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"I was very impressed with my first order from your company. The spices were well packaged,very fast shipping and very reasonable shipping rates. Thankyou for doing a great job and keep up the good work. I will highly recommend your web- site to my friends." - Peggy from New York

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Vanilla Powder - 100% Pure
Beverly G.Verified BuyerMar 17, 2015
very good product please bottle this item.
Tom C.Verified BuyerMar 16, 2015
Very Fresh
I ordered several items that were delivered quickly. They were very fresh and pungent, and I could smell them as soon as I opened the mailing pouch. I haven't used the vanilla yet, but will soon. One question: If a recipe calls for vanilla extract, would you use the same quantity of the powder? Thanks, I'll be ordering again !
Susan C.Verified BuyerMar 14, 2015
The Vanilla Powder Works Well
This works well in recipes that need a dry vanilla. The vanilla powder mixes well in smoothies and desserts, especially ice cream, whether made of dairy or coconut milk. I use it in most recipes that call for vanilla, unless the vanilla liquid is needed. The taste is wonderful. If you've ever had vanilla bean ice cream, you'll get the idea. You can see, and taste, the vanilla powder in the ice cream. The sweetness of the ice cream brings out the vanilla flavor and the powder gives a nice contrast. Since the powder is not sweet itself, it does not overpower sweet recipes. I often use a pinch in savory recipes, such as chili. The powder is a not too fine a grind, so if you want, the tiny vanilla flakes will show. If I want a fine, feathery, powder, I grind it further. It goes well in chocolate and vanilla puddings, even fruit puddings such as peach or mango. I’m going to try it in a mango lassi next.
Adrienne B.Verified BuyerMar 13, 2015
Strong Vanilla
This is excellent with a strong vanilla taste smell and flavor. Works extremely well in recipes.
Teresa F.Verified BuyerMar 05, 2015
Great Spices, Great Service
I ordered a number of spices. They arrived quickly. The quality is good. I would recommend My Spice Sage to anyone.
Brian W.Verified BuyerFeb 22, 2015
Flavors Galore!
These spices were perfection in my recipes. Especially the Hickory Smoked Salt. It enhanced the pork roast, and brought it to a succulent level I have never tasted before. The prices are very reasonable, and the shipping time was a quick turn around. I am recommending everyone I know patronize your company
Benito CameloVerified ReviewerDec 27, 2014
Vanilla Aromaven Powder
I use Aromaven vanilla (Vainilla) powder for all of my cooking needs because the only other option here in Venezuela is imitation vanilla extract. At first I was skeptical of the powder but now I can highly recommend it. I find that once added to the other ingredients, it can take a little bit of time for the flavor to fully expand. So, I would recommend making sure to let the ingredients or final product sit for a little while if using the powder, this will help maximize the flavor of the vanilla.
Terresia T.Verified BuyerDec 23, 2014
Vanilla Powder
This is great in my homemade hot cocoa mix!
Jayme M.Verified BuyerOct 19, 2014
Amazing Vanilla Powder
The vanilla powder from MySpiceSage is incredible. Of the many uses of vanilla powder, it turns ordinary breakfast oatmeal into a gourmet meal, along with a hint of marshmallow root powder, stevia and cinnamon. It's also really spices up a cup of coffee.
Andrea H.Verified BuyerAug 19, 2014
Great Products
All of the spices we have received have been great and very fresh and have helped our business grow!
Anne T.Verified BuyerAug 19, 2014
Wonderful Product...
I never knew that this form of vanilla existed before shopping at My Spice Sage. It works beautifully in baked goods...imparts a good vanilla flavor and the bean flecks can be seen throughout. Great for those not wanting to use an alcohol based product in their cooking. Highly recommend!
Teresa L.Verified BuyerAug 15, 2014
Yum! Vanilla Powder
Rich & flavorful! I've used it alone and in combination with vanilla extract. Powder is finely ground enough to blend easily. Fast shipping, good price. Very happy with it.
TERESA C.Verified BuyerJun 13, 2014
Vanilla Powder
What recipe asks for "vanilla powder"? And how much? It was hard to measure the correct amount as I had 4oz and on website it said it only made 20 tsps. Not Tbls. For over $15, it was not worth it. It tastes funny, would rather stick with liquid pure vanilla extract. Also, the shipping order did not come with any real tips on how to store spices or how much spice to use. could have even offered recipes on how to use dry spices and powders.
Michel M.Verified BuyerMar 29, 2014
So easy to use and packs a wonderful vanilla punch!