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"It's a cook's dream about finding a site like this." - Greg from South Dakota

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Orange Pepper Seasoning
Dennis S.Verified BuyerApr 09, 2015
Orange Pepper Seasoning Vs. Le
I use a lot of Lemon Pepper seasoning and wanted to try something different but in the same taste spectrum. The Orange Pepper Seasoning is exactly what I wanted. It has a slightly sweeter flavor but is excelent on beef and chicken.
Ruben R.Verified BuyerMar 05, 2015
Always The Best Spices
i have never been dissapointed with Spice Sage! Always fresh, always fast shipping, Always treated courteously! Love them.
ChrisVerified ReviewerFeb 23, 2015
Perfect For Fish!!!
I use this in many ways for seafood. Sprinkle on fillet before broiling or baking, mix in with flour for deep frying, add to tartar sauce or cocktail sauce. This seasoning is excellent and quite difficult to find.
Stacy D.Verified ReviewerNov 12, 2014
Stacy D
This seasoning blend is absolutely incredible on roasted vegetables (asparagus & zucchini are my favorites); you only need olive oil and this blend, nothing else. I have also used this seasoning in lemon vinaigrette dressing for arugula salad; the tang of the citrus peels, spice of the pepper and the salt really help cut the bitterness of the arugula. Thank you My Spice Sage for this perfect blend!
Michael M.Verified BuyerOct 29, 2014
had a problem with a spice package and it was solved right away with no hassles. thank you
James T.Verified BuyerJul 24, 2014
As usual, as described and rapid delivery!
Diane P.Verified BuyerJul 15, 2014
This spice is versatile! i used it to season fried chicken and it turned out fantastic! family is raving. has a mild citrus flavor but not overpowering like a lemon pepper. Just the right balance of garlic. This does contain salt so no extra salt needed to season steaks, chicken and chops!
Maryla T.Verified BuyerJul 11, 2014
nice spice
Sandra B.Verified BuyerJul 11, 2014
Very Fresh And Pure Spices - T
All of the spices that I have ordered have been fresh and of the highest quality. I only buy from MySpiceSage.com.
Ashley C.Verified BuyerJun 21, 2014
Not Bad
Orange pepper isnt too bad. Good on chicken and used in a salad dressing.