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My Spice Sage


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"Love all the products I've received, and the Fast and Free Shipping is a huge plus! Thanks!" - Norma Hayes

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Dill Weed
Dot B.Verified BuyerMar 30, 2015
First Order
This was my first order the My Spice Sage. Very impressed with the product and with the quick delivery. Free postage is a definite plus.
Normand S.Verified BuyerMar 04, 2015
Great Job But Impossible To Co
The dill and lamb arrived and was wonderful. The house smelled great. Friends came over and asked what I was cooking because of the fresh fragrance. I am upset since you have not responded to my wanting to purchase something else to get to try the coconut oil offer you had last week end as hi was leaving for Aruba and you were closed and I could not place an order on line. Tried for thirty minutes but never did figure out how to place an order. It took me another thirty minutes to send you a message and you never responded. Maybe you never received it. All this was done from Florida before leaving on Sunday. I will be back home on Monday.
Phyllis D.Verified BuyerFeb 27, 2015
Fresh Not Decades Old
AAA+ the hand picked cloves I choose are wonderful and the ground celery seed so taste in my V 8
Jimi T.Verified BuyerFeb 20, 2015
Pungent And Pickle-y
Dill is one of my favorites for pickles, fish, and veggies. This dill is awesome. It's fresher than the sawdust I get at the grocery store and delivers that distinctive dill note.
Betty C.Verified BuyerDec 30, 2014
love the dill weed
Shelley W.Verified BuyerNov 16, 2014
Dill Weed
Beautiful scent in lovely green dill fronds. Really dresses up potato or egg salad.
August H.Verified BuyerAug 25, 2014
Dill Weed
very good quality
James R.Verified BuyerAug 18, 2014
Spice Advice
If you're looking to refill a carousel's worth of spices you can't go wrong ordering from MSS! This is the best way to refill all those jars with fresh spices. Thanks for all the quality products at such great prices. -Chef Jim
Mike C.Verified BuyerJul 27, 2014
Dill Weed
The dill weed price is very economical, but the product seemed a bit dry even for dill weed. This is my first use of your product. If my pickles come out good then I'll buy again. If several quarts of pickled have to be tossed, that will be another story. Frankly, at this point I'm very neutral.
David A.Verified BuyerJul 02, 2014
Excellent Product
As usual this product from My Spice Sage is of excellent quality and very reasonably priced. We use chopped dill weed to add an aromatic, slightly tangy taste to a range of foods from meats to vegetables. Highly recommended.
Sheila F.Verified BuyerJun 28, 2014
Dill Weed
I use dill for mac salad and I do a cucumber onion dill salad to they love it.
Anna E.Verified BuyerJun 18, 2014
Dill Weed
Bright fresh scent,and flavor. Very nice.
Barbara B.Verified BuyerMar 31, 2014
Dill Weed
I use dill weed for my dill pickles. I also use dill weed when i cook, usually with fish. It is great.
MaryAnn B.Verified BuyerMar 29, 2014
Wonderful Dill!
It's full of that wonderful flavor that adds to potato salads or a light fish salad.
Veronica R.Verified BuyerMar 26, 2014
Nice and pungent. Much better than what is available at supermarket
Jamie L.Sep 02, 2013
This Is The Real Dill!!
This is the Real Dill!! I couldn't believe the difference in taste between the grocery store version and this dill - so much more flavorful! I've used it to make dill ranch oyster crackers and the kids just can't eat enough. I'm looking forward to using it on salmon.