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Hungarian Paprika is a bright red and has a deep, round flavor, while Spanish Paprika is traditionally a bit more mild.

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"I was very impressed with my first order from your company. The spices were well packaged,very fast shipping and very reasonable shipping rates. Thankyou for doing a great job and keep up the good work. I will highly recommend your web- site to my friends." - Peggy from New York

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Hungarian Paprika
Jessica M.Verified BuyerMay 25, 2015
Great prices! Thanks!
Joseph L.Verified BuyerMay 04, 2015
This Is Our Second Pound
this is our second pound of sweet,meaning not spicey hot, and without question it is the finest available here in the USA, Being a person born in Austria and raised enjoying Central European cuisine I have looked long and hard for this spice. Finally have found it with taste that reminds of my Mom's cooking of Paprikasch, Gulasch, Dungaschl. and the many dishes which feature this paprika as the main spice!! Joe!
Christopher P.Verified BuyerMay 02, 2015
Quick Shipping
Nice and Fresh ...
John R.Verified BuyerApr 26, 2015
Great Product, Great Price
great product, great price
JENNIFER H.Verified BuyerApr 20, 2015
I am so happy I found this website. I love the spices I've gotten so far. I'll continue shopping here and tell my friends!
Sherry S.Verified BuyerApr 13, 2015
Great Service!
Order received very quickly. Good packaging.
JOSEPHINE S.Verified BuyerApr 03, 2015
My Wonderful Spices
Very good. Very satisfied. Thank you!
Paul G.Verified BuyerApr 03, 2015
Great Company
Love buying spices here also quality and a good deal
Suze J.Verified BuyerApr 01, 2015
Fresh, sweet, spicy and delicious!
John E.Verified BuyerApr 01, 2015
Your Hungarian Paprika Is The
Your Hungarian paprika is the BEST quality.
Eileen K.Verified BuyerMar 31, 2015
Spice It Up Fee
FRAUDULENT, does not show up til u click "place order". This is TOTALLY bait and switch and ILLEGAL!
Ruth V.Verified BuyerMar 22, 2015
It Is Very Fresh And Smells So
it is so good at adding flavor and makes the beans and etc. taste so good. You can tell it came from your store as it is so bright in color. The smell is so good.
Diane B.Verified BuyerMar 20, 2015
L Was So Happy When L Found Yo
lf there is a spice to be had, you all have it! Love buying something random and then figuring out what to cook. Kind of the opposite way around but very fun. Have tried spices l didn’t know existed.
Gray K.Verified BuyerMar 19, 2015
Everything Is Very Good Hungar
Everything is very good Hungarian paprica is perfect color and tast.
Jack F.Verified ReviewerFeb 21, 2015
Hungarian Paprika
Have not had a chance to use it yet, but I must say my overall experience spice sage has been excellent.
Emily H.Verified BuyerFeb 13, 2015
Great Resource For Spices
I buy my spices from spice sage religiously, there is no better resource for exactly what I need and in record handling time. Highly recommended shop.
Nancy M.Verified BuyerFeb 08, 2015
Hungarian Paprika
Very Fresh. Arrived quickly. Good deal. Will buy again
Eileen V.Verified BuyerFeb 07, 2015
Hungarian Paprika
Savory and distinctive. Add to stews or sauces, rub on chicken before roasting, dust it on your deviled eggs.
Darleen W.Verified BuyerJan 27, 2015
Happy Cooking!
Good prices, quick delivery time, wide variety...everything you need to make great meals.
Yolonda B.Verified BuyerDec 27, 2014
Best I've Ever Used!
Thank you for always having what I need when I need it and at an affordable price!
Marilee W.Verified BuyerNov 25, 2014
Excellent Paprika
Hungarian Paprika isn't difficult to find but a really superb one is. There is a distinct flavor that transends into your dish and the one I purchased from My Spice Sage is does that.
Sheila S.Verified ReviewerNov 22, 2014
Hungarian Paprika
Spice Sage has the best paprika products I've ever found. This is just so flavorful!
John E.Verified BuyerNov 14, 2014
Hungarian Paprika
Best Paprika I've ever had.
John L.Verified BuyerNov 08, 2014
Great Spices
ordered a number of spices and they are very fresh and reasonable prices. Received them in just days. good experience.
Zsuzsa S.Verified BuyerOct 22, 2014
I bought Hungarian paprika twice now form My Spice Sage. Ordering is easy, shipping is fast, packaging is excellent and the product quality is the best I've seen in the USA. My mother usually brings or sends me HOME made top quality Paprika from Hungary, which I can't compare to the one they sell in little tin boxes at supermarkets. The quality of My Spice Sage Hungarian Paprika is equal to the one I get sent to me from Hungary. I'm ecstatic that I found this hidden gem spice store online! Thank you for the excellent service and products!!!
Elizabeth C.Verified BuyerOct 16, 2014
Amazing Stuff!
Speedy delivery and great product! I definitely give this company and their spices a five star rating. (I bought Summer Savory and Hungarian Paprika.)
Sharon G.Verified BuyerSep 23, 2014
Hungarian Paprika
Have not used my paprika yet but It smells wonderful. Can't wait to use It.
Melissa A.Verified BuyerSep 18, 2014
Love it!! So good and favors better then the paprika I've bought at the grocery store and it was cheaper also!!!
LAWRENCE R.Verified BuyerSep 16, 2014
Loved the spice in many Mexican dishes, especially beans.
Vincent D.Verified BuyerSep 16, 2014
Executive Chef
Always highest quality spices
Sharon P.Verified BuyerSep 07, 2014
Hungarian Paprika
I use nothing else but your brand. It's the freshest and tastiest I've found!
Kathleen D.Verified BuyerSep 05, 2014
It Really Makes My Hungarian
It really makes my Hungarian dishes taste wonderful
James K.Verified BuyerAug 29, 2014
This The Best Paprika I
This the best Paprika I have had. James King
Marylee H.Verified BuyerAug 27, 2014
Hungarian Paprika
The paprika arrived in good time and is very fresh.
Carolyn MinellaAug 08, 2014
My Husband Loves It So Do I
my husband loves it so do i.
RICHARD K.Verified BuyerJul 06, 2014
I LOVE IT!!!!!
Kalman K.Verified BuyerJun 22, 2014
Hungaryen PAPRIKA............
In Hungaryen ......Nagyon fimom,,,,,kitünö minöség......hálás köszönet....
Jennifer A.Verified BuyerJun 17, 2014
Fast Service!
I found a recipe I wanted to try but Hungarian Paprika was not available in my area. I ordered some and it arrived in just a couple of days.
William W.Verified BuyerJun 13, 2014
Worked perfectly in my Paprikash Tsirke
Margaret K.Verified BuyerMar 31, 2014
Hungarian Paprika
I made Chicken Paprikash and I really think this special paprika made it that much better!! Excellent flavor!!
Oldgeek60Verified ReviewerMar 21, 2014
The Best Available
I'm a retired Chef and I was unable to get spices of this quality and freshness from any Restaurant Supply in the US.
Joseph L.Verified BuyerMar 18, 2014
without question the finest we have ever used. being of Austro-Hungarian descent we are hypercritical. Paprikash, goulash, soups and eggs prepared in the AH way rival the best available in Hungary. Am elated we found a supplier of authentic spices.
Donna R.Verified BuyerMar 18, 2014
Wonderful Hungarian Paprika
I have found that the paprika I purchased from your company is by far the best I have ever used
Brian BateySep 01, 2013
The Difference In Quality Betw
The difference in quality between this paprika and "grocery store" paprika was evident when I opened the bag. The aroma struck me immediately. It really improved the quality and flavor of my BBQ dry rub. Pairing the quality with a great price point, particularly when compared to grocery stores, and this is an absolute must buy.