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  • 2 Madagascar Vanilla Beans$6.50REG $6.50
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  • 160 Madagascar Vanilla Beans$197.00Save 98%
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"I found exactly what I was looking for here and the cost plus shipping was very reasonable." - Denis from South Carolina

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Madagascar Vanilla Beans
Beverly E.Verified BuyerMay 21, 2015
Madagascar Vanilla Beans
I, love the flavor use to make vanilla extract. And also make home made Tuaca will start making gifts for friends
John P.Verified BuyerMay 16, 2015
Great Spices......extremely Fr
Great spices......extremely fresh
Sandra B.Verified BuyerApr 18, 2015
Makes Decadent Sugar!
I just steep these pods in my sugar supply, should start using them more aggressively - the price is right, and they are fresh and pliant - oh, and so fragrant!
Brenda T.Verified BuyerMar 26, 2015
First Order
I was very pleased with the great service and fast shipping!
Tom M.Verified BuyerMar 20, 2015
I Have Previously Purchased Th
I have previously purchased the same from another company and the beans were shipped vacuum sealed. This seems to be a better packaging for shipping.
Jeanie M.Verified BuyerMar 14, 2015
Vanilla Bean
Thom M.Verified BuyerMar 07, 2015
Wicked Awesome
Highest quality and I just leave their split carcasses scattered around my kitchen for happy reminders for the next week. I'll be splurging on these again.
Diane S.Verified BuyerFeb 11, 2015
Madagascar Vanilla Beans
I don't purchase from any other source than "My Spice Sage"
Jerry T.Verified BuyerFeb 07, 2015
It's Vanilla!!!
Good fresh beans
Lawrence L.Verified BuyerJan 31, 2015
Top Notch Spice In The Bean Po
I purchased 8 ea. Madagascar bourbon Vanilla Beans & each bean was perfect and fresh as could be ,turgid ,odor was a room filling adventure in happiness and beauty in odor.! The taste upon extraction plus some my lady fixed in goodies straight out scraped were all super.As good as I have ever tasted,smelled or even viewed in their perfect state. Sounds like a lot but a lot was gained. We are a very happy and have ordered again from this company.Thank You "My Spice Sage" .
Janet B.Verified BuyerJan 28, 2015
My Fav Vanilla Beans
I always use these to make my vanilla. Makes wonderful gifts that my family loves to receive.
Dora S.Verified BuyerJan 25, 2015
Madagascar Vanilla Beans
The Madagascar vanilla beans were not the quality I have received in the past. I found they were really small and dry. My Spice Sage gave me credit so I ordered some Mexican and prime vanilla beans. I have not received them yet but will be soon. I have never had a problem with my orders before and recommend My Spice Sage to all my friends ., Thank you very much.
Terrie S.Verified BuyerJan 24, 2015
First Time Buying...
Very nice aroma.
James C.Verified BuyerJan 21, 2015
Great Quality! Will Order Agai
Great quality! will order again!
Jacqueline P.Verified BuyerNov 14, 2014
On Lemon Peel
I was a little disappointed I was hoping they would be small like what you buy in the stores from McCormick but it was bigger and when I put it in my small food processor to grind it up some it broke the food processor. So I have not used it much in the dishes I wanted to use it for.
Anna V.Verified BuyerNov 09, 2014
Came Quickly And Just As
Came quickly and just as ordered-- thank you!
David H.Verified BuyerOct 25, 2014
Vanilla Beans
great quality at a great price
Linda H.Verified BuyerOct 14, 2014
Madagascar Vanilla Beans
I use the beans in alot of the deserts that I make and it puts everything over the top. I Love them!!!!!
Melinda C.Verified BuyerOct 12, 2014
Am Very Happy
I found your site accidentally, but now it is in my favorites. Great service and rapid shipment
Joseph B.Verified BuyerOct 11, 2014
Madagascar Vanilla Beans
At the risk of insulting the cooking and baking community, I bought this strictly for use in brewing. I added one whole bean to 2 cups of water, brought to a boil, then allowed to cool. This was added to the secondary, and stayed there for 3 weeks. The flavor imparted had much more complexity than generic extract.
Richard S.Verified BuyerOct 10, 2014
Dealing With My Spice Sage
Being a returning customer I would say my experience has always been great. Service has been prompt, with free shipping and samples, great prices. Have shared your site with many people. I will continue to be a customer.
Sean P.Verified BuyerOct 10, 2014
Perfect as always!
Glenda L.Verified BuyerOct 04, 2014
Madagascar Vanilla Beans
These were exceptional quality. Will definately buy again
Candie D.Verified BuyerOct 01, 2014
Madagascar Vanilla Beans
Loved the vanilla beans I ordered. Very fragrant and not dried out.
Margaret S.Verified BuyerSep 21, 2014
Madagascar Vanilla Beans
I am in the process of making homemade vanilla extract for Christmas gifts but they smelled so fresh and delicious! I'm sure I will not be disappointed. The products I have previously purchased were quality so I would expect the same.
GraceVerified BuyerSep 19, 2014
Great Flavor
The vanilla beans were moist and flavorful. I used them to make a very vanilla flavored biscotti and the flavor was wonderful. Will buy again.
Kimberley M.Verified BuyerSep 14, 2014
Never Disappointed!
I found My Spice Sage several years ago when I couldn't find beef demi glace locally. I have been ordering and experimenting with different spices since then. I have never been disappointed and will continue to shop with My Spice Sage.
Eileen W.Verified BuyerSep 09, 2014
Long, Supple, Fragrant Beans
Not all beans are created equal. Please know you are getting 'top of the line' beans from Spice Sage. I have bought them from importers while in France right after they received their shipments, and they were not quite as nice as these are!
Angela R.Verified BuyerAug 29, 2014
Love Your Spices And Delivery
Love your spices and delivery is real quick.
Henry M.Verified BuyerAug 23, 2014
Perfect Vanilla Beans
All too often I buy vanilla beans at the supermarket and they are dried out. Not good. These beans were well sealed, plump, moist, and gave up beautiful beans. I use 5-10 a week so I know I will be coming back!
Joseph L.Verified BuyerAug 23, 2014
Excellent Service Received
quality of vanilla almost indistinguishable from Seychelles Bourbon...fantastic
Ernest E.Verified BuyerAug 19, 2014
I am using the beans to make Vanilla Mead. I'll let you how it turns out in a month or so.
Mary H.Verified BuyerAug 16, 2014
I Love Making My Own Vanilla
The madagascar vanilla beans from My Spice Sage are perfect for making vanilla. I puncture the bean before adding it to the vodka. After letting it sit for a few weeks, the vanilla produced is great!
Melanie S.Verified BuyerAug 14, 2014
Love These!
I make homemade vanilla with these beans and it turns out wonderful!
Laura L.Verified BuyerAug 07, 2014
Vanilla Beans
This is my second batch of these beans, i returned the first because, while they certainly beat regular 'store bought' beans they were not what I'm used to from you guys. The good part is that I'll keep the beans the bad part is I've obviously been spoiled by the superior quality of any of the many other orders I've placed with you. I hope the beans get better by Christmas! I'll be ordering again then.
Christina R.Verified ReviewerAug 03, 2014
Nice And Plump
These beans are beautiful - if a vanilla bean can be be beautiful! :-) I was surprised that they were so large, plump and moist - not shriveled and dry as are the ones I have purchased at grocery stores. Thank you so much!
Judy S.Verified BuyerJul 11, 2014
This Is The Second Time
This is the second time I've gotten vanilla beans from My Spice Sage. They were just what I needed. Great products!
Dora S.Verified BuyerJul 03, 2014
Items Bought
Everything I have bought at my spice sage has been top notch quality. Thank you
Cynhia R.Verified BuyerJun 21, 2014
The beans were fat and moist and exactly what I was looking for!
Frank W.Verified BuyerJun 20, 2014
Great Vanilla Beans!!
Very Fast Shipping,Good Packing,Always Easy to Work With!
Jeff Y.Verified BuyerJun 18, 2014
Always A Good Bean From My Spi
I make french toast for my wife every weekend and she absolutely cannot do without a bit of vanilla in the egg. Your beans are well priced and great quality. I am going to make an extract with some this time. Thank you!
Gwen P.Verified BuyerMar 26, 2014
Great Products
I've placed a couple of orders in the last year and have always been pleased with my order. Shipping is quick, customer service is exceptional and the spices and vanilla beans superb! And the prices...Well they can't be beat!
WENDY C.Verified BuyerMar 26, 2014
Vanilla Bean Purchase
I have made several purchases from My Spice Sage and although I was very impressed with speed with which I received my order, I wasn't impressed with the quality of the product. The beans were very thin and almost dry. In addition, I appreciate the free product given with orders, but I think it is unfair that the same number of free beans are given no matter the quantity ordered.
Jessica D.Verified BuyerMar 25, 2014
Great Quality--Great Prices
Always quality, fresh spices, price is competitive and fast shipping!
Toni P.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2014
Vanilla Beans
They were great
Jim W.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2014
Great Spices
Great spices at a great price delivered in a timely manner. What more could you ask for?
Jean S.Verified BuyerMar 21, 2014
Really Good
I was very happy with the freshness and quality of these beans. Not to mention when you open the package, it smells like heaven. I have been a customer for 5-6 years now. I always order from you because of the quality of everything I buy! Jean Spicer
Lydia Q.Verified BuyerMar 19, 2014
Great product at an excellent price
Nancy K.Verified BuyerMar 13, 2014
Madagascar Vanilla Beans
Awesome beans. Made my own vanilla extract. Now I can make more for the family. Thanks for the awesome product.
Deborah S.Verified BuyerMar 13, 2014
Best Beans!!
The best price, best quality and best service for Vanilla beans anywhere!!!!
Cherri BoykinsSep 01, 2013
I Love This Website. I
I love this website. I have truly enjoyed getting fresh spices for my new found love....,gourmet cooking. Thanks so much
Gwendolyn StroedeSep 01, 2013
Thank You So Much For
Thank you so much for the Madagascar vanilla beans. They are wonderful! I plan to use them to make my own extract.
Zack CrossSep 01, 2013
Soft, Pliable, Deep Aroma And
Soft, pliable, deep aroma and great flavor! Well worth the money.
Katie SylvesterSep 01, 2013
I Received My Order Very
I received my order very promptly. The beans were fresh and smelt amazing. Thank you so much for providing such great quality of product and service.
Mark WesolowskiSep 01, 2013
Very Plump And Moist, Gives
Very plump and moist, gives a great flavor to any vanilla dessert. Also good for making vanilla extract, I used 1 cup of clear rum with 1 vanilla bean split and scraped. I let it sit for a week and it had a great flavor, despite not turning dark brown like conventional vanilla extract.
Sara PeralesSep 01, 2013
Amazing Flavor And Aroma, Fres
amazing flavor and aroma, fresh and ready to add a little pizzazz to any recipe.
Griffith EnterprisesSep 01, 2013
These Beans Smelled Heavenly W
These beans smelled heavenly when the package was opened. I am using them to make Vanilla Extract. It's taking a little longer than I thought it would but I expect the finished product to be great. I recommend these beans.
Rachel BushSep 01, 2013
These Vanilla Beans Are The
These vanilla beans are the best! After being gifted a vanilla bean by a friend, I have long looked forlornly at the jars of vanilla beans in the store... but they were just too pricey for me at $11 for two spindly little 6 inch beans. I received 7 FREE vanilla beans today with my order here from My Spice Sage, and they were like nothing I've ever had! Plump 9 inch long beans, with a delicious strong vanilla aroma. Here, I can get 8 of these large beans for $8.50. If you want to buy these, do not hesitate. That picture doesn't do them justice, they really are the best!
Helga From ConnecticutSep 01, 2013
I Received My Order Of
I received my order of Madagascar Vanilla Beans today and they are the plumpest and nicest Beans I have ever seen. I am very impressed with your service and also the free package of Turkey Brine spices. I cant wait to use them. Thank you.
Jessica From MaineSep 01, 2013
I Got Vanilla Beans And
I got vanilla beans and they are amazing!!! I'll be ordering all the time from you. I cant wait to try out some new stuff too.
Mel From CaliforniaSep 01, 2013
I Am A Single Male,
I am a single male, 61 years old. If I don't fix the meal I don't eat. I have always bought my spices from the grocery store because that is the only place I thought you could get them. Lately I have gotten hooked on several cooking shows and one of them (maybe America's Test Kitchen) mentioned that getting fresh spices from the web makes a world of difference. I found your website and thought I would give you a try. After selecting several spices I found that you offered free 10 vanilla beans with my order. If it is free it is probably old stock but never having tried real vanilla beans I figured what the hell I'd give it a try. When I received my order the first package I opened was the free vanilla beans. Wait a minute, they were pliable menaing they weren't 5 years old. I went to my local bottle shop and got some good quality vodka specifically to make my own vanilla extract. I slit the beans and put them in the vodka (1 slit bean per half cup of vodka). What a difference! I'll never buy vanilla extract again. In fact, every package of spice I opened smelled so different from the store bought! How did they make everything smell so much stronger than what I was used to? I will never buy spices from the grocery store again! Thank you for changing my life and my meals!