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"I have been fortunate not to have to pay any shipping cost yet, that is so great, thank you very much,I would like again to tell you how much I enjoy you spices and things, I'll have some of it all before long, thanks again." - Tommy Blanscett

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(24 reviews)
Diane S.Verified BuyerMay 19, 2015
Very happy with the delivery and the well packaged spices. I am glad I selected this vendor among the many vendors. I will continue to purchase and highly recommend this vendor.
Dan H.Verified BuyerApr 25, 2015
A Must For Middle Eastern
Great spice blend. Even if you have all the ingredient, it's tricky to get the quantities just right.
Christina K.Verified BuyerApr 14, 2015
Pretty Good
I had only tasted zaatar once before and loved it. this one is pretty good but I don't think it needs added salt since sumac is salty. maybe it's normally in there, I don't know. something just seems lacking, maybe needs more sumac or thyme.
Esam N.Verified BuyerApr 09, 2015
the Zaater you sent me was very good. thank you.
Katharine M.Verified BuyerMar 31, 2015
Excellent And Prompt Service
Excellent and prompt service
Marissa B.Verified BuyerMar 22, 2015
Perfect In Every Aspect
Easy website to order from, awesome prices, fast shipping, great spices. Only website I'll ever order any type of spice from. Thank you
Linda K.Verified BuyerFeb 01, 2015
Great Service.
I have ordered from MY SPICE SAGE multiple times. My spices arrive quickly, well-packaged, and are always fresh.
Darielle F.Verified BuyerNov 24, 2014
Zaatar Spice
My Spice Sage is THE best way to obtain small quantities of spices and get them so quickly. It definitely beats running all over town to find them.
Ryan W.Verified BuyerNov 17, 2014
Of all the blends I have tried, this one takes last place. It's just mediocre, when compared to the others. Nothing really wrong with it, aside from a slightly "sweat sock" finish.
Nickolas T.Verified BuyerOct 16, 2014
I Wasn't Exactly Fond Of
so I gave it to my vegan son who loves that taste. He likes to make curries and I imagined that he would like the flavor a lot more than I did. It's not the quality of the spice, it's just that it contains one or more spices that I'm just not fond of. Thanks, NT
Robin O.Verified BuyerOct 09, 2014
Gift Purchase
I purchased this as a gift for my daughter who enjoys using a variety of spices. She seemed very pleased. As far as my personal review...the spices arrived promptly and were well packaged. The smell was amazing, but as far as flavor or potency, I can't say. Perhaps I'll be invited over for dinner one of these evenings and then I can update this review!
William S.Verified BuyerOct 03, 2014
I Am Always Happy With
I am always happy with the spices specialy the i've naver had before keep up the specials
Rennie B.Verified BuyerSep 28, 2014
Versatile Tastiness
Zaatar is good on vegetables, grains, meats and probably ice cream!
Seong C.Verified BuyerSep 27, 2014
This is essential to nearly everything I make. I only wish that this was ground finer.
Charles B.Verified BuyerSep 23, 2014
Superior Service
My order was promptly filled and received faster than I expected. The spice was exactly what I ordered and was fresh and tasty. What more could one ask for?
Mr.Gitane54Verified BuyerSep 11, 2014
Great Find!
Well blended with just the right amount of cumin. Use with plain yogurt to add a bit of spice and excellent staple in creating dips. Shipping was secure and arrived ahead of promised time.
Lori I.Verified BuyerSep 01, 2014
The flavors from this spice is fantastic!
Helen H.Verified BuyerAug 12, 2014
Very Fresh, Great Taste
Zaatar is a key ingredient in one of my favorite marinades for grilled chicken. My latest dinner that featured this recipe was especially delicious.
BcmVerified ReviewerJul 28, 2014
Excellent Quality!
But...please do offer a green za'atar,. This is a nice change of pace,however, a little goes a long way.
Carol W.Verified BuyerJul 09, 2014
Too much sumac in it. Drowns out the thyme and sesame. I was very disappointed.
Derek T.Verified BuyerJul 04, 2014
Good Product
Alice M.Verified BuyerMar 29, 2014
Not Satisfied
I was totally disappointed in the product because the Zaatar that I wanted was ONLY to have Sumac, Thyme and Sesame Seeds in it. Yours came with Sumac, Thyme Sesame Seeds AND Paprika, Cumin, Oregano and Salt. I don't want my Mid Eastern dishes to taste like Mexican food.
N M.Verified BuyerMar 24, 2014
Zakat Air
Haven't used often, I need some good recipes containing this seasoning?
AnonymousSep 03, 2013
I Just Received Your Spices
I just received your spices and I appreciate the very quick delivery. The spices smell wonderful and I can't wait to use them. I really can't believe how fast I got them. Thanks so much and I will definitely be ordering from you again.