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My Spice Sage


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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I found this site a few months ago after looking for vanilla beans at the grocery store. They were on sale for $11.99 with only two puny pods in the jar. I came home and googled wholesale spices and found this site. All my spice now come from My Spice Sage! Everything is super fresh and terrific, th..." - MaryLou Jackson

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Herbs De Provence
Evelyn B.Verified BuyerMay 14, 2015
I Love The Spice. Fresh
I love the spice. Fresh smelling. I purchased enough to share and told them aboutyour web page.
Doris T.Verified BuyerMay 05, 2015
I Forgot!
Thanks for reminding me of my purchase. I am delighted to have found Herbs de Provence.
Carol B.Verified BuyerApr 28, 2015
This herb mixture is a perfect addition to many dishes. Especially Mediterranean and Italian.
Gary F.Verified BuyerApr 23, 2015
Herb De Provence Verry Good
herb de provence verry good
Anita K.Verified BuyerApr 22, 2015
So fresh and savory
Johanna W.Verified BuyerApr 08, 2015
Great Stuff At Fantastic Price
great product, fast easy shipping, best price
Brion F.Verified BuyerMar 21, 2015
Always The Best
Ordered Herbs de Provence, my family's favorite. Tried a blend from a local store, mostly tarragon, no where near as good. This stuff is the best, perfect for rib roasts, chicken, pork roasts. Always have to order a pound to share with everyone.
Dorothy F.Verified BuyerFeb 20, 2015
I have used this Hervs De Provence for a long time now. It is the greatest mix of herbs. I use it on just abut everything: from my eggs in the morning, to hamburg to pork or even soups.
Susan L.Verified BuyerFeb 15, 2015
The perfect blend of spices. Love the fact I can purchase in small quantities ~ always allowing me the to use the freshest. Thank you
David W.Verified BuyerFeb 15, 2015
A Versatile Blend
Many of the dishes I cook are Mediterranean-style and this mixture goes well with any of them. We especially like it that My Spice Sage includes lavender in theirs, which not all companies do. Also, we haven't had a problem with "twigginess" as some reviewers have.
Sharlette T.Verified BuyerJan 17, 2015
Aromatic And Lovely Seasoning
I have used and loved the Pampered Chef version of this herb/spice seasoning so purchased it here to be able to buy bulk. Very nice blend but did seem to be a little more "stemmy", i.e. had many tiny stems. I will try it in some more of my cooking to evaluate further.
Maggy L.Verified BuyerJan 12, 2015
Well I Still Haven't Rece
well I still haven't received it, so not good
David H.Verified BuyerDec 30, 2014
Good Spice
Good deals,good spice
Ken G.Verified BuyerDec 28, 2014
Repete Product, Wonderful Burs
the friend that introduced me to the myspiceage products introduced me to herbs de Provence and with that alone makes a person the differance between every day spices and what myspiceage has to offer. Try it.
Bryan B.Verified BuyerDec 27, 2014
Love This Spice!
Love this spice!
Edward I.Verified BuyerDec 01, 2014
Herbs De Provence
Excellent product - fast shipment. Will buy again
Janey K.Verified BuyerNov 15, 2014
Herbs De Provence
If you like cooking Italian food, put some real pizazz into it by using this blend. It will blow your taste buds. And the added bonus of getting satisfied smiles from around the table won't feel bad either.
Glenda S.Verified BuyerNov 14, 2014
Um Good Stuff
Um good stuff
HannahVerified ReviewerNov 01, 2014
Unpleasant To Eat
There are so many large, twiggy stems in this mix that I find myself picking them out of my teeth every few bites. No matter how much or little I use, there are always many inedible mouthfuls. The flavor is nice, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired.
Helen C.Verified BuyerOct 29, 2014
Excellent Product
The quality of this product (Herbs De Provence) is as good as what I purchased in the past from a specialty store. I've been very pleased with all the spices that I get from this company. And I love that I get to try new things with their free-sample with purchase option.
Maryn L.Verified BuyerSep 29, 2014
Herbs De Provence
Herbs are so wonderfully fresh and pungent. This blend is my absolute favorite and I use it in so many recipes. I am so happy I found My Spice Sage!
Colleen M.Verified BuyerSep 10, 2014
Great Seasoning For Soup
I added this to my split pea soup and it made a great addition to the seasonings.
Marsha I.Verified BuyerAug 22, 2014
Very Pleased
I was very pleased to find this source for our favorite herb mixture. This is a delicious mix for poultry and we love it on potatoes baked with olive oil as well. Spice Sage has excellent prices and the mix was well balanced. Thanks
Mary M.Verified BuyerJul 17, 2014
What A Great Deal!!
Great buy for my favorite spice mixture. Will certainly shop My Spice Sage again!!!
Douglas R.Verified BuyerJul 07, 2014
Just What I Expected
Several years ago while in France I purchased some Herbs de Provence. I used the last of it 6 mo ago and finally found a replacement on line. The product was just what I was looking to find.
Eileen W.Verified BuyerJul 04, 2014
Better Than My Old Brand
A perfect blend that we use liberally in soo many dishes. If in doubt, I add it and we have not gone wrong yet! Thank you, My Spice Sage, for great spices, great prices, and wonderful special!
ArtVerified BuyerJun 08, 2014
It is a very good spice at a very good price.
Albert E.Verified BuyerMar 25, 2014
Herbs De Provence meets all exaptation's, Thank you
Patricia V.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2014
Herbs De Province
Love the combination of herbs. So good on baked chicken.
Michael K.Verified BuyerMar 23, 2014
As Described
Perfect product and delivery
Gail S.Verified BuyerMar 19, 2014
Great Place To Shop For Spices
This is the second time I have ordered from Spice Sage, and I very satisfied with the products. The variety is great, and if you order enough, they throw in a free sample, which has allowed me to try new spices. The prices are right, and I will continue to order my spices here.
Terese R.Verified BuyerMar 16, 2014
Just The Right Combination Oft
Just the right combination ofthe right herbs. I've used it many times since 've bought it....and so fresh!
David R.Verified BuyerMar 09, 2014
Amazing Aroma
First time I've used this herb and I am hooked. ! Just love this..
Mark WesolowskiSep 01, 2013
Great Herbaceous Flavor, You G
Great herbaceous flavor, you get a lot even for just 1 oz. The rosemary needles are a tad large and twiggy.
Phyllis From KentuckySep 01, 2013
Thank You For Your Excellent
Thank you for your excellent service and quality product. My brother LOVES the herbes de provence that we ordered. We got the sample - thanks - then placed the order. He uses the spices in his restaurant, CAPERS, in Hartford, Kentucky. We plan to order more spices from you. Thanks again.
Rosalva ArredondoSep 01, 2013
These Herbs Are Wonderful. I
These herbs are wonderful. I bought the expensive one that comes in the fancy pottery container from a specialty store, and there is no comparison. This one tops that expensive one anyday. They've got the perfect proportion of each herb. I've been using this for chicken, fish, just about anything. Awesome!