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"Your site was given to me as a source of Citric Acid and while I did buy some, I have also bought other spices! I just wish I was working so I could buy more from you!! that time WILL come again and I will be back!" - Karen from California

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Hickory Smoked Salt
Anthony H.Verified BuyerMay 22, 2015
Good Flavored Salt
excellent, a little goes a long way. this hickory smoked salt is the bomb. gives everything a good flavor without overpowering the natural flavors of grilled meats, seared veggies, and good for seasoning soups and stews.
Suzanne W.Verified BuyerApr 12, 2015
Hickory Smoked Salt
Ordering from your company is very easy. Delivery is quick and I would recommend your company to my friends.
Keith L.Verified BuyerMar 18, 2015
Love It
Great product
Sarah B.Verified BuyerFeb 13, 2015
Nutmeg - Oh, My, My!
I almost want to use the spice as an air freshener b/c it smells so good and fumigates any surrounding!
Kristie B.Verified BuyerFeb 12, 2015
Hickory Salt
Edith H.Verified BuyerJan 20, 2015
Hickory Smoked Salt
I love the salt ... but there was no shaker-top and it's difficult to use! Sprinkling on hickory salt is what I thought I would be able to do, so that's a disappointment.
Jennifer C.Verified BuyerNov 10, 2014
Not "smoked Salt"
This turned out to be a fairly disgusting and clumpy blend of salt and flavorings, rather than a true smoked salt. Forget this and get one such as the Hickory Smoked Sea Salt or Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, which are much much better.
Chester G.Verified BuyerSep 21, 2014
This Product Greatly Enhances
this product greatly enhances my barbecue projects
Anita K.Verified BuyerSep 19, 2014
The ABSOLUTE very best and hard to find. Will NEVER be without again....Thank you for the GREAT products because everything is TOP SHELF!
Richard H.Verified BuyerAug 25, 2014
All Good
All good
Matthew L.Verified BuyerAug 23, 2014
Hickory Smoked Salt
I had bought some hickory smoked salt in a local store previously and was hoping that this was a good replacement. It's close but not what I had bought before. Smell and taste is a different. Not enough charred flavoring.
Cathleen L.Verified BuyerAug 21, 2014
I was very disappointed with the product recieved. Okay that it arrived in 16 1 oz packages instead of one large one, I was told ahead of time *although seems strange that you would be out of 16 0x. bags but when I recieved package it was 16 packages of rock salt. Solidified salt.
Cecilia R.Verified BuyerAug 20, 2014
Rock Hard Hickory Smoked Salt
Received two small bags of petrified flattened smoked salt, I guess I'll have to try to break if up in a mortar.
Chris D.Verified BuyerAug 20, 2014
Condition Of Hickory Smoked Sa
When I received my salt, it was soooooooooooooooo hard and dried out, I could not use it or even break it up to a "salt" consistency. I called and said I needed to return, could not use and everyone was so nice there - no need to salt mail the salt back, I would get a full refund very soon. Can't remember who I talked to, but said that sometimes happens with the natural salt products. It was only a matter of a couple of days, I got an email confirming refund and all is good. I was VERY impressed with the customer service and will definitely order from My Spice Sage again. FYI - can not find hickory smoked salt in the stores. Thought I would give you guys a try.
Marcia M.Verified BuyerJul 25, 2014
Arrived In One Big Clump - Def
Great tasting - but hard to sprinklle on anything.
Donald K.Verified BuyerJul 20, 2014
Hickory Smoked Salt
It add flavor to my pork rub.
Anne D.Verified BuyerJul 17, 2014
Totally Dissatisfied With The
What you sent me did not taste at all like hickory smoked salt at all. It was bitter and was the color of tumeric. Perhaps it was mislabeled. I asked for a refund.
Willie L.Verified BuyerJul 07, 2014
Hickory Smoked Salt
We love it's taste and how it add so much flavor to our foods. However, the chore is keeping the salt from sticking together. Then we are unable to use it at all. You need to address this problem so that the Smoked salt can be enjoyed to it's highest level. Do something about it clinging together!!!
Randy S.Verified BuyerMar 30, 2014
Hickory Smokeed Salt
I purchased Your Hickory smoked salt and I love it My wife loved it too
Matthew H.Verified BuyerMar 25, 2014
Great Product
This was my first time buying a smoked salt. It is amazing. It helps mimic the flavor you'd get from a smoker, which is great for winter mints when it's harder to use one. I would definitely buy other variations in the future
Buddy R.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2014
Great Product
Failed to find Hickory Smoked salt locally and have sent others here to buy it and am ready to reorder.
Beulah E.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2014
I Purchased The Hickory Smoked
This was exactly what I wanted and had searched the internet for days trying to find. I am very happy and plan to buy from My Spice Sage in the future. Thank you for providing this service.
Richard A.Verified BuyerMar 20, 2014
Just Not What I Like....
I had been buying Tones hickory smoke salt whlich I love. Your product is entirely different and not what I want.
MONICAOct 23, 2013
I'm a little disappointed by this product, I have loved everything I've purchased from My Spice Sage. However, for some reason this hickory salt completely clumped up. I've tried to break it up but there's no way to. The bits I have been able to break apart shows this would add amazing flavor to meat dishes.