with my purchase and it arrived very fast Thank you
Myron D.Verified BuyerNov 05, 2014
Clear Jell
Had to do some research to learn to use this product. However I'm extremely please with my result so far. Sour Cherry Jam, Canned Sour Cherry and Apple Pie filling so far with great results. With some more experience I'm sure it will replace flour or corn starch.
Sherry B.Verified BuyerOct 27, 2014
Works Great!
FIrst time I ever used clear-jel to can apple pie filling. It turrned out great! Beutiful, perfect jars of apple pie filling. Can't wait to try other types of fruits. Will definatly produce blue ribbon quality product for next year's fair.
Michele R.Verified BuyerOct 20, 2014
It Helps To Make The
It helps to make the best apple pie filling and is always fresh
Michael A.Verified BuyerOct 10, 2014
Not The Cook Type
We ordered 5 lbs of Cook type Clear Jel but it will not work like the Cook type we have been using for 5 years. After talking to some others who use Clear jel we believe we were sent Instant Clear jel. After trying to get the 5 lbs of Cook type for almost 2 weeks we were sent 5 1lb bags. We did call back but was not ready for what we heard. I did not get a clear answer to. If you could not send me a 5lb bag, why not 5 1 lb bags from the start? Why would the Rep say if you ordered another 5 lbs you would get the same that would not work for you. We may not use as much as a bakery However the Lucky Horse Shoe Farm puts up a lot of Pie filling & we use it for our Thai cooking. We do know that what we got was the Instant Clear Jel. Why so hard to believe the bags got mislabeled ? Also we love the herbs & plan on enjoy many more. I do believe the other Organic Growers/ Organic food folks we talk with. All 4 said that they all had problems like we did. This when they got Instant instead of Cook Type clear Jel.
Rose S.Verified BuyerSep 23, 2014
I make apple, peach, cherry, and blueberry pie filling with the Clear Jel Cook Type. People rave about the pies and salad I make with it. It is so nice to have it canned and on the shelf ready any time I need pie filling. Plus, it's flavor is above and beyond the ready made brands. Thanks for the prompt delivery! The extra spice is a nice gesture, too.
Sandy B.Verified BuyerSep 15, 2014
Fast Delivery
This is much better than using corn starch. I also received my shipment fast and was here in time for me to use on my next batch of apple pie filling.
Chris S.Verified BuyerSep 14, 2014
Thank You
Fast worry free ordering and delivery plus the free sample is a great touch
Ann M.Verified BuyerSep 14, 2014
Very Prompt Delivery, Especial
Very prompt delivery, especially when free shipping is included.
Laurie G.Verified BuyerSep 12, 2014
I will never use anything else for MY pie fillings.....THANKS
Marlena R.Verified BuyerSep 08, 2014
Jack S.Verified BuyerSep 03, 2014
Perfect For Pies And Cobblers
Perfect for pies and cobblers
Luella B.Verified BuyerAug 24, 2014
Clear Jel Cook Type
It worked great in the Raspberry Pie Filling recipe to be canned. The taste was better than I expected. Will try the recipe next year.
Rhonda H.Verified BuyerAug 21, 2014
Clear Jel Cook Type
Great for canning fruits for pie fillings. Easy to use and always does well! Love it!
Michelle Z.Verified BuyerAug 18, 2014
Worked Like A Charm
Arrived quickly and good ordering experience. Product was easy to use and worked really well!
Tia N.Verified BuyerJul 29, 2014
Clear Jel
The clear jel was awesome, but I didn't receive my free with over $30 purchase spice sample.
Lora L.Verified BuyerJul 21, 2014
Clear Jel Cook Type
I wish I had something brilliant to say but in reality I haven't used it yet. I know that it highly recommended in canning pie filling and by the FDA.
Michel M.Verified BuyerJun 28, 2014
Clear Gell - My New Best Frien
Works like a charm! No more corn starch or flour - this is easier and the gravy tastes better!
Mari D.Verified BuyerMar 16, 2014
Clear Cook Jel
Wonderful product. I used this last summer when we caned wild blackberry pie filling. We had made apple pie filling with cornstarch and the liquid has since separated in the canning jars. Those blackberries canned with the clear jel have stayed nice; no separation. It is what we will use from now on.
LINDA B.Verified BuyerMar 15, 2014
Great Service
Product came through on time and as advertised. Will use there products again.
Dorothy From CaliforniaSep 04, 2013
I Was Delighted To Find
I was delighted to find this website. I have ordered spices from you.You can't imagine how happy I am with the Clearjel - I've canned 24 quarts of apple pie filling. It is the best recipe I've ever tasted and everyone raves about it. I make 16 pie crusts at a time and freeze them, so when I want a pie, all I have to do is roll out the crust and open a jar of apples. Thank you ,thank you, thank you.