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My Spice Sage


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  • 1 oz. Resealable Bag$4.75
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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Fantastic selection, pricing, quality, and supply! The promotional offers seem too good to be true. It's great to get such quality spices, especially since I'm in a small town where things like fenugreek aren't available to me. Hooked after my first purchase!" - Brianne from Wisconsin

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Jalapeno Salt
Terri C.Verified BuyerMay 04, 2015
Jalapeño Salt
this is the best salt! I can't stand to be without it. It's great on everything...including popcorn!! My Spice Sage is truly the BEST!
Terri C.Verified BuyerSep 04, 2014
Jalapeño Salt
I can't tell you how good this salt is. I am already out of it and I just got it about 2 weeks ago. It is great on popcorn! Much more tastier than the store bought kind, that is, if you can find it. Will be recording soon.
Ann VinesSep 04, 2013
My Husband Loves Jalapeños An
My husband loves jalapeños and celery seeds, so this is the perfect seasoning for him. We just made a batch of Chex mix and used the Jalapeno salt in place of regular seasoned salt, now we're too full for dinner because it was so good. This one will be re-ordered many times!
April V.Sep 04, 2013
This Jalepeno Spice Is A
This jalepeno spice is a great way to add flavor and a kick to any dish. I like spicy foods so I keep this on the counter for easy access to add to my plate. Just the right combo, full of flavor with a kick.