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My Spice Sage


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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Every spice and seasoning that I have ordered I have loved!" - Maria from Texas

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Maharajah Style Curry Powder
Chris PowellVerified ReviewerJan 07, 2015
Please... Restock Your Small Q
Seems to me to be a slam dunk; this product in quantities less than 10 pounds have been out of stock since before the new year... why? perhaps because it sells? If I'm totally wrong - please let me know... so I can find the better product to replace what I am running out of at home
Jerry C.Verified BuyerDec 02, 2014
I Love It.
I love everything I have received from My Space Sage, you have a great company & website. I am putting curry powder in my mexican dishes, it goes great. Thank you very much, Jerry Cobb.
Daniel C.Verified BuyerOct 30, 2014
Great Service, Excellent Quali
I have made many purchases through My Spice Sage and am consistently impressed with my experience.
Marguerite C.Verified BuyerOct 19, 2014
The best freshest spices, always
Brian H.Verified BuyerSep 16, 2014
Very Good
I like it better than the Madras Curry
Martin L.Verified BuyerSep 12, 2014
Mild And Flavorful
This is a good curry, it has the big body.. but less of the kick. I prefer a little more so I add to my dishes, usually cayenne or another heat. Be careful with cinnamon to this cury - it can be overbearing.
Terry Y.Verified BuyerAug 31, 2014
I am so happy I discovered MY SPICE SAGE. Every order has exceeded my expectations, quality is always excellent, and processing/delivery is always fast.
Michelle N.Verified BuyerAug 26, 2014
Always Amazing
Absolutely love all of my spices. The pizza seasoning goes well with so much. The curry seasoning was divine
Joseph L.Verified BuyerAug 09, 2014
Maharajah Style Curry Powder
we are pleased with this blend of spices. Incredible flavor and aroma. Definitely a taste treat. JALinzner Creston, CA
Anna C.Verified BuyerJun 11, 2014
Maharajah Style Curry Powder
I liked it a lot!
Oldgeek60Verified ReviewerMar 21, 2014
Great Product
I'm a retired Chef and I was unable to get spices of this quality and freshness from any Restaurant Supply in the US.
Sunni O.Verified BuyerMar 11, 2014
Seems Stale
Smells nice but seems stale. I toasted it in the cast iron skillet prior to adding the ghee but had to add so much spice that the sauce was a bit grainy. Not how I like my curries and had hoped that MySpiceSage would be the answer to my curry cravings. Guess not. :-(
Malcolm GallowaySep 03, 2013
Thank You For A Very
thank you for a very quick delivery..havent had a chance to use but the fragrance is exhilarating. You need a facebook presence so we can recommend you to our friends, very fast shipping, just awesome.
AnonymousSep 03, 2013
I Always Thought I Didn't
I always thought I didn't like curry powder until I tried this one - such a perfect blend of flavors! Warm and fragrant, this blend is perfect for Indian cooking as well as just perking up scrambled eggs or even a salad dressing. One of my favorite products here!
Christine MitaSep 03, 2013
I Never Thought I Was
I never thought I was a fan of "curry" flavor, but this is the blend that turned me around. I've used it in a few Indian dishes, as well as in scrambled eggs and even a salad dressing (made with mango nectar, dijon and grapeseed oil - served over Chicken Mango Spinach salad). This is a perfect blend of warm, aromatic spices!