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Customer service: 1-877-890-5244

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"I am very pleased with the products I have ordered. Thank you." - Valene from Montana

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Saffron - Spanish Superior Grade
Arthur T.Verified BuyerMay 22, 2015
Great Spices!
Great product at great prices. Quick service. I'll be back for more.
Mariko I.Verified BuyerMay 12, 2015
The first one I received was sadly damaged due to the rough package. Then I received the replacement quickly. All spices I received from Spice Sage are very fresh. I am enjoying .... Thank you.
Ellen M.Verified BuyerApr 21, 2015
Always Great
the spices parried quickly and were as fresh as,always. I love spice sage
John A.Verified BuyerApr 20, 2015
Wonderful saffron and great company to deal with!! Excellent service!!!
Mary K.Verified BuyerApr 20, 2015
Will Buy Again
The saffron that I purchased was exactly what I expected. Thank you.
Veronica A.Verified BuyerApr 20, 2015
Fabulous Purchase
I love the aromatic smell and the vibrant flavor of the spices and tea which I purchased. I will continue future purchases from my spice sage.
Carllis O.Verified BuyerApr 19, 2015
Fantastic, no junk in the package, just quality Safron - very pleased.
Roberta T.Verified BuyerApr 12, 2015
I Love This Store I
I love this Store I will continue to purchase spices from them!!
John Z.Verified BuyerApr 09, 2015
Best spices
Susemarie S.Verified BuyerApr 08, 2015
Tom C.Verified BuyerApr 07, 2015
Fresh And Fast
It's very simple, good quality, very fresh products, delivered fast!
Tom C.Verified BuyerApr 07, 2015
Fresh And Fast
It's very simple, good quality, very fresh products, delivered fast!
Melody D.Verified BuyerApr 06, 2015
Ground Spices
I am extremely pleased with the wide variety of spices you carry. Ordering is easy, delivery was very prompt, and quality was very good. I have found a new "go to" place.
Katherine S.Verified BuyerApr 05, 2015
Great Product And Service
Great product and service
Lupe P.Verified BuyerApr 05, 2015
Love It
Will buy from again
Tram D.Verified BuyerApr 04, 2015
.I used the saffron for my home-made mayonnaise.Love it.Like it.Will buy it again..Although the spices from My Spice Sage are a little bit pricy,but good quality compare to all the spices I can find in Asian Supermarket.,I try my best not to buy spices and things come from China.,so My Spice Sage is definitely my store.
Erik D.Verified BuyerApr 04, 2015
would use again!
Alison M.Verified BuyerApr 01, 2015
Great Quality Product And Spee
Great quality product and speedy shipping!
Shokai L.Verified BuyerMar 31, 2015
Ralph H.Verified BuyerMar 30, 2015
Everything Was Great
Everything was great
Walter P.Verified BuyerMar 30, 2015
My Experience With My Spice Sa
You are a leading source of herbs and spices.
Phil F.Verified BuyerMar 27, 2015
Whats Wrong With UPS
havent received it yet
Laura S.Verified BuyerMar 27, 2015
Love what I ordered, the free saffron was an excellent touch. Will definitely order again and refer others.
Gwyn B.Verified BuyerMar 23, 2015
Good Spices,
Going back for more. They have really great selection.
Kathleen D.Verified BuyerMar 17, 2015
Good Schtuff!
Good schtuff!
WILLIAM C.Verified BuyerMar 10, 2015
Laura From Long Island
very happy with the spices, they are all nice and fresh looking, was a good value
Mark M.Verified BuyerMar 04, 2015
Saffron Was Outstanding!
Delivery and quality were superior as usual. Thanks!
Denise H.Verified BuyerFeb 28, 2015
Best Cinnamon
Full of flavor with a hint of sweetness.
Paula M.Verified BuyerFeb 23, 2015
Interesting Flavor
First time to use this spice in my kitchen so am relying on recipes from others, but it has added to several chicken/ rice recipes. Will continue to experiment. Thanks.
Sandra W.Verified BuyerJan 25, 2015
I am a fairly new customer to Spice Sage but have already ordered several items and have always received fast efficient service. The spices are fresh and well packed.
Marvin F.Verified BuyerJan 23, 2015
Is the King of spices? I love Saffron, and the price is surely good! I use it mostly to make Saffron Panna Cotta. I do not get to enjoy it too often because Saffron is pretty expensive even at the My Spice Sage prices, and the cholesterol in the dish has to be unhealthy for me...But, fortunately, everything in moderation..
GeorgeVerified ReviewerJan 23, 2015
Outstanding quality and superb value
Lyle J.Verified BuyerJan 21, 2015
Good Stuff!
Very unique product, love it!
Lyle J.Verified BuyerJan 21, 2015
Good Stuff!
Very unique product, love it!
Lindsey B.Verified BuyerJan 20, 2015
Super Special Saffron
I purchased this thinking that I'd get about 10 threads since Saffron is the rarest of spices, and I got way more than I expected and it's FRESH! So fresh that I used too much the first time. Saffron smells like fresh fields after a lighting storm, and a bit floral without being sweet. I'm very happy with mine.
REBECCA D.Verified BuyerJan 05, 2015
Great Product And Price!!!!
Great product and price!!!!
Edward C.Verified BuyerJan 03, 2015
Saffron - Spanish Superior Gra
Elizabeth C.Verified BuyerJan 02, 2015
Once Again, You Can't Eat
Seeing as this item was missing from my order (that came 10 days late) I have no idea what it tastes like. It was on my invoice but it wasn't in the package.... so, once again, I guess I can go f*** myself.
Geoffrey J.Verified BuyerJan 02, 2015
Product Not Received
Product not received to date
Lynn N.Verified BuyerJan 01, 2015
Thank You
It comes on time and good packed. Thank you
Myrna R.Verified BuyerDec 31, 2014
Good Experience
Haven't used the spices yet, but ordering and receiving the products were easy and in time for Christmas.
Karl E.Verified BuyerDec 30, 2014
Excellent Product, Service, Pr
Everything arrived quickly (even with the Christmas package crunch); top quality product and the prices are outstanding. I was buying turmeric in 1 oz. bottles at the store and using it quickly, so I bought the larger bulk size at a great savings.
Renee A.Verified BuyerDec 30, 2014
Spice Options
First time on the site. Pleased with the amount of one spice. But for those of us who do not deal in metric grams and such... a non metric measurement ( 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 3 threads etc) would have been helpful,especially when dealing with saffron. I would have altered the amt of the other spice to get more of the saffron . It is a gift so I don't yet know how he will like it, but I am hopeful he will be pleased and plan to use your site again if he is. Thank you.
Joan T.Verified BuyerDec 29, 2014
Excellent Spices Every Time I
Each time I order spices at My Spice Sage, I know the quality I will get, it is always the top of the line, and it is so reasonably priced, and it comes with FREE SHIPPING too, you never can go wrong ordering from this organization.
Shirley M.Verified BuyerDec 25, 2014
Beginning To Smell Like Holida
All my spices arrived in excellent shape and now my kitchen, my cooking and my home is beginning to smell like holidays. Thanks My Spice Sage.
Bonnie M.Verified BuyerDec 06, 2014
Saffron - Spanish Superior Gra
The saffron was flavorful and robust! So much better than the little dried out strands from the market! And with free shipping, I can order when I make my regular order for other items. Thank you My Spice Sage!
Kimberly W.Verified BuyerOct 17, 2014
The best deal ever! I love this spice it is superior to most spices in its cataglory. It elavates your cooking to a whole new level. I'm glad I had the opportunity to receive this spice during the promotional period. I look forward to purchasing this spice into the future!!!!!
Ms. W.Verified BuyerAug 28, 2014
Just What We Needed!
Hello there, My lab ordered this saffron to do a Modified Russell-Movat Pentachrome stain looking for and highlighting collagen and mucins a mound other things and we have gotten excellent results every time. Thanks!
Olivia G.Verified BuyerAug 23, 2014
Everything Came As Expected Ac
Rest of shipment om
Donna K.Verified BuyerJul 26, 2014
Great Spices
I looked all over town for the spices I needed. The spices are great and the amounts are just right.
Joshua C.Verified BuyerJul 23, 2014
The Best
Great spices. Please bring back the saffron deal you had!
Michael S.Verified BuyerJul 07, 2014
Sure It Will Be Great
I have not yet had occasion to use the saffron as yet
S C.Verified BuyerJul 02, 2014
I did not purchase saffron, it was a gift with my purchase of New Zealand Sea Salt. The gift of saffron was a very nice gift by the way. Only a pinch is needed in dishes and the gift was a generous amount. Love it!
Connie S.Verified BuyerJul 01, 2014
I am very pleased with the Saffron that I got.
Kathryn L.Verified BuyerJun 14, 2014
Spanish Saffron
While this is a tad bit expensive you can't find it anywhere else and it has such a great flavor compared to what you could buy in the local store. We loved it in the rice dish we made. Would order again. Wished I had enough to order when they offered the free sample!
Susan A.Verified BuyerJun 07, 2014
Excellent Quality
Very impressed by the quality of this saffron, almost all red threads, very fresh and fragrant. Great value for price.
Sharrie H.Verified BuyerApr 06, 2014
used it in rice but not much else yet will tho......thanks my spice sage for all your good work and products....sharrie
Ralph G.Verified BuyerMar 29, 2014
Spanish Saffron
Excellent Qualaity,priced right and good results
David P.Verified BuyerMar 26, 2014
High Quality And Super Fresh!
I have certainly found my favorite source for ALL of my spices. The spices were vacuum packed and the freshest I have ever purchased. They were equivalent to purchasing spices from a local market overseas. The swift delivery was greatly appreciated as well!
Lucinda M.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2014
We did not care for the flowery taste of Saffron, never had it thought we would try it and did not care for it
James S.Verified BuyerMar 14, 2014
I purchased this to make some paella. Turned out great, and have enough for one more batch.
Darlene V.Verified BuyerMar 08, 2014
Saffron-Spanish Superior Grade
Wonderful flavor...very fresh and the price is good also...and free shipping makes it seem like I'm just buying from the corner store!
Stu From LouisianaSep 02, 2013
My First Order Was For
My first order was for your Spanish saffron, the quality was fantastic. You have earned my business, thank you!
Christie S.Sep 02, 2013
I Fell In Love With
I fell in love with paella whilst living in Spain. I've tried to make it without saffron, but it is just not the same! To me, saffron is worth the price. The flavor is deliciously hay-like/earthy and just slightly bitter. The aroma is one-of-a-kind and the distinctive yellow color saffron produces cannot be found anywhere else!