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My Spice Sage


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"This is my 2nd order with you. I'm telling my friends about your wide selection and your great prices." - Dave from Illinois

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Falafel Mix
Franklin H.Verified BuyerMay 05, 2015
Falafel Mix
I received the package of mix without any instructions. I sent an email to My Spice Sage about two weeks ago, requesting instructions, but I received no reply. Therefore, I haven't used the falafel mix.
Larry B.Verified BuyerJan 17, 2015
Falafel Mix, Amazing!
Love the falafel mix, great flavor, easy to prepare. It would be nice if the preparation instructions were on the package.
Ti-Michelle C.Verified BuyerJan 14, 2015
Restocking My Pantry
i think having a wide veritity of spices is the most important part of the kitchen. I'm glad I found My Spice Sage..
Dale K.Verified ReviewerJan 09, 2015
Very Good But Pricey
I think this is the best I've found except for in the strip district in Pittsburgh. But that place is hard to get to these days. This is much more expensive than the bulk I'd buy there. I do add a little cayenne power to this to make it have a kick. I like to fry in a pan with a small amount of olive oil. Form 1/2 thick patties about 3" in dia.
Joanne R.Verified BuyerNov 25, 2014
It Never Arrived In The
It never arrived in the mail.
Allan G.Verified BuyerOct 14, 2014
The falafel mix was excellent. Authentic taste.
Meredith R.Verified BuyerAug 11, 2014
Spices And Mixes From My Spice
I haven't even opened the box I got a few weeks ago from your company but since I have liked everything I have ordered from you, I'm sure the Falafel mix will be great. I'm a very experienced cook and love the variety and the various sizes offered on the spices and mixes I use. I have sent a link to all my friends and family directing them to your website to order their spices in bulk and to save money. We all like the fast processing of our orders and the quick FREE shipping. You guys and ladies ROCK!
Jim V.Verified BuyerJul 11, 2014
Jim V.
The packaging with this and other spices is excellent. The freshest tasting mix I've had and on the spicy side. Cooked consistency was great. I believe this will be on my next order.
Leslie D.Verified BuyerMar 29, 2014
Love It.
Perfect amount of spice, easy to make.
Wendell I.Verified BuyerMar 25, 2014
Spice is excellent
Herbert S.Verified BuyerMar 20, 2014
Great Falafel Mix
Being vegan my wife and I are always looking for excellent ingredients. Your Falafel Mix has just the right spices to provide patties which can be used in a multitude of meals. Some mixes are a bit bland, but yours is excellent
Mark HennickSep 04, 2013
We Only Have 2 Restarants
We only have 2 restarants in the area that serve falafel and this mix is at least as good as what they serve. Very easy to make and delicious. (Making it from scratch takes quite a bit of time & effort.) This is fool-proof and fun for kids to help with. Would suggest starting with 1/2 c of water rather than 3/4 and adding more if necessary, as ours was too wet & we had to add more mix. The seasoning blend has a great flavor & good balance. Great with just some plain Greek yogurt for dipping, or in a tortilla with yogurt, cukes and tomatoes. It's going to be a family favorite!