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What Our Customers Are Saying

"this company kicks ass. ordered Tuesday & it's already here (Friday). xlnt quality. getting a great education about spices here. no more grocery stores. I shop here. tyvm" - Brad Orris

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Matcha Powder Organic
Will T.Verified BuyerMay 27, 2015
Good Product And Good Price. T
Thanks for the good quality and good price on the matcha.
Wanda B.Verified BuyerMay 25, 2015
Wonderful Energy Booster!
I made energy boosting capsules with the Matcha Green Tea Powder & Pomegranate Powder to keep me energize on a daily basis. I also use the powders to mix into a recovery smoothie after my long runs on the weekends. Smells great --- fresh and clean and works wonders on my energy level!
Shibani K.Verified BuyerMay 12, 2015
Good product!
Bladen C.Verified BuyerApr 19, 2015
Gteat Website
Quick delivery of high quality product! I will use this website for more spices and will tell my friends about it! Thank you much!
Su T.Verified BuyerApr 06, 2015
Great Matcha
Very tasty, good color and great price!
Laverne S.Verified BuyerApr 03, 2015
Have Not Gotten Purchase As
Have not gotten purchase as of yet.
Carol G.Verified BuyerMar 23, 2015
Match A Tea
Enjoying new ways to enjoy it. Good quality tasting tea
Cheryl D.Verified BuyerMar 03, 2015
very pleased with order.
Daniel P.Verified BuyerFeb 04, 2015
Bought Match Green Tea
love the Match Green Tea and will be ordering more soon! :) I had very good experience ordering from My Spice Sage!
Sheresh W.Verified BuyerJan 07, 2015
Love It!!!
I will be buying more;)
Valerie S.Verified BuyerJan 05, 2015
Happy With The Product
came on time and happy with the product
Martha R.Verified BuyerNov 21, 2014
This product, like all My Spice Sage products I have tried, is a five star item. Delicious flavor and so easy to use in making wonderful matcha teas.
Beth L.Verified BuyerOct 27, 2014
I ordered the Matcha from My Spice Sage based on a friend's recommendation. Working from home, I need some special perks to my day. I bought a milk frother and have been frothing coconut creamer into my matcha. It is amazingly good. Divine and transcendent.
Genny D.Verified BuyerOct 19, 2014
Great Business
I was thrilled to learn that I could buy my own Matcha powder to save TONS of money making my own awesome green tea drink at home. And then I saw how many other wonderful products this company has to offer. Glad I found My Spice Sage!
Amanda M.Verified BuyerOct 10, 2014
A Little Goes A Long Way!
I have a bit of a sensitive stomach and on my first use of the Matcha Powder Organic I used about the size of a large teaspoon and drank it on an empty stomach.. I felt super nauseous. However I cut back the amount used and increased the amount of liquid I mixed it with, along with drinking it with or after a meal and have loved it ever since!!
Sean R.Verified BuyerSep 16, 2014
Great Taste And Quality
Great taste and Quality
Mark R.Verified BuyerAug 31, 2014
Always GREAT PREMIUM spices, and quick delivery to my door. The only place to shop for the best spices.
Edward D.Verified BuyerJul 28, 2014
Matcha Powder Is Very Green
Just tried it in my smoothie this morning, will know more later..............
Julie M.Verified BuyerJul 27, 2014
Matcha Green Tea
I found the Matcha green tea, very pleasant. not bitter & good value. Although I have only trie one other brand. I will purchase this tea again.
Annette G.Verified BuyerJul 27, 2014
Morning Pena Colada
I mix 1 teaspoon of Matcha with 1/4 cup of coconut milk and 1/4 cup of pineapple juice every morning. Its tastes great and no caffeine side effects. Great antioxidant mix. It been about a monht and I feel pretty good so far.
Aloha M.Verified BuyerJul 05, 2014
Green With Matcha
Seems to be a good price for a bag of nice quality matcha. I am just learning how to use it but am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you Spice Sage!
Dorothy S.Verified BuyerJul 05, 2014
Matcha Tea
Great product, fair price