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Customer service: 1-877-890-5244

My Spice Sage


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What Our Customers Are Saying

"My first order was filled with wonderful, flavorful spices. That is why I have come back for more!" - Charyl from New York

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Mustard Powder
Ann F.Verified BuyerMay 13, 2015
Mustard Powder
Such great flavor and very fresh! A definite cabinet staple for me!
AnnaMarie C.Verified BuyerApr 15, 2015
Spice Sage pulls through every time! My cooking is just that little bit better because you are supplying top of the line spices! Thank You!
Ted S.Verified BuyerMar 23, 2015
Mustard Powder…..
Great product, great price, and fast shipping…..
Diane P.Verified BuyerMar 19, 2015
My Spice Sage Always Wows!
My Spice Sage is my go to place for spices. They are always delicious and are delivered in what seems like an instant. I follow a plant-based diet and a little “My Spice-Sage” makes all the difference.
Terry F.Verified BuyerMar 14, 2015
Spice Is Nice
All my spices from Spice Sage have been perfect. They are nicely ground and fresh. I use mine to almost exclusively make a pork dry rub. Great resource for inventive cooks.
Deborah W.Verified BuyerMar 10, 2015
Great Taste
A little goes a long way. Wonderful product I use it for all my soups, chills, and tanginess dinners.
MSandra H.Verified BuyerMar 07, 2015
Product As Described. Fast Del
Product as described. Fast delivery. I loved the mustard.
Catherine J.Verified ReviewerFeb 14, 2015
Fresh, High Quality Spices
I ordered here last year for the first time. We do our own butchering and needed spices for the sausage. These spices are of high quality and the price is reasonable, if not exceptional. I live in the country and would have to drive at least an hour or two to find a store to buy bulk spices, so this works best for me. The spices I have ordered and used made our sausage delicious! Having said that, I haven't yet used the mustard powder. However, from past experience, I am sure it will live up to my expectations.
Paul A.Verified BuyerFeb 12, 2015
Have Not Had A Chance
Have not had a chance to use it yet.
Carolyn H.Verified BuyerFeb 12, 2015
My Go-To Spice Shop
I live in a remote area where there is no spice shops. MY Spice Sage has what I need, fairly priced, free shipping, speedy delivery, and saves on gas!
Cathy A.Verified BuyerFeb 02, 2015
wonderful fresh products & fast shipping.
Robert L.Verified BuyerFeb 01, 2015
Mustard Powder
Seems OK - Price and shipping were key
Dan G.Verified BuyerJan 27, 2015
Great Online Store
So easy! So fast! Great quality!
Patricia M.Verified BuyerJan 22, 2015
Very satisfyed with the product!
MARK S.Verified BuyerJan 22, 2015
Cooking With The Best . Make&#
im so very happy with all my orders i use them all every day .
Reva M.Verified BuyerJan 12, 2015
Good Product
I like this product. I have never used powdered mustard before. I like how hot it is. I wish your website had some recipes, I had to google a recipe to know how to make the mustard for my Char Su.
Stephen L.Verified BuyerDec 05, 2014
Not Opened Yet
I have not open the mustard power or seed yet
Ron L.Verified BuyerOct 23, 2014
Otto P.Verified BuyerSep 27, 2014
Delivery Time Good Product Ver
Delivery time good product very good
William W.Verified BuyerSep 13, 2014
Great Spices
I have bought all of my spices that I use from here, great stuff
Margaret D.Verified BuyerAug 14, 2014
Mustard Powder
Nustard powder works very good in my brisket rub. Margaret Duncan
Peter R.Verified BuyerJul 29, 2014
Great Stuff!
I am very happy with my purchase. The price of the mustard powder is very reasonable and the product is great. Plus free snipping made it a superb deal. I will be purchasing again soon fromMy Spice Sage and recommend any and all to try it yourselves.
Joseph A.Verified BuyerJun 30, 2014
Tasteless but it IS hot.
Armand B.Verified BuyerJun 24, 2014
My Spice Sage
Excellent service. Received exactly as advertised and quickly. Very reasonable prices
Betty C.Verified BuyerMar 30, 2014
love your spice I will buy more
Virginia H.Verified BuyerMar 26, 2014
Salt & Pepper
Wonderful products, fresh, and flavorful
Michael S.Verified BuyerMar 20, 2014
Great Deal
Would buy from here again.
Tina From UtahSep 01, 2013
Their Mustard Powder Kicks &qu
Their mustard powder kicks "you know what"! I much prefer freshly ground mustard seeds, but MySpiceSage has converted me...BIG TIME!