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Customer service: 1-877-890-5244

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  • 16 oz. Resealable Bag$19.00Save 70%
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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I'm so glad I found this website! The spices are great quality, the prices are amazing and each time I've ordered they've had some sort of free item to go along with it. It really motivates me to be more adventurous with spices." - Karen Gossett

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Ginger Ground
Lloyd E.Verified BuyerMay 28, 2015
Quick Shipping
My spice came very fresh and fast turn around. Will be buying more.
Matt C.Verified BuyerMay 18, 2015
Timely, Well Packaged
These guys are great.
Sean H.Verified BuyerMay 11, 2015
Quick And Easy
i appreciated the quick service and quality products.
Carol W.Verified BuyerMay 10, 2015
Ground Ginger
The best spices!!
Margie S.Verified BuyerMay 07, 2015
I Restocked Many Of My
I restocked many of my favorite spices- all are wonderful, smell so fresh. Thanks!
Pamela F.Verified BuyerApr 24, 2015
Very Pleased!
My products arrived safely and the spices are fresh. Fast and Free shipping is appreciated. Prices are reasonable. I have been very pleased with my purchases at "My Spice Sage".
Frank C.Verified BuyerApr 23, 2015
Ground Ginger
ordered some ground ginger from my spice . it arrived in a timely fashion and is GREAT !!!
Frederick P.Verified BuyerApr 20, 2015
Great Product
I have not had the opportunity yet to use my Ground Ginger, but I know it will be a great product because of previous experience with My Sage. I have made purchases several times and have been completely satisfied with the quality of the packaging the quality of the product and on top of that the shipping is free. The free shipping keeps me coming back time and again to make more purchases. Try it. I'm sure you will like it.
Geoffrey W.Verified BuyerApr 14, 2015
Genuine Spice
Ginger has tons of benefits, so I reintroduced it into my life and luckily found this company. Their spices are quite good, are ground down to a fine powder and last a long time for the price
Victoria H.Verified BuyerApr 07, 2015
Good Product
Use daily
Kishor D.Verified BuyerMar 29, 2015
Just As I Wanted.
i have been purchasing different brands of the ginger powder and always asked for pure ginger powder. I always got inferior products some having galangal powder added as well. I now have pure ginger powder and the moment I opened the bag the aroma told me I had found the right place to buy my herbs and spices. Thank you.
Mike W.Verified BuyerMar 23, 2015
Smells and Tastes Great
Ram S.Verified BuyerMar 18, 2015
Great Buy.
Great buy.
David C.Verified BuyerMar 13, 2015
Just As Ordered. Nice.
Ginger 10 lbs. Great price. Great product.
Joe F.Verified BuyerFeb 24, 2015
Varied Uses Of Ground Ginger
We buy ground ginger in bulk and use it for many purposes including in our cooking, in the bath water, etc. As an addition to bath water mixed with epsom salt, it increases circulation and improves the healing properties of the epsom salt. Great stuff.
Betty C.Verified BuyerFeb 18, 2015
love my spices will buy again
Timothy M.Verified BuyerFeb 11, 2015
Doreen B.Verified BuyerFeb 06, 2015
Spices And Service
I am always amazed at the freshness of the spices I order through My Spice Sage. I have had to actually change my thinking about spices and how much to use because of their potency. Thank you My Spice Sage. Every spice I use now comes from you. Your service is quick and dependable. I really have no complaints and the one piece of advice i would give is "Keep up the good work, keep your spices affordable and fresh as you do now!"
Cynthia H.Verified BuyerFeb 03, 2015
Fast Shipping, Good Customer S
fast shipping, good customer service
Britt B.Verified BuyerFeb 02, 2015
Ground Ginger Review
I found this website relating to the spices of which I was interested. There prices were very good and shipping was free. I definitely will be back when I need to replenish my "inventory".
Robin H.Verified BuyerFeb 02, 2015
Very Good
very good
Denise P.Verified BuyerJan 31, 2015
Excellent Product
very fresh, not clumped together. Would recommend to others.
Kimberly L.Verified BuyerJan 23, 2015
Ground Ginger -the Best!
so fresh and strong, a deep inhale and you know this is real and fresh! Tastes every bit as good as fresh ginger. I use it in my health smoothies. So simple and so flavorful!
Joanne A.Verified BuyerJan 08, 2015
Spice Lover
Great fresh spices. I'm about to redoe my spice rack. Get rid of the old, and bring in the new. Thanks spice sage for a fresh new beginning.
Jennifer J.Verified BuyerDec 18, 2014
Ginger Ground
The quality of this product is unsurpassed, it felt like it took forever to arrive. I ordered other spices from another company that I will not mention who had their product (of equal superiority) to me in about 2 days. Although it is my fault I waited until I ran out to order, I'm not sure it was worth the wait. Also, I guess I expected it to arrive in something other than a bag. I don't store my spices this way. I had to go out and purchase a bottle for it. Maybe you should be a bit more clear in the shipping expectations. The product is amazing though!
Charles W.Verified BuyerDec 18, 2014
Fantastic Find
As usual the product was fresh and exactly as advertised. I use this a lot my recipes to give it little extra kick.
John D.Verified BuyerDec 09, 2014
First Class Product
My Spice Sage's Ground Ginger comes sensibly packaged and is an excellent product. The Ginger has a nice bite to it and it is very finely ground. This is a perfect Ginger to make that Holiday Ginger Bread with..
Martha D.Verified BuyerDec 01, 2014
pungent and spicy and affordable...I love it!
Jeanne H.Verified BuyerNov 18, 2014
This is GOOD ginger. Love it.
Robert R.Verified BuyerNov 03, 2014
Just What I Ordered
Good, strong flavor. Finely ground. I use it with Turmeric to add a little extra to my masala.
Cristina N.Verified BuyerOct 25, 2014
5 Stars
excellent product
Milan A.Verified BuyerOct 22, 2014
Ginger & Garlic Powders
I don't think this product is fresh....tastes very old hardly any flavor.....actuallysame as your garlic power....
Barry B.Verified BuyerSep 27, 2014
Barry Bear
There is really nio need fro a review. THIS COMPANY DELIVERS WHAT IT PROMISES! Fresh ground ginger. pungent in taste, aromatic and fresh. I'll be a lifelong customer!!
Anne B.Verified BuyerSep 15, 2014
Always an outstanding company from order ease and accuracy to the finale when shipment arrives! Thank you again ...
Beryl W.Verified BuyerAug 30, 2014
Audrey M.Verified BuyerAug 23, 2014
Ginger Ground
I purchased ground ginger and find it to be good quality and the price much cheaper than the supermarket. When I need more spices I definitely will check your site.
Sharron L.Verified BuyerAug 22, 2014
Excellent In Every Way!
Great product. Very fresh! Speedy service and free shipping. What more can a customer ask for??
Robert L.Verified BuyerAug 01, 2014
Fabulous Swift Service
Without a doubt, the best place to find fresh, pingent spices at reasonable prices!
MARIA T.Verified BuyerJul 05, 2014
Steven C.Verified BuyerJun 19, 2014
Ground Ginger
The freshest ginger I ever bought online! Stellar!!
Rick T.Verified BuyerJun 14, 2014
Great Products Great Service
Hugh quality products shipped quickly to my homa. What more could you ask for?
Sherwood T.Verified BuyerApr 05, 2014
Great Spics
Fast service, great packaging and great quality... Fast!
Phyllis A.Verified BuyerApr 01, 2014
Ginger, Ground
Only the best!
MICHAEL P.Verified BuyerMar 30, 2014
Ground Ginger
Aromatic, pungent - good price
Surya-Patricia H.Verified BuyerMar 28, 2014
YUM! Ginger
I love ginger in just about anything. Having it in ground form makes life easier when one doesn't have the fresh form on hand.
Sandra M.Verified BuyerMar 17, 2014
Ground Ginger
Superb service. Love the larger gars of ginger. I use ginger every day so this is important. Will be buying again soon.
Bob W.Verified BuyerMar 17, 2014
I tried Spice Sage for the first time. I bought a half dozen different spices in small pouches for the price of about $20 with free shipping. I am very happy with how quick the order was processed and delivered within a few days. I'm always wanting to try out spices that I never used before. The high quality of products that Spice Sage offers with fast and free delivery makes it great for someone like me. I can explore what's available to create flavors in the kitchen without having to spend too much money doing so.
Phyllis A.Verified BuyerMar 16, 2014
I've Ordered The Ground G
I've ordered the ground ginger several times and am always satisfied with this product.