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My Spice Sage


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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Very happy to find this site. I love to explore new cooking ideas, but am often held back by the unavailability of unusual (to me) spice ingredients. (Hey, I live in Iowa.) Keep it up!!" - Wayne from Iowa

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Garam Masala
Christopher W.Verified BuyerMay 07, 2015
I Have Made My Own Garam Masal
Best garam masala - why make you own? No need - this is fresh and fragrant. Great as always!
Michael L.Verified BuyerApr 12, 2015
Good Product, Very Cheap!
I was impressed with the quality, price and how fast it was delivered. Will definitely place orders in the future!
Ramona R.Verified BuyerApr 11, 2015
Perfect Spice.
It smells great and tastes great!
Jenny A.Verified BuyerMar 29, 2015
Garam Marsala
i love the garam marsala.
Darene L.Verified BuyerFeb 25, 2015
CarsonCanadaVerified ReviewerFeb 13, 2015
The garam masala was excellent. I've had others but this was the best I've tasted.
P. FANTOZZIVerified BuyerFeb 10, 2015
Garam Masala
Indispensable...what I first ordered as a free sample is now used all the time! Roast cauliflower, carrot & potato stew, chickpeas...Everything I order from MySpiceSage arrives on time, well packaged, and tasting and smelling DELICIOUS.
Judith R.Verified BuyerFeb 09, 2015
Garam Masala
Good spice for oatmeal ,cottage cheese or yogurt etc.
Suzanne H.Verified BuyerFeb 02, 2015
The Best Garam Masala
We love Indian food and have tried many different brands of garam masala. This is the perfect blend of spices. We recently ran out of our My Spice Sage garam masala so I used another brand I had stashed in the cupboard-never again! This is the only garam masala I will use !
Jesse P.Verified BuyerJan 07, 2015
Super Dooper!!!!!
My Spice Sage has dramatically improved our cooking!!! Access to anything you need... Super fresh, and affordable. Free Shipping!!!!!! Thanks!
Jasmine B.Verified BuyerDec 31, 2014
Wonderful, As Always!
Very happy, regular customer!
Margaret M.Verified BuyerDec 29, 2014
Indian Spices!
Just received some wonderful and fresh spices for my attempts at making a curry! I can always rely on "My Spice Sage" to send the freshest and most aromatic spices and a bonus - free shipping! Such a delight to order from this company:)
Donna D.Verified BuyerDec 23, 2014
First My Spice Sage Purchase
After not being able to find the garam masala we needed for a new recipe at any local grocery store, I found My Spice Sage while searching the Internet for spices. My order arrived quite quickly & the spice worked perfectly for us. I definitely intend to place more orders with this fine company.
Robert R.Verified BuyerNov 27, 2014
Always Happy!
Being a chef who has done a bit of travel, I was very delighted to find this site. I have brought many spices home with me, but when I am at home, I am happy to know that I can replace almost all of them when I run out. I give it four and a half stars. Would give it five if they could only send me the same tandoori masala that I have only been able to find in one shop in Chandni Chowk. Thank you, my spice sage!
John D.Verified BuyerNov 23, 2014
Happy Customer
fast delivery, great spice mix
Jasmine B.Verified BuyerNov 23, 2014
Delicious and aromatic! I will buy from myspicesage for all of my spice needs!
John R.Verified BuyerNov 18, 2014
Garam Masala is used in a lot of Indian dishes. There are ,many combinations of spices to make it, and Spice Sage's is up with the best.
Karen S.Verified BuyerNov 01, 2014
Good Seasoning
It was very good
David M.Verified BuyerOct 02, 2014
Fabulous Flavor. Top Quality.
This has replaced all of the other spices I used to put into my basmati pilaf. Much easier to have one jar of this than 5 jars of the others.
Patricia F.Verified BuyerSep 11, 2014
Quality Garam Masala
It is great to be able to obtain garam masala in the quantity I need and, particularly, that I don't have to try to make garam masala myself.
Janet J.Verified BuyerSep 05, 2014
Wonderful Warm Aroma
tastes great, I use it in almost everything, by starting my pan with garlic, oil and Garam Marsala
Hazel B.Verified BuyerJul 26, 2014
All My Spices In One Place
I am so grateful to have found Spice Sage.com Now I can make the Indian food that my husband and I love. The Garam masala is excellent and I would recommend it highly along with all the other spices.
James M.Verified BuyerJul 01, 2014
Garam Masala
I use this product to make buttered Chicken and have great results
Dan B.Verified BuyerMar 28, 2014
Garam Masala
Was an excellent addition to my homemade tikka masala.
Patricia P.Verified BuyerMar 27, 2014
What A Spice Blend!
At a recent visit to my new primary doctor, a diehard vegan, she introduced me to Garam Masala. I went on the website and ordered one bag. When it arrived I opened it immediately. The aroma was quite intoxicating. My daughter, who is always trying new recipes for her family, liked the mix of the different spices so much I gave her half of my bag. Can't wait to use it!
Anna S.Verified BuyerMar 19, 2014
Good Stuff
I love garam masala in bulk
HopeFeb 04, 2014
Every Indian cook must have garam masala on hand, since it's used in a wide variety of dishes. Each vendor's mix is different, as is each cook's. If you can find a commercial one you like, that's a lot easier--and less expensive--than having all the whole spices you'll need on hand to mix and grind your own blend. Even if the commercial one isn't perfectly your taste, you can doctor it to your liking. Here's a tip: even if the recipe doesn't call for it, always saute it in a frying pan (dry or in oil) before using it in your dish. That blooms the flavor and makes a world of difference. This is terrific buy.
Mark WesolowskiSep 01, 2013
Has A Great Deep And
Has a great deep and warming flavor, makes an excellent base to any hearty flavor profile.
Mark HennickSep 01, 2013
Love This Blend Of Spices,
Love this blend of spices, it's perfectly balanced. Used at the end of cooking it adds a really aromatic flavor to curries without adding additional heat. Takes that curry up a notch!