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Customer service: 1-877-890-5244

Customer service: 1-877-890-5244

My Spice Sage

I'm back again! MySpiceSage without a doubt, offers the finest quality spices available! Affordable, worth every cent! If you love cooking, these are the freshest, finest available. Outstanding customer service. You won't be sorry!!
Mark from Nevada

I was very impressed with my first order from your company. The spices were well packaged,very fast shipping and very reasonable shipping rates. Thankyou for doing a great job and keep up the good work. I will highly recommend your web- site to my friends.
Peggy from New York

I want to thank you for your fast service and good spices...fresh, flavorful and fairly priced. Thanks for being there and for being all that an online merchant can be.
Olen from New Jersey

This will be my third purchase from your company, and it won't be the last! The last time was during Christmas and Thanksgiving when I do the bulk of my baking and cooking, and I found your herbs & spices to be among the finest (and freshest) I've ever used, whether it was the cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. for my fruit cakes or the Herbs de Provence for my turkey. So you were the first company I thought of when I found a recipe calling for garam masala! I'm sure it will be just what I expect. Thanks for your great products!
Ms. Etienne from Kentucky

I am SO thrilled with this business! I can replace all the spices that have gone stale in my cupboard with fresh, pungent spices for a fraction of what I'd have to pay in the grocer's (and who knows how long those have been on the shelf?). Plus, I don't have to buy huge quantities of those I don't use very often. The sample program is a phenomenal idea, and the service has already proven to be exceptional. I am a customer for LIFE. Thank you!
Denise from Rhode Island

Just received my first order and I am impressed. Wonderful freshness and flavor, super fast service and better product (at a much better deal) than any local provider….You have yourself a new customer for a very long time!
Tim from Illinois

I am writing to tell you that I am so happy not only with your spices, which are outstanding, but with the service. It's nice to know that there are still business's out there that work with integrity and ethic. Thank you again.
Michele from New York

It is astounding how much fresher and more fragrant your spices are than ones from the grocery store, to say nothing of the great prices!
Royce from California

I really have enjoyed all the spices I have ordered from favorites are the Apple Pie Spice and nice for when we are making apple cobbler or can't go wrong!
Pamela from Massachusetts

I have found My Spice Sage's quality to be excellent, their pricing very reasonable and their flat rate shipping a real bargain. What more could one want?
Richard from California

I love this company, just found it and have ordered 3 times in a month. cant wait for spice bottle and description and uses for all spices, ethnic recipes would be great too. customer for life. great quality, great online site, great customer service, great promotions. thanks.
Lois from California

Price is good, variety even better, quality = excellent. and not only that, you offer "education" so folk will actually think i know what i'm talking about...
Chef Mario from California

My first order was filled with wonderful, flavorful spices. That is why I have come back for more!
Charyl from New York

Thanks a ton! I actually received the order yesterday and was very pleased with the quality. I will absolutely be ordering again in the future.
Charlotte from Maine

I always need extra hobbies for the long winter time in northern Michigan. This year I picked Spices and picked your company because of the wonderful web site. I have been using a LOT of Turmeric this winter and all of the other spices that I have purchased and after two months of dipping or sprinkling my food in some of the spices, cooking, making meat rubs and making marinades for meat, I am feeling like a new person. As my Dr. pointed out, the spices will have some of the nutrients that our foods have lost over the years. I am so enthused, feel so good, am having so much fun and want all to know the health benefits in spices and how good MySpiceSage products are. Thank You.
CBL from Michigan

Great spices ....Love your site ! I hope you continue to add more spices !!!! Keep adding to the Spice of life!
Chelle from Connecticut

We love the spices we have already ordered and I have told all our friends about you guy's.
Margaret from Louisiana

Carolyn from Michigan

Received my order today. Very pleased with the shipping time, quality, and price. Thank You.
Roland from Rhode Island

I'm very satisfied with my order. I have spread the news about your website. MySpiceSage has become my store for spices. Thanks again.
Pat from Indiana

Thank you for the wonderful spices - it has improved my cooking by 100%. Now, I want a new kitchen to go with my new spice jars and fantastic cooking.
Betty from California

I have loved every item from every order I have placed so far! Prices are great, products are fresh and shipping is fast! I am a huge fan of and will be shopping again and again.
Leslie from New York

I received my first spice order and I was amazed at the intensity of your spices especially the cinnamon. I will only order all my future spice orders from your company.
Lillian from West Virginia

I am a new customer and have been very pleased with my previous two orders. Your prices are right and the spices are great.
Phyllis from Washington

Your spices are so wonderful and fresh you've inspired me to dump my whole pantry and start new. My food has been taken to a whole new level of flavor!
Elizabeth from New York

I love your spices, they are so much better then what I get at the store.
Barbara from South Carolina

This is my second order...I was pleased with the was done in good time...Keep up the good work...i shall recommend your company.
Gail from Washington

I have never been happier with the freshness of the spices nor the price for them. I especially love trying new spices free with each order. This is great. Thank you.
Tracy from California

I still absolutely love your spices, use them every day, every meal and love your site. Thanks for the offer that you have just given us. I credit your spices for my improvement in health and when given a chance, pass the word on to friends and family. Thanks again.
Carolyn from Michigan

Thanks, I have enough spice here to cook for a year and they really are fragrant. I appreciate the service you guys provide...buying spice at the grocery store is disappointing because it always seems stale, even the expensive labels.
Steve from Oklahoma

All of these spices are twice as expensive at my local grocery store. Thank you very much. I shall be ordering from you again.
Eloise from New York

Loved my first order so much, I'm giving this as a gift to a friend who's getting married.
Monica from Illinois

Cynthia from Ohio

On a quest for chervil I found your site and placed an order. I *really* like the free sample program, and the up front flat fee shipping! I received my order and have been pleased with everything I've used so far. I posted your link on my Facebook page for all my friends to see.
Julie from California

MySpiceSage ROCKS!!! great prices, awesome spices and they usually arrive the very next day! Thanks so much!!! :)
Alyson from Connecticut

Great products and even better service. I highly recommend my spice sage.
Gary from Missouri

Love all your spices and look forward to trying new ones with your free samples. Also, shipping rate is so reasonable!
Susan from New York

A very user friendly site. The pictures are great and make the spices look very appetizing. Excellent incentives as well. I can't wait to get all my spices and start cooking fresh!!
Erica from New York

This is my 2nd order with you. I'm telling my friends about your wide selection and your great prices.
Dave from Illinois

I will be making another order soon. Your products are really great and I used some on salads and tomato sauce and I got raves from friends. Thank you again.
Renate from Pennsylvania

I received my order and am so happy with the quality...The citric acid is so much better than the brand I was using previously; Night and day difference. I feel like I found a great new source my spices and supplies. Thank you!
Nicole from Wisconsin

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for delivering my lavender flowers so soon. This was to be added to a recipe for my Mom's Mother's Day cake. Bless you.
Bonnie from Maryland

I love!! I get to try out new spices for a very reasonable price! I also love the bonuses and the low-cost shipping!! I guess you could say that I'm a Groupie!!!. Thank you.
Susan from New York

Thanks for your prompt service and your delicious products!
Delora from Illinois

So far every one of your spices have been top shelf. Pleasure doing business with you.
Cap'n Jack from Pennsylvania

This is my second order and I was pleased with the first-so glad that I found your site-having all these spices available to me has renewed my interest in cooking,and not just cooking but cooking better, tastier food.
Elizabeth S. from New York

I still absolutely love buying my spices from you and still love the web site. Spices are always fresh, taste great and actually seem to give me more energy. Lots of goodness in the spices that we don't get from our food today.
Carolyn from Michigan

Thank you for my order. You have really fast shipping and my order was packed very nicely. I will definitely be ordering from you again.
Sharon from Virginia

I like the spices. I do a lot of home cooking and your price is great as well as the taste is. I love shopping with you, THANKS.
Brenda from Arizona

These prices waxed my local grocers prices! Can't wait to receive my spices and start cooking! Website was very easy and helpful! Thanks.
Debbie from Georgia

I just received my first order and I am ordering more! Wonderful aroma and flavor! Thank you!
Margaret from Massachusetts

I was pleased enough with my first order that this time I super-sized it.
Edward from Minnesota

Since I found this site, I have not purchased Spices anywhere else. Products & Prices are great. Top quality.
Gerald from New Hampshire

This is my second purchase-i'm impressed with the quality of your products as well as your reasonable prices and shipping fees. Great value!
Irene from Nevada

I received my first order from you the other day. Everything is perfectly packaged and obviously handled with great care. I sure do appreciate that. It's the way I would do it myself! ;-).
Carol from Maryland

This is my second time shopping with your company. Your prices are fantastic. It has allowed me to try different spices which I normally would have never tried. The 1 oz. package is fabulous just to try something new and see if you want to add it to your "signature" dishes. Thank you!!
Jane from New Jersey

Thank you. I appreciate that very much and will certainly continue buying from your organization. You show a care for your customers that I do not find to be common in the local world in which I live.
Gene from Texas

I ordered some whole annatto seeds from MySpiceSage and a free sample and was so pleased that I decided to come back as a returning customer. I am also really impressed by the spices available at MySpiceSage, what a great variety.
Andrea from California

I am so happy to have come across this website. I use lots of different spices and herbs when I cook and usually order them from another, but because the prices and quantities here are so very reasonable I just had to try MySpiceSage! What a wonderful experience. I received my first order today and am very, very pleased with the freshness of the spices and to be able to try samples is a bonus!
Jameelah Muhammad

So far so good! I was able to find spices not available in the stores.
Liza Robinson

I find My Spice Sage to offer a broad selection of fresh, fairly priced products with fast service and reasonable shipping charges. I seldom buy herbs or spices anywhere else since I discovered them.
Richard from California

This is the second time ive purchased something from your site, the first time i did you also sent me free garlic salt. I am starting up my owe whole grain bread company and was able to use the garlic salt in my whole wheat garlic bread sticks ( which were a big hit) so thanks for helping support my small business.
Holly D.

Just received my first order. I couldn't be happier. The spices are wonderful, shipping was fast and the price was great. I will definitely be buying my spices from here for now on.
Lisa from Pennsylvania

I have ordered from you twice and simply love your spices and treatment. The free samples are unbelievable. I also like the new look of your website. I am a confirmed customer. Anita from Indiana

I stumbled on your site and was so thrilled to see the variety of spices and your reasonable prices. I order my spices on line all the time so I recognize a bargain when I see one. Thank you for the hard work that goes into passing us the variety of goods and recipes. Thanks again.

I love you guys...had one small complaint on my last order and you took care of it immediately and with excellent results. I recommend your company to people all the time!
Maureen from Michigan

I just recieved my first order. I am completely satisfied. Your website is easy to use, and very informative. I will recomend it to anyone looking to order spices on line. Thank You

I am so pleased with the quality of the spices I received - I desperately needed dill seed for my baby daughter's colic, and the free pumpkin pie spice was a beautiful bonus! Finding exactly what I needed on this site was easy, and my order arrived quickly and without problem. I'm sure I will be buying from Spice Sage again!

I enjoy shopping on this site. There are numerous spices to choose from. I am able to find spices that are not available in the supermarkets. The prices are great and the delivery of products is fast.

I love the abundant of spices/herbs that you have on your site and having the option to buy high quality spices such as vietnamese cinnamon as a good price is difinitely a plus. I love the guarantee that you are offering with any of the spices/herbs that we buy from you. I feel more confident in ordering from a company knowing that if i'm not satisfied with what i just bought, i can returned it back to you. Also, my compliments to Zach for chatting online with me in answering my questions. I'm looking forward to placing my first on line order with your company.
Lorreta from Connecticut

I received my spices today via UPS. Thank you very much. My order arrived in a timely fashion and the spices all smelled delicious cant wait to use them. I am already getting my next order ready. Thank you
Jan Pollack

I received my spices after a mix up with UPS. The spice were fresh and great. I will continue to use your site. Thanks for having spices at reasonable prices.
Cathy from Tennessee

I was able to find spices like Aleppo Pepper that I could not find anywhere else. It was easy and delivered quickly.
Kenneth from New Jersey

Love it! Thank goodness someone thought to do business on the internet instead of leaving we poor saps in the western mountains with nothing. I very much appreciate the great service, the huge high quality selections available and the "freebie-try-me" spice offers. I always search here first---and, so far, have had my needs met.
Sandi from Idaho

I have been very impressed with the quality of your products and the ease of site content with instructions. I WILL reorder more from you and I have encouraged others to use this site for all their needs.
Jerry from Ohio

Fabulous web site! Beautiful pictures of products. Easy to use. I give it an A+.
Sally from Louisiana

I ordered from you before 7/25/09 and was very pleased with product, shipping and cost. I will come back to your company when ever I need something you carry. Very glad I came across your company on the web.
Diane from New York

Thank you for having a site for all my spice needs! I am considering going into smoking ribs in a big way!
Billy from Oklahoma

Everyone of the various spices I have received from you folks is a compliment to your supplying the customer with Quality products. We thank you for establishing a trust in our lives.
Cap'n Jack from Pennsylvania

Beautiful, well organized site--easy to navigate. Great selection and prices. Thanks!
Lynn from Baltimore

This site is great. Has everything I would ever think of for cooking and baking. Bought the cake spice and used it in cookies. Wonderful flavor.

I find everything I need and then some, I even found star anise resonable-which is a real treat for my pet birds-cheaper than any retail store-I love your site!

Easy site to use. Nice photos. Good spices. Good prices.

Love love love your site! The products are fresh and wonderful! Thanks!

Sent order 9/22 and order was here 9/24. Great service. joe s
joseph spano

Thank you very much for my order. I was very happy with my order. I will tell my sister in law and my friends. I will definitely order again. Thank you very much
Monika from Iowa

Thank you for your wonderful service, and your wonderful products, and the free gifts and bonuses. I really do appreciate your "store". Thank you again and again.
Renate from Pennsylvania

Great site, love the products, informative, freebies are a plus.
Carol from Washington

AMAZING VARIETY & SUPER PRICES ! THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL SITE!! I will be back, to shop for certain !!!
Christine Redman

This was the first time I have used your web site and it was very easy to manage. There's nothing that I hate worse than those sites where they require hat size, shoe size, etc. before you can even do anything! And by the way, I am ordering the mustard seeds to use for a Bible story I will be teaching in Guatemala. They will be used for my story, and later the kids will be using them to make bookmarks! God bless!
Nancy from Illinois

The spices, shipping, and website are wonderful, I look forward to doing more business with your company.
Latoiya from Pennsylvania

Good prices, low to no shipping, quality product, love it
Bill Jones

Your site content has so many new and different spices and is such fun to browse that I almost forget what I came to buy! And your prices are great, too.
Ruth from Ohio

This is the only place I get spices and in fact I I share them with others an when I get money (which is not very often) I buy more. But I will not longer share for I now have a heart problem and your spices help me. I love and need you. Don't stop calling or the newsletters. I may not always get somethings but I can dream
Brenda from Arizona

This site and this company is wonderful. I am a returning customer and keep returning, I am excited that you are adding new products all of the time. Keep up the good work!
Gail from Arizona

Great products! I look forward to the special offers!!! Also appreciate the free samples!
Susan from New York

Living in a small town it is more than difficult to find items I need to prepare new recipes. Not only that, but I get to discover new spices I have never tried and some that I have never heard of. Thanks.
Barbara from Texas

A friend recommended your company to me and asked me to compare your prices with Penzeys which I did - the only thing I found which is more expensive on your site was the Bouquet Garni so I didn't order any. The rest is much better priced. Thank you!
Anne from Massachusetts

love this site and just found it but will definately use it more and more cause i have a restaurant and we are always making something.
Michael from Wisconsin

I'm able to finde almost any spice I look up. The product is alway arriving fast and the service is reliable. Thank you.
Anastasia from Louisiana

I love shopping here. I'm a spice nut, constantly trying new combinations in old recipes. Your spices are wonderful, fresh, delicious and the prices can't be beat!!! I recommend this site to everyone! Nancy from Massachusetts
Nancy Kelly

Great spices, great service, great prices! I would recommend you to anyone.
Carl & JoAnn from South Carolina

I was very happy with the product I ordered. It arrived super fast, and the spices smelled so good!
Danielle from Colorado

I think your site is great and very user friendly! I am very satisfied and am a returning customer.
Gregory from Utah

I went on your chat line. Ask about containers for your spices/seasonings. I received a quick answer from Zach...very helpful. I will now purchase my spices/seasonings in the i cup container and then in in the bags as the containers need to be refilled. I purchased some items in July just to check you folks out. I loved what I got so now, bit by bit, I will replenish my spice/seasoning cabinet and shelf. I just love your stuff!!!!
Racella from California

Great site - I had trouble finding annatto powder locally and not only found that but other things I wanted. I look forward to receiving the products.
William from Texas

I love this site. Great prices AND free samples - what's not to love. Also, very quick and easy site to use. Can't wait to get my products.
Kathleen from South Carolina

I fell in love with this website and their spices. I actually placed the order via the phone. I was greeted with the best customer satifaction. I could not find these spices anywhere. I purchased a gift set which is great for the what do i get for the person who has everything! They do not own these spices, but they will now. Thank you soooooo much!
Sherry from New York

This is the best spice store around! Great fresh variety, easy ordering, quick service! Just love it! Thank You, Your Life Long Customer, Simone :?)
Simone Bonda

These are great! I bought a set for my son and a set for my husband for gifts. Both love to cook and have been having fun experimenting in the kitchen . The spices add so much flavor to ordinary food. I will continue to buy from you. Great gift for the cook that has everything or hard to buy for friends...make a great Christmas gift also.
Janette from Florida

These are gift sets are great! I bought a set for my son and a set for my husband for gifts. Both love to cook and have been having fun experimenting in the kitchen . The spices add so much flavor to ordinary food. I will continue to buy from you. Great gift for the cook that has everything or hard to buy for friends...make a great Christmas gift also.
Janette from Florida

Amazing selection, really easy to use -- LOVE IT. And, thank you!
Carol from Maryland

My mother and I were very happy to come across your site. She and I have been looking for mesquite flour for days. Your site has what we need. Thanks for the products that you supply on your site. Satisfied Customer, Sharon.
Sharon from Connecticut

i just ordered some spices and am so pleased with them! thank you!
Katie from New York

I am Very Impressed as a Customer. I ordered the Pizza Spice and was also sent a nice sample of Crouton Spice--along with a very Large Bag of Saigon Vietnamese Cinnamon. They were all wonderful. I made a white sause useing the Pizza Spice and it was wonderful over my potates. I am Extreamly PLEASE! with all the products and Excellant service. Thank You!
Linda from California

I really like your site. It's well done, and easy to use. I also like the flat shipping. And the risk free tells me your as reputable as there can be on the web. I've ordered from you in the past and I'm very happy with you. I've recommended to friends.
Justin from Michigan

I love your spices, so fresh &&&&& you can get them in small amounts. Love this feature as they can be so fresh... So many wonderful choices &&&& the recipies. Thank you for all your hard work.
Jacqueline V.

I am not sure where to begin! I am a New" returning customer, only having ordered once from you. But that once left a very good impression on me! I love the selection of spices, the checkout process and everything connected with MySpiceSage! I just wish I had more money so I could buy more and more often!!
Karen from California

All the spices are high quality. I like that recipes are offered so it is possible to try the spices in something new.
Cappy from California

Everything went smoothly. From the order to the delivery. Thank you for everything. My Baklava came out fantastic!!
Cindy from California

Best site I have found for spices. Especially happy to find recipes to go with them.
Timothy from Florida

I just received my second order. The Apple Pie Spice is just great! I am recommending your Honey Powder to my daughter in law and have had you folks send her an email. Your site is great. As I need to replace my spices/herbs you are now my main supplier. I love your love chat line too! Thanks for being such good folks like Bob's Red Mills and others who like the "real thing" and fresh grains and the like.
Racella from California

l placed my first order with your firm , l received same in a few days , and am very happy with product and service . l do intend to use your site as my spice supplier. thank you.
Richard from Florida

I just love the variety of spices this site offers. Not only are the spices of quality; but are a great value in price. Any spice I can think of is here; and at the prices offered I can try out new spices I never heard of with worry. The additions of flavored extracts is a great new find also. The free spice offers are just terrific. I come to this site weekly just to check out what new free spice will be offered..LOVE IT! MEMBER FOREVER
Pamela from Texas

Very happy to find this site. I love to explore new cooking ideas, but am often held back by the unavailability of unusual (to me) spice ingredients. (Hey, I live in Iowa.) Keep it up!!
Wayne from Iowa

This is an excellent website, I've found some hard to find spices at unbeatable prices.
Thomas from Illinois

It is like taking a morning stroll through an exotic market place with the strange sounding names and assortment of aromas. No passport needed to experience it.
Danny from Virginia

I thourghly enjoy the site and its content plus the ease of ordering, prices and rapid response to the orders.
Jerry from Texas

I have to say that your prices are cheaper then other companies and with the discounts,wholesale, and free shipping are what will bring me and people back. There is a company just a state above me that shipping cost an arm and a leg to get anything delivered. Keep up the good work.
George from New Mexico

Ordered the Aleppo seasoning. It came quickly as ordered. Much larger quantity than I expected. I'm very impressed!!
David from Massachusetts

great site. i always find what i want and my order arrives in no time at all. thinking of sending gift sets for christmas.
Janet from Massachusetts

I got a free 16 oz bag of chopped onion with my first order. Part of the joy in using it is the scent when I open the bag. It really smells like onion and sold me on your products. I'm now going to try some different spices and herbs from you and I hope they are as aromatic as the chopped onion. The free gift helps too. I love chicken seasoning so it will be a big addition for the holidays. And flat rate shipping is a big determining factor for me. Thanks.
Christine from Washington

All of the spices I've ordered from have been of excellent quality and freshness. I won't buy spices from another place! Thanks!
Dennis from Washington

I will never purchase spices from any other source. They are outstanding and a blessing in my kitchen!
Michele from New York

I have been very pleased with your products and service and will continue to use your site for my spice selections.
Karen from Tennessee

I loved the quality of my first order and the great price.
Ulrike from New Mexico

I love this site, I love your spices, please don't ever go out of business.
Missouri Gal

Today I made my second or third order since summer. I am gradually replacing my spices/rubs. About 10 days ago I made a deep dish apple pie using My Spice Apple Pie Spice...I have been making this type pie for 25+ years...this was my best effort ever thanks to you. I love everything that I have purchased so far from My Spice Sage. I am recommending you folks, by word of mouth to my friends. Thanks for giving my cooking and baking a big boost. I am you good friend, especially in the kitchen.
Racella from California

Found you by accident on the web one day and now have my pantry stocked with many of your items. Your site is excellent and you offer every spice I could imagine ever using.
Michael from Wyoming

This is the only place that I buy my seasonings now. The prices are great. There are free items at times,which turns me on! I like the newsletters. I like everything about this site. I shop even when I don't have money. Look and saying when I get paid I'll be back. This is a great and awesome place. Thank you.
Brenda from Arizona

Although I am not a huge buyer of your product, whatever I have bought from you has been delicious and of the finest quality as most. I wish to thank you for having such a site on line and to keep up your wonderful supplies.
Michael from California

My order took just two days to arrive @ my home. I'm using my sample Tandoori spice right now to make Tandoori chicken! Great site.
The Culinary Chick

Your site was given to me as a source of Citric Acid and while I did buy some, I have also bought other spices! I just wish I was working so I could buy more from you!! that time WILL come again and I will be back!
Karen from California

Joel from Kentucky

I received fast. Now I am going to find time ad energy to cook more!!!!!!!!!!
Phyllis from Michigan

Love it!!! I can find things on here that I cant in stores. The prices are great as well as the quality.
Marsha from Michigan

Great site and products - excellent delivery time and reasonable prices.
Karen from New York

Love your site and the products you sell! You have changed the way I feel about cooking, now it is interesting to try out new and exotic spices at home. I see little reason to eat out with all of these flavors at my disposal.
Gail from Arizona

Such a user friendly site, great service, quick ship. NEVER disappoints. Thanks!
Nadine from California

great site and so easy. why buy at the store when everything is here. and you get free samples. told all my cooking friends, keep it up and don't go anywhere, thank's. gus michigan
gus grosse

Great selections, promotions and quick shipping. What a pleasure to shop here.
Karen from New Mexico

Ordering was simple. Communication was excellent. Voices were friendly. Delivery was very fast. Price is reasonable. Keep up the good work.
Vincent from New York

I find the prices reasonable and the variety great. I have ordered before and was very pleased.
Marcia from Pennsylvania

Very user friendly and very broad variety of spices and good prices, thanks.
Mike and Shirley

Spices aren't always easy to find & this site has so many to try with suggested uses! Just wish I had discovered it a long time ago. Super fresh & love the small 1oz. trial sizes.
Carolyn from Kansas

Since I have moved to Alaska (1993), I have never had spices this fresh. My nose was soooo delighted when I opened the jar or bag. Your spices are the best! My husband thought I did some secret magic to the moose roasts I cooked up the other day and is requesting more! I used the Paris Seasoning and some Summer Savory and granulated garlic. No Bay leaves this time. He absolutely loved it. Now I'm going to sneak in and order for REAL Vanilla. I am going to do a lot of baking for Christmas and I want only the best spices and herbs. I have found MY Spice store!!!! Thank-you!!!
Debbie from Alaska

I love this site..........and check it almost every day! I've bought several things and will continue to do so.
Dorothy from California

The freshness of your spices add a wonderful new flavor to every dish, making them seem like new recipes. Thank you so much!
Annette from Nebraska

Great selection and the prices beat the pants of the retail stores!
Jerome from Washington

I'm so happy to have found Spice Sage and to get the emails with all the specials. Thank you Spice Sage you're very informative and I look forward to doing business with you for a long time.
Laura from California

I love this website, it offers all the spices I could ever need and more AND great discounts and extras.
Sarah from South Dakota

Your products are very good and your shipping is prompt. Thank you.
Dave B.

I always enjoy getting your package and whenever i have contacted you i always get a great response...thank you!
Moira from Washington

Jane K.

I am so grateful I found your site. The food that comes from my kitchen is so much better because of being able to use your spices.
Denise from Texas

I'm glad no store in my area carries Grains of Paradise. If I had found it, I would not have stumbled onto your site. Now your site will be my first stop. I'm spreading the word.
James from Pennsylvania

I absolutely love your website, so easy to navigate, and your prices are fantastic! Not, to mention on other websites with similar products the shipping is through the roof! thanks so much!
Cristi T.

Selection and choice of amounts and packaging types is fantastic. Prices are fair and compete with my local "Cash&Carry" and I don't have to drive a 56mile round trip to get stuff that may not be as fresh as yours!!
Bernard from Washington

Ordered a myriad of spices from your facility, and they are wonderful! Fresh, fragrant, pure - and priced right!
Samuel from New Jersey

my first order arrived with a complimentary package of turkey brining spice mix which i used to brine my thanksgiving turkey. it was the most flavorful and moist turkey i and my family have ever eaten. what a pleasure to find such a quality company. many thanks,
Gillian from New York

Very impressed. great web site. very happy to see that you consider alaska as part of the US. YOUR SHIPPING RATES ARE VERY REASONABLE. THIS IS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR. THANKS.
John from Alaska

Very informative and I like the wide range of sizes! Additionally, the prices fit my budget.
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AWESOME! I am ordering all of my spices from you now! I live in Alaska and we subsist on a lot of moose meat and, of course, salmon. My moose roasts were getting pretty boring with the same old spices. And my salmon wasn't much better either even though I do smoke a lot of it. I am so glad I happened upon your site! You sent me a free sample of the "Paris Seasoning" and I used it with my moose roast along with some garlic. First of all the aroma of the Paris Seasoning when I opened the bag was by itself almost heaven. Then to smell the aroma as the roast cooked was incredible! We had the best tasting roast we have had in a long time (and my hubby didn't get stuck with the bay leaf that inevitably gets into the gravy). Thank-you MySpiceSage!
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GREAT PRODUCTS, GREAT SERVICE.... I've Spread your web address to everyone i know!
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I'm overjoyed to find this site. What a wonderful selection! And the site is easy to use (including checkout). Keep up the good work!
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I've just found your site and made 2 purchases. So far, I've been very happy with my purchases and love your spices. They are very fresh and make a big difference in the flavor and aroma to the dishes I've used them in. I even gave some to my daughter-in-law and she loves them, too.
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I love this site my new favorite my order came fast and was all i could ever ask for and i like being able to explore new spices and find uses for them i also love the sizes and prices i can try something new and not break the bank thanks for such a wonderful place to visit
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No complaints; this is the best site, with the finest products and EXCEPTIONAL customer service. I am a lifetime customer, and the site itself works like a charm. Perhaps a wishlist, but NO complaints. Thank you!
Denise from Rhode Island

We found a german recipe for Swankbratten and it calls for juniper berries, your site is far better than other sites for your availability, price, and quantity for the dollar. THANK-YOU.
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I found this site while trying to track down Grains of Paradise for my Apple Pie recipe. I very much enjoyed reading through the spice selections. Both of my orders were shipped quickly. I was thrilled with the products and very much enjoy cooking with my newly added spices! I will definitely be ordering again in the near future!
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This is a great site. We have a health food store in town, but they do not carry a quarter of what you do. I love cooking with different spices and herbs, and this is a great place to get them!
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I am a New York girl (Brooklyn) that moved to Phoenix, AZ with my job.....I have not had a decent meal until I found this I can cook again with the fresh herbs that I know and have grown up with. PLEASE !!!! never close this site, I would be lost. Thank you and Ciao for now. Happy now in AZ :)
JOSEPHINE from Arizona

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Nick from Florida

I am a single male, 61 years old. If I don't fix the meal I don't eat. I have always bought my spices from the grocery store because that is the only place I thought you could get them. Lately I have gotten hooked on several cooking shows and one of them (maybe America's Test Kitchen) mentioned that getting fresh spices from the web makes a world of difference. I found your website and thought I would give you a try. After selecting several spices I found that you offered free 10 vanilla beans with my order. If it is free it is probably old stock but never having tried real vanilla beans I figured what the hell I'd give it a try. When I received my order the first package I opened was the free vanilla beans. Wait a minute, they were pliable menaing they weren't 5 years old. I went to my local bottle shop and got some good quality vodka specifically to make my own vanilla extract. I slit the beans and put them in the vodka (1 slit bean per half cup of vodka). What a difference! I'll never buy vanilla extract again. In fact, every package of spice I opened smelled so different from the store bought! How did they make everything smell so much stronger than what I was used to? I will never buy spices from the grocery store again! Thank you for changing my life and my meals!
Mel from California

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Wanda from Puerto Rico

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My Spice Sage is my go to site for every thing spice!
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I've been very happy with the spices I've ordered from you site. Please keep up the quality and availability.
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Easy site, great value on wide selection of great products.
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I love this website....It sure beats overpaying for the old spices at the store!! Thank you My Spice Sage.
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The site is easy to navigate, full of information and, most important, allows me to experiment with new flavors without spending a ton of money. Thank you.
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I love this web site. It sure beats overpaying for the old spices at the store...and I get to try different ones for free AND the promotions are great!! I love My Spice Sage!
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I filled my VERY large spice drawer, especially made by our cabinet maker this past year (counter height to floor and counter top deep) and three shelves high. This space got filled when I became acquainted with you website last year and loved your spices and ordered so very, very many. I love them and very seldom eat anything that does not have a spice on it. I have so many, I will hardly have to order for some time but I do need powdered mustard now and will get another spice while I am at it. I am busy picking a special one out and that will take some time but it is such fun to go through and read your website again and again. Thanks for so much pleasure given to a 77 year old gal.
Carolyn from Michigan

i love ordering from your site. You not only carry so many top quality spices/extracts, but your prices are awesome. I also like getting a free bonus that you offer when you place an order. Thank you. It's a great way for me to find out if I like that spice/extract.
Sam from Nebraska

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I stumbled upon this website while I was in search of lavender buds for a recipe I wanted to try. I found the lavender buds and found several other intriguing items. I ended up buying 4 boxes of the Taste of Asia gift sets for friends. Two of the four people raved about the spices and thought they made a wonderful gift. I thought the free sample of baking cocoa was a nice addition. I returned to the site again to purchase some tarragon...ordered $81 of merchandise for myself and completely forgot about the tarragon!!! Looks like this will be a good excuse to return to this delightful site again! Love the the the free gifts...and my favorite part is all of the gift sets like Taste of Asia, etc. I will be back again and I have told all of my friends about this website!
Steph from New Mexico

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Sandra from Indiana

I posted this on my mom's Facebook wall: "I just got an order in from and these spices are of the highest quality, including the gram of saffron included as a free bonus. I am especially impressed with the ground rosemary. Ground rosemary doesn't handle storage well so that means this stuff was fresh."
Stephan Peters

It's a cook's dream about finding a site like this.
Greg from South Dakota

I love this site! I can order spices I can't find elsewhere.
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Awesome site for finding spices that supermarkets don't carry. Spices are always fresh, always arrive promptly. Kudos on the fine selection and great service.
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Denise from Rhode Island

I never knew there were so many spices to enhance the flavor of your food. You show a visual picture and give excellent recipes. You sort by taste, aroma and popularity. You have helped an old cook improve her meals-Thank You.
Pat from Oklahoma

I have purchased 2 times so far and have been very happy with each of the results. I send people to the site and they have been very happy as well.
Cameron from Florida

excellent place to shop for spices...from exotic to common you guys have it all and great prices too! thank you!
Sean from California

I love your spices,and the idea that I can order them and get them by mail. Keep up the good work.
Samuel from Michigan

I am pleased with your site, it seems a lot easier than most. I have placed my second order.
Meredith from Colorado

I really love this site. I think that this is my 5th or 6th time here. I give your name to complete strangers in the supermarket. I love that I can browse, buy, or just learn about new spices. You also have very good service and very decent prices. Now, that times are hard, folks are cooking from scratch more and doing family-team cooking. You are a very big help in these areas. Thanks!
Racella from California

I have been looking in my town (and surrounding areas) and have not been able to find select spices I need for new recipes. Viola...I found your web site; the spices I need and all at a great price from the convenience of my own home. Thank You!
Janet from Atlanta

I found MySpiceSage by accident through a Dogpile search engine search for spices for my 2008 Christmas cooking. I've been using your company ever since and -- unless I'm desperate -- buy all of my spices from you. I have recommended you to family and friends, and am happy to tell you that your products have not only been used here at home, but in London when I was staying at a rental apartment while on vacation in 2009! Your fragrant spices were used for my veggies & meats and were a great highlight when my friend used your Mexican seasonings for an enchilada dish she made one evening. I can't imagine going back to other spices now. Thanks for being there and for having some of the best around!
Etienne from Kentucky

Great variety… fast shipping… I am very happy with your products!
Caroline from New York

The prices are phenomenal for more bulk size orders. I ordered Himalayan pink salt and was thrilled with the price....and free vanilla beans added was a lovely surprise....something I have been meaning to get for a while ;-)
Nancy from Illinois

I have loved both of the orders I have received from you. Your selection and quality is great! The free samples are great for trying out new spices as well! I will never buy spices anywhere else. Price and Shipping are very reasonable as well!
Desha from Idaho

I love your site ithink its great and i like your spices.
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This is an amazing site. For years and years I have been looking for finding somewhere I could buy different herbs in one spot. It didn't matter if it was online or locally - but I could never find one, until now! You have made my life so much easier. I grew up with spices, my dad taught me what goes with what, and I've experimented ever since. I'm always exploring new flavours and new idea's. Thank you so much you've really opened a door for me.
Tanis W.B.

Love your site. I bought the Black Cumin recently and the quality has been excellent. The samples sent were wonderful. I am sending other people to this site so that is why I appeared, to copy the link info. Many thanks again for such an incredible site and your seasoning blends. That Asian seasoning blend is yummy and keep Black Cumin in stock please. Bless you always.
Linda from Missouri

The spices are excellent. The prices are a good value. Also, shipping is prompt.
Beverly from South Bend

I don't ever remember having so much fun cooking. People tend to avoid the spice racks at food stores because adding four or five bottles to your list isn't in the budget. Answer - buy here and seriously economize. Thanks
John from Rhode Island

I love all the different products that I have ordered. The price is great, and the delivery is excellent. I have recommended the site to several friends.
Linda Sipes

I love the spices, they are so fresh. The freebies are great and you can't beat the price. I haven't bought a single spice from the supermarket since I found out about My Spice Sage.
Darlene from New York

Checked to see if you had a couple of items AND YOU DID. Very satisfied with merchandise received from my first order and you will be hearing from me in the near future. Thanks for the good prices, polite employees and prompt service.
Curtis from Virginia

Fantastic reference and prices. My daughter has graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and she is impressed with the tips I've received from your site. All the meals I've prepared have been delicious and if you'll excuse me I'm off to restock my spice cabinet with an order from MYSPICESAGE !!!
Jovia from Arizona

I just received my first order. I was really impressed with the speed that I received it and the quality of the product. I will definitely make this my one stop shop for spices.
Jeffery from Wisconsin

I have been fortunate not to have to pay any shipping cost yet, that is so great, thank you very much,I would like again to tell you how much I enjoy you spices and things, I'll have some of it all before long, thanks again.
Tommy Blanscett

Love your products and your outstanding customer service.
Margaret from New Jersey

Thank you so much for providing a reasonable place to get all the spices anyone would ever, need.
Thomas from Texas

Good merchandise. Prompt service. Very happy with my purchase. The price was good too.
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I work at a local grocery store and your prices are drastically lower than ours. I can only wonder why everybody doesn't shop from your website!
Sam from Texas

I am very happy with your website, your products, and your speedy service.
Ulrike from New Mexico

Loved this site for over a year. I never purchase my spices in the grocery store anymore.
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This was the first time that I purchased spices from your website based on the recommendation from a friend. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. The site was easy to navigate and the prices were very reasonable. I'm also thrilled with the free samples and free shipping. Thanks for making my shopping experience easy and delightful! I will definitely purchase from your website in the future.
Season from New York

Very good products, I have ordered once and i'm going to keep ordering.
Reilly from Minnesota

Whoa. . . I do a lot of barbecuing and make my own sauces, beer, tinctures, and infused beverages. You have just become my favorite website.
Andrew from California

This is one of the best finds...we moved from NYC where we could easily purchase EVERYTHING. Now in Florida where the weather is usually great, but spice/herb selection is very limited. Thank you!
Casey from Delaware

Cleo from Idaho

My brother-in-law recommended your company. He has be buying spices & herbs from you for about 6 months & thinks you are wonderful. The prices are right & so is shipping. Thanks.
Jay from Texas

I have now ordered from your site several times and have been very pleased with the experience ( ie ease of ordering, speed in which I get my order and quality of product) ..Thank you very much.
Kelly Lara

I love all of your products I have tried and will continue to order as often as I can. Thanks.
Sandra from Indiana

No local store could have this selection. The one item I needed turned into 18, each with at least one new recipe idea. For a self-taught cooking student trying to experiment with new spices, this site is wonderful. The prices are better than Sam's Club, even for amounts small enough to fit in my kitchen. Thanks!
Ed from Maine

Great Site always have a wide range of Spices to pick from that you just can't find at normal stores, and decently priced too! Love to shop here.
Emily from Missouri

I can only give great comments about this site, as I have in the past. Also , you listen, I wanted spice containers, you got them. Love the site, love the promotions, love the variety, love the recipes, love the way the site is set up. All my visitors envy my spice collection.
Ms Jones from California

Every spice and seasoning that I have ordered I have loved!
Maria from Texas

William from Oklahoma

I really like the selection, the quality, and the value we find on your site. We are returning customers!
Amy from Iowa

Love this company and appreciate the free offers as a way to try out new spices & products. Thank you!
Belinda from Missouri

I love the spices, and seasonings, they are fresh and cheaper than purchasing them in the grocery stores.
Barbara from North Carolina

Quick service, very good quality spices and seasonings.
Halcyeon from South Carolina

I just love the selection, and the information that is available on all the products. It sure makes it easy when you're semi-homebound. The free shipping is a plus too! Thanks!!!
JL from Arkansas

I love the site more each time I visit it. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes with my new spices.
Malissa from Nebraska

Great products, quick shipping and really great site!
Lindsey from Arizona

I love your products as well as your prices. The spices are wonderful and fresh. i recently had the opportunity to work with customer service regarding a problem. The problem was handled professionally and quickly. I appreciated the respect and help i recieved.
Wilma from Indiana

I just received my first order from MySpiceSage. The spices are a great value, quality, and shipping was fast. I will definitely be back for more!
Lisa from New Jersey

I have loved everything I've received from My Spice Sage & really like the free spice trial. That way I can try something I've always wanted to try!
Clark from Utah

You are a great company with so many choices. Its wonderful.
Carol from California

What a great place to find EVERY spice and ingredient you can think of !!! Prices are great also !!! Anyone can afford to buy from you, love it !!!
Evan from Ohio

Love this site, 1) you had impossible to find ground rosemary & in a size I wanted,2) you let me know about proper containers,also at a reasonable price,3) free samples!!!, 4) nice shipping rates,5) FREE SAMPLES!!!!!!
Ellie from Illinois

I have ordered three times from this site and have been very satisfied with your service.
James from Texas

I am very pleased with everything that I have ordered from your company and your prices are good. I love the idea of getting a gift of some spice when I order. I plan to prepare a ham following your recipe, another gift from you. Many thanks.
E. from Tennessee

Your spices are really fresh, and you have lots of info about each spice. Very nice web site also.
Sam from Texas

Your ghost chili's are the real deal. Enjoy the vanilla beans too.
Frank from Maryland

Cool pricing, the grocery store is nearly 10 times more expensive! Thank you :)
Ryan from South Carolina

I like the fact i can purchase a small amount at a time and keep things fresh.
Carole from Michigan

Love Your Spices!!! I introduced a coworker to (2) paprika seasonings and he loved them. Said he would order more.
Gwendolyn from New York

Your products are always fresh and the little bonus of being able to try a new spice for free when I'm placing an order for my 'regular' things is terrific!
Laurel from Minnesota

i think the site is very good. the products are excellent. i will continue to purchase spices from here. with the free one oz of spice offer, i have tried and then purchased spices i never would have bought.
Ramona from New York

Love my spices from you, great stuff, great prices and small quantities to try new recipes, love y'all.
Laura from Michigan

You have great product at fair prices, and you stand behind your spices. I've been very pleased with your product.
Theodore from New York

Glad for website, have engaged on a low salt diet, you have made it easier for me to season my food to make it more enjoyable.
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This site has every spice one could want and I recommend the products very highly to everyone. Good prices and good products. Orders filled quick with no problems.
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I love love love this site! I enjoy experimenting with my cooking when I have the time but always had a hard time finding the spices I needed. Thanks for solving my problem!
Jeanne from New Jersey

Your spices are great and your customer service is even better. I love this website. I live in a small town in northeast Texas and I can't get some of the spices I need to experiment with my cooking. Thanks for being here.
Barbara from Texas

My first order arrived super fast. Extremely pleased!!!
Robert from Illinois

Great service. Spices and herbs are fresh and tasty. I will return again and again.
Sheila from Vermont


I found exactly what I was looking for here and the cost plus shipping was very reasonable.
Denis from South Carolina

I am very pleased with all the herbs and spices I have received. I love the simplicity and variety of products to order. Thank you so much for everything so far, keep up the good work!
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I bought vanilla beans from this site. I could not believe how fresh they were. AND the price was extremely reasonable. I have been recommending this site to others because even with the shipping charges, most of the spices are cheaper than the grocery store.
Karen Frank

This website is very easy to use. I placed my first order a few weeks ago and I was very happy with your customer service department. They were able to expedite shipping to get me my order before the Memorial Day Weekend at no extra charge. When I received the spices they were so fresh. The aroma of the spices were so fragrant, unlike the spices you buy in the store. I was very satisfied with My Spice Sage. I have recommended this sight to my son and friends. I would order again in a heart beat. C. Venegas Romeoville, IL
Christine Venegas

This is a wonderful source for all the spices that I can't find in my local stores as well as better prices on the ones I buy regularly
Kerri Woods

Thank you for offering such great spices with reasonable prices and great customer service!
Kerri Woods

I have been extremely pleased with the purchases I have made, very fresh high quality and speedy delivery and the prices are fabulous too.
Brianna Smith

Connie Clawson

I find most every spice I want here and the delivery time is very quick. I am very satisfied with this company. Cyndi
Cynthia Conaway

MySpiceSage is absolutely the best way to fill your cabinet with the very best!
Scott Miller

I'm happy to find a website that offers fresh herbs and spices and continues to add new additions
Joe From Florida

Love the site. A great resource for obscure, hard to find products ( and the FREE stuff is extra nice). Thanks!!!
Tara from Alaska

I love this site! Always has great deals and there is never anything I can't find. They have it all!!
Michael from New Jersey

love this site! My spices came quickly and I am very happy with the product. I will definetly get all my spices from here, I love the fact that you get a free spice with your order, it gives you a chance to experiment with new spices. Thank you.
Kathy Morgan

I liked that I was able to find any spice I could think of
Sheila from Delaware

Excellent /outstanding selection from which to choose. Found this site only recently. placed a rather long order. Wonderful results !!!!!!!
Brian from North Dakota

Thank you for being such a consistent supplier of consistently quality products. Keep it up!!!!
Ken Hale

Love the variety!!!! Also have been totally satisfied with those spices I have previously ordered. Great site!!
Barbara Taylor

I have been cooking on my own for a few years now but have always been afraid to have people over. I like the way I cook, but I know it is bland. With this site, I see many dinner parties in my future . . . . as host!
Barbara Taylor

I have placed several orders now and have always gotten great customer service, and of course, the most wonderful, fresh spices and herbs! I love it!
Cindy Summers

My mouth is watering just looking at your website.
Jackie Coleman

I love! I get ideas, recipes,reasonable prices,and fresh product. What could be better than that.
Jacqueline Osgood

WOW! I can't believe the quality of these spices. I am amazed by the prices and selection. Shipping is super fast and I order enought that shipping is free! This is my fourth order in just a few weeks. There will be many more..... Thanks so much!
Robert Johnson

This is an AWESOME place to find all the things I enjoy about cooking and baking! The prices look very good, as well.
Abbie Stolbat

Great selection and so far the quality of spices has matched the selection.
Jeff Conklin

Great site, love the recipe ideas. I have tried new spices thanks to the suggestions on this site and have created my own new recipes! My family is grateful!
Kathleen Steele

The spices I ordered arrived promptly and in excellent condition. The promotion of a gram saffron with a purchase was wonderful and turned me on to a spice I'd never tried before. I would definitely buy from here again!
Cindy from Texas

Very fast to ship my orders out unlike some others companies I have tried.
Arnold from Maryland

I have a small canning business and buying spices this way helps enormously. Thank you.
Earl from Nebraska

Offering me a 16 0z bag of Turmeric free if I placed an order made my experience extra special and a no-brainer! Well done!
Carrie from Ohio

Your prices are a bit cheaper then another site. I definitely will use this site again, and again.
Mark from Tennessee

I can find things here that I can't find anywhere else and your service is superb!
Kathrine from Wisconsin

Loving this site! Got two orders in so far, working on a third. The specials are awesome, as are the prices overall. Keep up the good work!!
Lydia from Connecticut

Nice selection of spices. Some are not readily available in my area and it's good to have a resource like this.
Edward from Maine

You guys seem to have the cheapest bulk that I can find, which is nice. You also have really low base prices to qualify for free shipping -- Thank you.
Clara from Arizona

I've been very pleased with my orders through your site, I expect to return for all my bulk spice needs in the future. The quality is excellent!
Karen from Arkansas

Your products are wonderful, prices fair and quick shipping.
Carl from Washington

I love your spices and your selection. I am a gourmet cook and I am very pleased with your choices and site content. If I am trying a new dish and am unsure of the spices to use, your site gives me very good suggestions.
Jamie from Minnesota

I have been researching a healthy way of eating to better the diet in my family. With your spices, there has been a positive turn around in our health. Hardly any of us get sick and its so FLAVORFUL the children love the taste. Thank you.
Sasha from Massachusetts

I was here to replace a spice I had used/purchased before. And was able to find a new one, I had only seen on television cooking shows. The web-site is easy to use, the selection is great, and $4 shipping is awesome! Thank you!
Murphy from Florida

Love your site! I can find everything I am looking for at amazing prices and high quality! Thanks
Lucy from Virginia

I received my package in great time and I've always had my questions answered via email in a timely manor.
Jane from Oklahoma

I was very satisfied with the products I ordered, great prices and not to mention the recipes.
Shannon from Colorado

Happy to find exactly what I was not able to find in any store in my area.
Kelsey from California

I have been cooking for years and I thought I was tired of cooking. After using these great spices, I realized I was tired of the way my food tasted. Thanx bunches. I'm so glad I found your spices.
Chris from Ohio

I just can't believe I can get these wonderful, fresh spices here in Alaska! I have been telling everyone I know about your site. I can't believe how fast I get them too with the crazy mail system here. I do know I will purchase all of my spices in the future here! Thank-you My Spice Sage!
Dottie from Alaska

My husband and I love to cook. Sometimes we will order a spice that is not available at the grocery store. Your prices are very reasonable. Thanks!
Susan from South Dakota

all the spices that i bought were great, fast shipping, and really good!
Helen from Michigan

Fast delivery and lots of product options! Thanks!
Sam from Rhode Island

Your emails, shipping, etc. are ALWAYS the best. I say that because of your courtesy & not 'shoving' anything on me...I am a retired guy, on limited income, yet try to find a way to shop with you. Your Spices are top-notch.
Duane from North Carolina

I love the convenience of finding the spices I need in one place. The price is good, I love the free shipping on orders over $40 and the free gifts and samples are great!
Grant from South Carolina

I have ordered spices several times from this site and everything I have received has been excellent. And the free with purchase items are great! I will continue to order from Spice Sage.
Bunny from Delaware

I heard the free saffron with purchase offer you had. I am an amateur chef and love to cook. I had always wanted to cook with saffron and that was the perfect reason to try it. I have ordered 3 times since then, and I have been very pleased with the product and service. Thank you, Nick Shine
Nick from Georgia

When I started shopping on your site, I was impressed at the prices. You always include a free product to try, this time I received two of them! Great advertisement to pass along to friends. Love the vanilla beans.
Marianne from Idaho

Love the site, love the great prices, and love the discounts. Having a tremendous amount of fun experimenting with some of your spice blends while making no knead bread. Gonna try some homemade naan this weekend with some garam masala. Can't wait!
Francis from Indiana

excellent website, excellent. great prices, great organization and even great recipes. The free gifts and samples are a nice touch too. I had ordered some spices from you guys for my mom awhile back, arrived fast and fresh. Keep it up!!!
Dana from Montana

Love the variety!!!! Also have been totally satisfied with those spices I have previously ordered. Great site!!
Brian from New York

I have enjoyed ordering from you as you have simplified the process. It's fun looking through all of the spices and I have learned from reading it over. The gifts that you give make the process fun too. It is not fun in the stores. Looking at all of the cans and bottles of spices is a royal pain trying to find something and the isles are crowded so watch your rear. If another shopper wants a spice at the same time it's not worth the struggle. My Spice Sage is relaxing to browse through and place the order. The spices arrive in only a few days and are so fresh and aromatic. What's not to love?
Elizabeth from Missouri

The products are priced affordable and received in a timely manner. This is my first choice when purchasing seasons. Also,the variety is awesome.
Warren from Mississippi

The products are priced affordable and received in a timely manner. This is my first choice when purchasing seasons. Also,the variety is awesome.
Warren from Mississippi

I have placed several orders now and have always gotten great customer service, and of course, the most wonderful, fresh spices and herbs! I love it!
Christine from Nevada

Fast Delivery of a great product(s). I have used them already and am pleased!
Jose from New Hampshire

You folks have a great selection! I really enjoy shopping here. By the way, I have a new spice rack made by my husband that holds 20 My Spice Sage shaker cups. It really looks nice on the wall next to my stove / cooking area. The labels look great too! I will come again.
Racella from California

I love you guys I don't buy any spices in a grocery store any more and I can afford to try new spices and try different recipes thanks a lot.
Mildred from New Jersey

I love you guys I don't buy any spices in a grocery store any more and I can afford to try new spices and try different recipes thanks a lot.
Mildred from New Jersey

Really glad to find your website. I found only one place in the entire City of Houston that carries Grains of Paradise. It is so much easier to order from you.
Sandra from Texas

I love! I get ideas, recipes, reasonable prices, and fresh product. What could be better than that?
Tim from Vermont

Excellent service; quick turn around and always accurate. Thank you!
Ron from Oregon

Great spices, always fresh, and very reasonable priced. Also a fantastic assortment of them from common to the exotic ones. My only place to buy spices.
Whitney from West Virginia

I have ordered before and am pleased with products. Especially liked the free sample. I got to try something new and I like it.
Perry from Wyoming

I used to order from another spice site, but I found you while looking for grains of paradise and just placed my second order this month. You have a great selection, good prices and reasonable shipping. And I have to admit the freebies are a great idea. You make me feel as if you care about my business, and therefore will keep getting it!
Art from Alabama

I am soooooooo glad I found you, I am working on a product to market and your site was a huge help in finding the right spices to add to the flavoring. I am also enjoying the free spices you sent with my order, your samples are great and I will use you again.
Jerry from Iowa

WOW! I can't believe the quality of these spices. I am amazed by the prices and selection. Shipping is super fast and I order enough that shipping is free! This is my fourth order in just a few weeks. There will be many more..... Thanks so much!
Geoff from Maryland

Loved the fast service and the sweet little freebie you included. I will definitely be ordering again.
Charlie from Kentucky

So easy to get great spices from around the world! You have really helped move my cooking to new levels!
Melanie from California

Great service and great selection. Very helpful. Made my first order last year and I will be making another order tomorrow. Great site! Thanks!
Kenneth from Washington

I like the website & the items available for purchase. I have received my first order & everything was great.
Maggie from Florida

You stock any and all spices and I was very happy with the bulk offer on Panko. This price beats any you can find on any other site and I thank you. Also thank you for free samples of other spices which I would not ordinarily try but enjoy and order them if happy with them.
Pauline from Nebraska

Great products, extremely prompt service. Prices are good, too.
Sheila from Connecticut

The most a costumer fears is shipping price and yours is very reasonable. I do not think that overpricing an item for the sake of earning a few extra dollars is a good politics. I am pleased with the price of the merchandise as well as the cost of shipping. When I have the need for more spices I will continue shopping at your place.
Eduardo from Missouri

Everything I have ordered has been of excellent quality
Dan from Pennsylvania

I have stopped driving from store to store looking for anything that may be considered even slightly out of the ordinary. Your products are superior, and your prices are usually less than the grocery store.
Linda from Colorado

I love this site! My daughter and I like to experiment with new ingredients and this is the spot we find them.
Ginny from Arkansas

Shipping is always quick and cost is low. I very seldom buy my spices from anyone else anymore.
Dorothy from Wisconsin

I do not remember how I found this site but am glad I did. It is so great to be able to try complimentary samples . The prices are extremely reasonable, shipping is fast and with such diversity in spices, I find it fun to try new international flavors and cuisines in my own kitchen.
Claudia from Virginia

Quality products, great prices, free items with order and these are not small "sample" size items. Service is fast with reasonable shipping charges. Would definitely recommend this site.
Clark from Illinois

The best quality merchandise I have found on the internet. A wide variety of merchandise, too!
Edna from Utah

I love the free spice deals, it has already expanded my spice collection.
Jason from Indiana

I really like the clean layout of the site, the product suggestions and I think the prices are very competitive. Shipping has worked well so far and I am very happy with the quality of the spices I've ordered in the past.
Georgia from Tennessee

Every product we have ordered/received has been excellent. Great job!
Candine from South Dakota

I love your site! I have tried some new spices because of you and I love them! Thanks a million!
Phil from South Carolina

Love your site and your products! I order at least twice a month and marvel at the new products added every time I order!
Quinn from Rhode Island

I love your blog that educates me on a different spice daily. When I place my order I always get my order in a timely matter. I love this company. Also, if I have a question about a spice someone always gets back to me.
Ralph from Minnesota

Information is great. The option of different size portions is very helpful. I was able to get spices that just aren't available in our city.
Hector from North Dakota

I was searching for a product that I was not familiar with and found it on this site along with quite a few other interesting items. I received my order in a timely matter and packaged well. I'm glad I found this site.
Cathy from North Carolina

Great! I come back because I find what I want every time.
Lawrence from Massachusetts

A lot of selections for a good price. It's nice to be able to select if you want a small, medium or large amount. That way I can sample a lot of choices! Excellent shipping prices!!
Andy from New Mexico

A lot of selections for a good price. It's nice to be able to select if you want a small, medium or large amount. That way I can sample a lot of choices! Excellent shipping prices!!
Andy from New Mexico

Your site is easy to use and fun to shop. Great quality of spices. I am always excited when I receive my shipment from you.
Della from Vermont

I love, love, love your spices. They are fresh and easy to use with your guidance.
Griffin from Maine

great website-easy to use-great selection-would not buy my spices anywhere else.
Melinda from Oklahoma

I am very pleased with all the herbs and spices I have received. I love the simplicity and variety of products to order. Thank you so much for everything so far, keep up the good work!
Dave from Kansas

I bought vanilla beans from this site. I could not believe how fresh they were. AND the price was extremely reasonable. I have been recommending this site to others because even with the shipping charges, most of the spices are cheaper than the grocery store.
Keenen from Idaho

This website is very easy to use. I placed my first order a few weeks ago and I was very happy with your customer service department. They were able to expedite shipping to get me my order before the Memorial Day Weekend at no extra charge. When I received the spices they were so fresh. The aroma of the spices were so fragrant, unlike the spices you buy in the store. I was very satisfied with My Spice Sage. I have recommended this sight to my son and friends. I would order again in a heart beat.
Callie from Illinois

I enjoy using your spices and sharing my abundance with my family. Thank you.
Kate from Georgia

I loved the products I have purchased through this site in the past.
Sandy from Delaware

I love the variety and the quality of the spices. I also like that you give something free with each order. Your shipping is reliable and fast. Thanks
Penny from Arizona

As a repeat customer, I am pleased with everything about My Spice Sage. The site is attractive and easy to navigate. The spices are EXCELLENT, as are the prices. Service is tops. There are enough emails to catch attention, but not to overwhelm. I don't remember how or when I found My Spice Sage but I am glad I did! Keep up the excellent work.
Victor from Oregon

I am amazed at the extensive selection you provide, and the ease with which one navigates through this site. I have bought from The Spice Sage before, and was so delighted with the blends you offer that I've come back for more!
Florence from West Virginia

I love this site! My spices came quickly and I am very happy with the product. I will definitely get all my spices from here, I love the fact that you get a free spice with your order, it gives you a chance to experiment with new spices. Thank you.
Morgan from New York

Awesome site. I have order a couple of times from this website and have been satisfied with my orders.
Louis from New Jersey

Very good prices and quality spices shipped quickly with a flat shipping charge.
Joanne from New Hampshire

I love this site. I love the spices that arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I love that there is a flat fee for shipping. I was given the opportunity to track my shipment and it arrived promptly. I was pleasantly surprised to get 3 items free, PLUS a promotional bag of cayenne pepper. I have already sent an email to all my sisters and friends recommending your site. It is exceedingly rare nowadays to order something online and not get dinged for extra unexpected charges. Thank you! A thousand times, thank you!
Linda from Nevada

This site and all the spices you offer are awesome. I love the fact that you let me choose what I would like to receive as my free sample. Also, I feel very confident ordering from the site since I know that if I'm not happy it can be returned and you even pay return shipping. Makes me more likely to try/buy things that I might otherwise hesitate in buying/trying. Also, love the fact that the order minimum isn't exorbitant to receive free shipping. The site is also laid out very well and is very easy to use and make changes on orders, etc. And I love the fact that you tell me how much more I need to make my free shipping dollar threshold.
Elliot from Montana

I would like to thank you for my recent order. I couldn't find ground habanero anywhere. Not only did I receive the habanero, you sent me some ground Cayenne pepper. I am impressed with your company. I will be ordering again!!
Rose from Mississippi

I love the spices that I ordered from you! they are fresh and tasty! I never used a vanilla bean before, I think I'm hooked now! thanks!
Len from Iowa

I love this site !!!!! I have ordered several times and I am always happy with my orders. Everything is fresh and prices are great. Thank you for being here for us.
Joseph from Alabama

I very much like My Spice Sage. I use all the spices I have purchased from your store.
Angela from Ohio

I have been extremely pleased with the purchases I have made, very fresh high quality and speedy delivery and the prices are fabulous too.
Roman from Washington

I like your assortment. Was please with my last order. Spice mixtures, like blackening seasoning, were tasty but relatively low salt.
Owen from Texas

I am so thankful for this site. I live out in the Alaskan Bush, actually on an island with no store, so this is VERY helpful.
Alice from Alaska

Great website--I received my first order --on time--as promised--I've passed your name to several other people thanks
Thomas from Wisconsin

If I need it and I can't find it locally you always save the day!!!! Thanks!
Anna from Virginia

I have ordered spices several times from your website and have found them to be very fresh. The free spices that are featured now and then have been used and then reordered at a later date. The recent dried veggies were really good and I reordered after sampling them. Thanks
Sid from Tennessee

MySpicesage has made me feel as if I have died and gone to heaven! The speedy delivery, the quality of the spices...okay, now I must go cook...this has made me so hungry I can't stand it!
Kyle from South Dakota

I just received my first order from MySpiceSage and I have to's so freakin' awesome that I had to describe it with a slang word such as freakin' and an '80's descriptor like awesome (totally!). I was led to this site by a link provided on my favorite site in the world Woot. There was a message that said you guys would include some applewood smoked sea salt with a purchase of ANY spice. Then, being a master chef (in my own delusional mind), I ended up spending...and I'm not lying here...about 4 hours going through the products. And guess what! I still didn't even scratch the surface! However, the surface of my wallet was suffering some serious abrasions! If you have any doubts about the quality of the product...put them to rest. Because the only thing more impressive about their massive inventory is the absolute divine taste of the spices/salts/seasonings/rubs. Trust me, you will in no way shape or form be disappointed with what you receive...if so, send it to me. The only dilemma I have faced is how do I cook something with everything I ordered! The only thing I didn't get (because I am a 911 operator who is currently on a wheelchair and hasn't worked in months) is the interlocking spice storage system and the mortar and pestle. Otherwise, I will tell anyone and everyone I know about this site and the superior product they deliver! Order...over and over and over and enjoy!
Lois from South Carolina

I have recently started watching the various food channels on cable; the spics they use are just not available in Detroit, MI, where I live. Therefore, I am so thankful for your website, as it makes everyday cooking for my family a pleasure and adventure instead of a chore. I intend to purchase more of your spices weekly until I have what I need to cook anything I want to cook. Once again, thank you.
Leslie from Michigan

I have appreciated the spices I have received. Great quality and price and the "freebie" that always comes with my order is a fun way to get to know a new spice or flavoring without any risk.
Zeke from Louisiana

My mom found this site for me after I had to purchase a bunch of those little jars of spices at the grocery store for a canning recipe. I ordered $45 dollars worth of spices from you just to return $35 dollars worth of spices to the grocery store! I was so excited that I saved so much money by ordering through your site!
Caroline from North Dakota

I can't help it...I LOVE this site. I have just begun classes at Le Cordon Bleu, and I can't wait to get to where I can explore some of these spices! In the meantime, you are a treasure trove of wonders, some I use now, many yet to be discovered!
Marilee from California

What I've ordered, I am pleased with and will continue to order on an as needed basis. Thanks for being there for us - with fresh products, pleasant and knowledgeable personnel, and right prices.
Ferdinand from North Carolina

I'm thrilled with your selection. I am always surprised by something I find, usually after scouring the internet or specialty markets and paying much more for it! I have been consistently pleased by the quality and enjoy the samples also. Thank you!
Phillis from Minnesota

Awesome site! great selection and prices, so much less than the grocery store. Price is not everything though, your spices and other products are always the best. Your descriptions of the products are accurate. I use more spices now thanks to your site!
Harvey from Michigan

i have only ordered once so far but i am happy. it is hard to find a place that has all the spices i need.
Lloyd from Pennsylvania

I have only placed one order to date but I was totally happy with all items. Since I am no longer able to get out and about on my own any more, I totally appreciate the spices and seasonings your company offers, reasonable prices and high quality service. Thank you
Louise from California

This site is fantastic and the products are phenomenal and fresh. I've ordered from my spice sage at least 10 times now and I'm hooked. Everything I have bought is excellent. Shipping is fast and the prices for the spices are so reasonable and shipping is also very reasonable. I love the flat rate. I am a totally satisfied customer and I tell all my foodie friends about this site. I just told another foodie friend about it yesterday. I'm an addict. Love it.
Leah from Colorado

This site is fantastic and the products are phenomenal and fresh. I've ordered from my spice sage at least 10 times now and I'm hooked. Everything I have bought is excellent. Shipping is fast and the prices for the spices are so reasonable and shipping is also very reasonable. I love the flat rate. I am a totally satisfied customer and I tell all my foodie friends about this site. I just told another foodie friend about it yesterday. I'm an addict. Love it.
Leah from Colorado

The spices I receive are always top quality. I especially like your specials when you send free spices. It gives me the opportunity to try new things as well as share with my friends. I then encourage them to check you out on line.
Sidney from Rhode Island

I absolutely LOVE this website!!! I can't say enough to my friends! All the spices I have ordered are top notch. Enjoy!!!
Penny Bartel

Absolutely love your website and all the choices you offer. I will not buy my vanilla beans from a supermarket ever again, plus the shipping is super fast! Great job, I am telling all my friends who love cooking about you. Thank you.
Dianne from Massachusetts

Found this site by accident a year ago. Can not believe the savings versus a grocery store. Only place I will buy spices from now on. Thanks for your money saving site.
Jorge from Virginia

I made my first order from you recently and was quite happy with the freshness and full bodied aroma of the spices I ordered. You carry everything in any quantity that I could ever need.
Joyce from Indiana

Site is easy to use, the product selection is terrific and our last order arrived quickly and in great shape.
David from New York

This site is very useful as to the purchasing spices and the recipes are a hit. I also appreciate the free samples due to the fact that I can try the spices before I purchase them and know whether or not I like them. Thank you.
Molly from Louisiana

I have placed orders several times, and always happy with the herbs I received.
Laurie from North Dakota

I have been so happy with every product that I have ordered from My Spice Sage. Excellent quality and value!
Leigh from South Carolina

Great site with a lot of variety - Great prices - Fabulous spices - So fresh that I don't think I can go back to off the shelf spices at the local grocery store - Definitely notice the difference in the food - Fast shipment - Thank you !
Anne from Tennessee

I LOVE THIS SITE !!!!!! I have been shopping here for awhile and I am always suprised and happy with my selections. The site itself is so user friendly and the selections are always sent fresh. Trust me, when you shop here once? YOU WILL BE BACK AGAIN !!! Bravo, to my favorite site.
Jillian from South Dakota

Great product, wonderful service and speedy deliver, couldn't have created a better market. Keep up the good work.
Vivian from Utah

Was absolutely pleased with your service and your products. I'm an avid cook and find your spices to be top of the line. I can finally get rid of old spices and order new ones because your prices are the best. Thanks
Arlene from Arizona

very pleased with product. it was shipped to me much faster than i would have imagined.
Fredrik from Illinois

Received my order and was very pleased with my spices. Fast shipping. Will differently buy from your company again. Will tell my friends about your site. Thank you.
John from Ohio

Love everything I have purchased. Easy friendly site for ordering. I have sent dozens of my B & B guests to your site. Lewis River B & B Barb
Barb from Washington

I, (like some of the others I read below) had my doubts that the spices I received would be good; I was very wrong. The spices I got are 100% better than any that I could get at my local grocery stores! I bought 2 spices that locally cost around $8.99 in 2oz bottles (name brand) and I saved $15.50 buying it from this web site. I will be a repeat customer and I will not buy spice from the grocery stores any more. Time to fill those empty spice bottles/jars up in the cabinet.
Darrel Poppino

I stumbled onto My Spice Sage site while trying to find Chinese Five Spice for a recipe, and boy am I glad. I have ordered from My Spice Sage several times since then and the spices have been excellent. The free spices have given me a chance to try various spices that I want to try but was not sure of the taste. I also think the prices are great. My Spice Sage will be my only source for spices from now on. Thank you Pam Franklin from California

I LOVE your site. I've ordered three times and am getting ready to order again. My last order should arrive tomorrow and I can hardly wait! My youngest son is a chef and I have been able to get spices for him to experiment with. Couldn't be happier.
Pam from Georgia

I love the fact that "exotic" spices can be found here and that one doesn't need to order a large amount. I enjoy dabbling in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking and have been able to find every "exotic" spice at My Spice Sage. Thanks!!!
Bryton from Rhode Island

I have ordered a few times and am happy with the service and the products are good and the free stuff is not bad at all.
Ray from Wyoming

I have loved my previous order! I esp. like the free chocolate powder promotion and will be ordering the chocolate again soon. I tell all my foodie friends to shop here :)
Kathy from Wisconsin

This is my third order and I have only good things to say about the spices. I use your spices in all my cooking, and I love the free spices because it has allowed me to try spices I have never used. I plan to buy all my spices from My Spice Sage.
Pam from Kansas

I have only ordered once, have not tried all the spices yet. I got the order right away, that was a nice surprise. I have enjoyed what I have tried. I'm sure I will order more.
Deanna from Texas

Everything I have gotten from here is wonderful! Thank you so much for bringing affordable new spices to our meals :)
Deb from California

This is the second time I have ordered from My Spice Sage, and have been more than delighted with the product as well as the ease of ordering. Also, really appreciate the very acceptable prices. Thank you.
Benny from Minnesota

These are some of the best spices I've ever had. We love the apple smoke sea salt and the saffron is fabulous for our Mexican dishes. We will always be loyal customers for life!! Thanks again!!
Joel from Pennsylvania

I've ordered before and am thrilled by the freshness and the speed of the shipping! Great find for any cook!
Tony from Delaware

I have passed on you site to several folks that have tried seasonings I have ordered and gave them a small sample. I am asked "where did you get this?" The most asked about is the applewood smoked sea salt, it is the ultimate. The free sample of you products keeps me coming back for more & different products to try. Keep doing what you're doing. And Thanks
Joan from Idaho

really enjoy this site.. usually end up ordering more than I set out to because there is so much to choose from. Can't wait to try my turkey brine. Prices are also reasonable. I had a really hard time finding mustard seed this year until I remembered this site.
Landon from Kentucky

I'm new to MySpiceSage, but I already love it. My first order arrived quickly and I love the extra free gifts that are included! Most importantly, the quality of product is excellent, and the price is very competitive.
Steve from Mississippi

This is one of the BEST websites to buy spices! The choices are awesome, shipping is fast and affordable, and the spices are fresh and delicious!
Brandon from Nevada

I love this site! I have always loved experimental cooking and the spices you add can make or break a dish. Buying spices at the grocery store was way expensive though. So I searched online and found My Spice Sage. Not only do you pay less and get more they include free samples with every order helping me to expand my cooking horizons. Plus they carry so many spices I could never find at the store.
Denise from New Hampshire

I liked the prompt shipment, it was nice not having to wait a long time to get my order. This was my first order and I will order again.
Casey from New Jersey

I am extremely pleased with My Spice Sage. Looking through the internet for a source for a specific product led me to this site. I have ordered several times now and it couldn't be easier. The web site is easy to navigate and the ordering process is streamlined and very efficient. I will continue to come to My Spice whenever I am looking for a product I think they may have. thanks!
Bee from New Mexico

The site itself is easy to use. The product is fresh and well-priced, with a variety of sizes to choose from. The staff is first-rate: responsive, well-informed and friendly to deal with. NO complaints whatsoever...I am a lifetime customer!
Diana from Oklahoma

I use this site for all of my spices and blends. Very happy with your company and have returned often. Used the soup mix and ordered more.
Sydney from Oregon

I was so pleased to receive my order. These are some of the freshest spices I've ever found. I don't have to use as much to receive the desired flavors either.
Henry from Vermont

Just received my first shipment from My Spice Sage - loved it! The 4 oz bags of herbs are huge! I have already place my second order and really look forward to seeing all the new spices and herbs! Thanks!
Kenny from West Virginia

Spices were very fresh, received the shipment very quickly.
Martha from Arkansas

Everything I have gotten from you thus far has been fantastic. Delivery is quick; packaging is great; and everything is first-class. It is a pleasure ordering from you.
Sally from Connecticut

I love this site. For several years I have been looking for a good source of spices from the internet and have been disappointed before. MySpiceSage is not just a good site, but has excellent customer service. Two thumbs-up.
Freida from Florida

It is amazing to live in a small rural town, but have access to the world's flavors via Spice Sage. I can choose the items I want,order them online and have them in my kitchen in a few days. Spice Sage has improved my cooking ten fold by giving me easy access to old favorite and new seasonings. Thank-you for proving such a wonderful line of seasoning and spices, not readily available to the average person living in rural America as well as the big city.
Evie from Missouri

i live in Alaska and getting shipping rates to Alaska from websites is always very frustrating! most sites say "free usa shipping" then when i get to the checkout (after i have spent a long time placing my order - figuring out prices, etc) they say "sorry, it won't be free". i want to say thanks that your website does not do that!! i am so happy to have found a site where i can order spices that honestly & correctly states the company's shipping rates!! thank you, thank you.
Amelia from Alaska

I am always excited to get my shipment of spices in. They are very high quality and an affordable price. The website is very easy to use. Thank you for providing such great products!
Stella from Maryland

I love the fact that you can buy a small quantity of a spice so it can be tested at home. The spices on the grocery shelf force you to but a large quantity of something you only need an ounce of. I love your site and I have been a customer for several years. Keep up the good work. I love you guys/gals!!!
Jean from Nebraska

I was impressed not only with the quality of my order but at the speed in which I received it. Thank you!
Brianna from Michigan

The spices are delicious and the prices are unbeatable. It is a relief to finally have a site that is dedicated to giving 100% satisfaction. There is a huge spice world beyond salt and pepper and thank you for delivering it to us!!!
kristine thomas

You're just incredible. My favorite place to shop now. I am soooo happy I found you!!
Amelia Taylor

I agree with everyone else; great site, hope they stay online forever. I so enjoy learning as well as buying all the great exotic spices, and the free samples are really a perk that keeps me coming back again and again. Easy to get hooked on My Spice Sage!
Leslie J. Loyd

I love you guys! I always cook healthy food but I still want it to taste great so spices are a HUGE component of that when you're cutting out the flavor that usually comes from whole milk and butter, etc. but your site is amazing. Great prices, and great quality of spices. You guys have earned my loyalty, keep it up :)
JJ Paoletti

Great prices on hard to find spices. super fast shipping & free promotions make you my go to spice store.
Bob from Minnesota

I placed an order Oct. 3rd and received it today, Oct. 6th! Cheap, fast shipping & contents packed well for shipping! Have recommended this site to my local health food store!
Sean from Maine

I was so delighted with my first purchase - both quality, price and speed of delivery - that I decided to order again. Thank you!
Sue from North Carolina

Love this site. I can find anything and everything I've ever wanted but couldn't find. And, how wonderful that you send lovely free samples of product with every order. That doesn't happen very often these days and is certainly a positive. Keep up the good work and I'll be back. Thank you for being here.
J. Scott from Indiana

I like the herbs I have received from you and I enjoy getting extra flavors without paying extra. What I've received has been delicious.
Carlos from Virginia

Well, only made one order so far and I have to say...Fantastic!!! The quality of the product and customer service was numero 1. Thanks again!
Greg from Rhode Island

I am in love with your products and prices! I love cooking homemade, organic and using the purest and freshest ingredients possible. Your site makes this possible more frequently for me. I do not have an international farmer's market in my immediate local area. I, for example, have been looking for whole ginger root for quite a while and while a few places around sell it, theirs is not as affordable. Thank you for such an excellent option for us foodies! I am spreading the word.
Lynne from Colorado

I like the presentation, and description of all your products. If not sure of a spelling just have to put a few letters and the spices pop up. You have a large selection of spices etc. and I have not been disappointed. The quality of the products i have tried are excellent. Have ordered from your company, would recommend you to others and will definitely order again.
Eliza from California

8 free vanilla beans & a sample! How amazing is that! I have searched high and low in our town for honey powder, you have it, it's reasonably priced and you gave me goodies on top of very cheap shipping - thanks very much!
Lorri from Pennsylvania

Good job. I placed an order last week and supplies were shipped in good time and with good packaging. I'll be a repeat customer.
Merle from Minnesota

ordered the other day, very satisfied with delivery and product, will def order again
Donald from Louisiana

I have enjoyed your herbs and spices very much. Especially like the free gifts and shipping. Nice!
Anne from Illinois

The more I shop here, the more I love this site. The free samples keep me coming back, I love a good deal. I love their choices, insane variety. Best site on the web
William from North Dakota

I was very pleased with the prompt service and delivery of the products purchased!
Wilma from South Carolina

I really like Unsalted Soy Nuts (16oz.) $6.75 I purchased from you. They are roasted and sooo crunchy. Delicious!!!
Rose Wheat

I wanted to let everyone know that the quality and speed of delivery from My Spice Sage is the best of any online site I have ever used. I can not find anything to compare here in NC. I highly recommend using My Spice Sage and have shared the site with all my friends. Thank You My Spice Sage, Jean
Jean Tucker

I love your spices. The prices are so far below supermarket and the spices are so much better. I've introduced my family to so many more flavors of new spices. Some are unheard of in our part of the country. I've even gotten to introduce my son who is a Chef to new and different ideas and that's really fun!
Parker from Pennsylvania

I was so happy to find your site! What a relief and blessing! I have been trying to locate a bulk amount of mustard seed for over two months! Your prices are very reasonable and the shipping (a deal maker or breaker for me) was fabulous! I love "Free Shipping"! Thank you so much
Rhonda from Idaho

I am very satisfied with the spices I've purchased as well as the recipes. I also get a free sample which gives me the option to try something new. Excellent!
Sarah from Rhode Island

Descriptions of spices is very helpful, customer service is good and delivery is quick, spices are fresh and fragrant. I definitely will return for my spice needs.
Bill from Nebraska

This is hands down THE BEST spice site I have encountered!!!!! The spices are wonderful. The shipping is fast. The site itself is easy to navigate and check out is a breeze. Thank you all for your hard work
Denise from Florida

Your spices rock! I have placed three orders and each order arrived quickly and complete. The packaging the spices arrive in is awesome and the prices are excellent. I am never going to buy spices at the grocery store again. The quality of your products and your customer service is exceptional. I plan on ordering again and again.
Morgan from Arkansas

I just LOVE the spices I get from you guys and the customer service is top notch!! Thanks for providing such a wonderful service! Happy Holidays!
Drake from Oklahoma

service is GREAT!!!!!!! Spices are fresh & of top Quality!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
Patricia from New Mexico

I love the spices that I ordered from you. I use them almost daily. They are fresh and smell wonderful. Thank you for this site. Keep up the good work.
Ruth from Georgia

I received and sampled my spices today... the quality is unparalleled! Such large quantities of spices for far less than supermarket cost, and much fresher too. If I buy vanilla beans in the store, I get a jar with one to two beans in it, ranging from 9 to 12 dollars. The supermarket beans are thin and only 6 inches. My Spice Sage gave me 7 deliciously aromatic fat 9 inch vanilla beans (oops, package said supposed to be 8 in there, I assume 7 is 1 oz, the sample size) for FREE just for ordering! They also included a whole POUND of turkey brine seasoning for FREE. Because I ordered more than $45 my shipping was also FREE! You just can't get that anywhere else. Shipping took 2 weeks cross-country because of a holiday, but at no cost you can't beat that. I will never buy spices from the grocery store again. My Spice Sage is the BEST place for spices!
Rachel Bush

Your web site is fun and interesting. I learn new things about new spices each time I visit. Ordering is easy; freebies are sooo cool; special samples are neat; this is the only way to buy spices.
Eleanor from Delaware

Found this web site looking for one spice for my BBQ sause, Tamarind Paste. $300 dollars later I am still having fun! What a great web site easy to navagate and great explanations, uses and Substitues. Having several questions about a particual spice or quantity to order, I have been very pleased with the exceptional customer service reps.
woody woodward

Great site, great selection, great prices, and amazing customer service. My first order has made me a regular customer.

This is the second time I have used your site - the first time was when I was looking for cardamom for my hot chai tea recipe. It's so nice to be able to find my second "never before used" spice at the same location.
Peter from Rhode Island

I am very happy with my first order and have just ordered for a second time. This sure beats pounding the pavement looking for specialty spices!
Judy from Massachusetts

I have several food allergies & cannot eat spices from stores. However I have NO problems with your spices. I LOVE this site & have recommended it to others.
Edna from Arizona

Great place to order herbs and spices for reasonable prices. I live in a rural area and some herbs and spices are not available locally. Now I can make my Christmas specialties.
Eric from New York

I love your site. I never knew there were so many different kinds of the same spice. Your prices are great and the spices are the freshest that I have found. I enjoy cooking and trying out new spices. I think it is great that you send a sample with each order. Keep up the great work, it is truly appreciated.
Erik from Washington

I have been very satisfied with every product I have ordered from My Spice Sage. Prices are very reasonable, spices have always been full of flavor, I like the variety.
Everette from Utah

So far I have only ordered once, don't need much of anything else right now, but I was delighted with my potato starch & the FREE cardamon & vanilla beans. Your spices are far superior to store brands. Love your site, the recipes etc. I have told my cooking friends & other chefs about this site. Worth the money, which isn't bad either especially with the freebies. In fact I want some of that cinnamon korintje ! This site is also very educational! Glad I found you when I went looking for potato starch!
Julie from Tennessee

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful things you stock. My husband is on an alternative diet for diabetes. The ingredients I need to prepare his meals are so easy to find here and the shipping has been so quick. You are a life saver.
Francis from Ohio

I ordered from MySpaiceSage because I couldn't find a particular spice locally at the grocery store, but now, I'm a huge fan!!! All of my spices were packaged so nice and neatly. I was really impressed, plus, who doesn't like getting something for free? Keep up the good work. I've already referred 2 people to your site and plan to keep coming back myself!
Kristi from Iowa

As always, I am so very pleased with my shopping here. And we Alaskans LOVE your shipping policies!!! Big Bear Hugs!!
Ann from Alaska

I am impressed that you not only offer products which are difficult to find elsewhere, but you also offer helpful discussion on how the product might be used as well as suggesting additional related spices/herbs. Spices that I have only read about but never actually seen are photographed here. It's like reading "Ali Babba and the 40 Thieves" as a cookbook ! Prices are reasonable, shipping is fast, and the purchase is always as described. Many thanks for making shopping for even the most exotic spices/herbs fun!
Sandra from Alabama

I love the free spice with offer and the free sample spice-gives me a chance to try new spices..also my orders come quickly and well packed.
Holly from New Jersey

This site is great. My experience has been very good and the spices are fantastic. Great prices. I love the resealable bags. One of my favorite features is the 1 oz. sample with each order. That was one of the big selling points that made me choose over other sites to start with. No one wants to order a whole bag of something, only to find they don't like it.
Lou from Vermont

I ordered 5 items and they arrived two days later. The products were all fresh, but most of all, I am happy with the price. Much cheaper than what I usually pay in local stores. Thank you.
Maximo Hernandez

What a fantastic site!! I was able to get a totally unique Christmas gift for my husband who loves to cook, an A - Z set of fun spices to try, they are perfect since I could get just 1 oz of each to see if he likes them. I am sure we will be back in the future since its so easy to see cooking ideas for every spice, fun facts and even health benefits, you guys have thought of everything!!
Michele from Oregon

Great site. The demerara sugar and two kinds of cinnamon (Saigon and Cassia) are wonderful! They make my homemade cinnamon rolls earn the world's best rating from my husband and son. Now I'm looking for other wonderful spices. Thanks for being the greatest spice company on the Web.
Tina from New Hampshire

I'm certain I can shop in complete confidence for my spice and herbal needs here. The spices are great and shipping is fast.
Rick from Nevada

I've ordered spices a few times from My Spice Sage and I've always found the merchandise fresh and at bargain prices. I would recommend it to all my friends and family.
Jan from Iowa

I am astonished at how wonderful your prices are! Your site is so easy to navigate, I can find everything I need, your shipping is affordable, and your attention to quality and detail is surpassed by none I have ever experienced! Thank you,, you are everything I've ever wanted in a spice vendor! I can't even begin to express my sincere gratitude at how excellent your service and prices are. Your existence is a godsend! You truly care about the people! Thank you!!! =*D
Ryan from West Virginia

I am in LOVE with this service! I was hesitant at first to order herbs online, but even after a little confusion placing my order they were quick to respond and in less than a week from discovering the site, over 2 and a third lbs/pounds of the most aromatic herbs arrived at my front door. I could smell them through their very well-sealed bags, without even opening the box! I chew-tested fragments of each allowable herb (minus the salty/peppery blends) and each was far more fresh and zesty than any dry herb available within 100 miles, and far superior to my local supermarket. And two freebies, both of which I'll enjoy. In short, I am impressed, and will be back soon!
Lorna Eastwood

I Love This Site and Enjoy ALL of the Products I have received... Thank you very much
Shirley from Missouri

I haven't found a spice I wasn't satisfied with yet. I am thoroughly satisfied with your spices, availability, speedy delivery and prices.
Frank from Wisconsin

I've ordered quite a few times from My Spice Sage, I've recommended this site to all of my friends. I'm very very happy with the quality of the products and the functionality of the web site. love the free product with purchase also!
Kelly from Texas

love you guys. Inexpensive shipping, free items with order, average or below average prices on products. Wow what's not to like !!! Keep up the good work.
Brian from Kansas

I have loved this site ever since I found it. for Christmas I was able to turn many friends onto it for gifts for their fathers. my collection is the envy of all who see it. thanks, many blessings for the new year.
Lisa from Montana

I received my first order and was delighted. Can't wait to order more products.
Deborah from Kentucky

I was very happy with my order. my order came fast. i was happy with the size of the spices. I will return and also am sending friends to the site...... THANK YOU
Kendra from Maine

I never get anything from you that has not been TOP quality. I try new things and am always pleased. My latest passion is your Balta spice in a pot of rice..mmmmmm.
Sandy from Oklahoma

I never get anything from you that has not been TOP quality. I try new things and am always pleased. My latest passion is your Balti spice in a pot of rice..mummmm.
Sandy from Oklahoma

I never knew dry spices could taste so good. I especially like your free samples -- I have found several items I never would have tried by your sending them as samples that are now a part of my spice rack. Thanks!
Tom from New Mexico

I am a newer customer and have been really excited about this site, I have been reading the health information on different spices, and as I am a vegetarian I have found I love the convenience of ordering from you--thank you-- the few products I am now using are wonderful, I will be building my spice variety as time goes by.
Loretta from Nebraska

I was able to find organic whole milk powder, with many sizes available, at a good price. (Not an easy product to locate) and when I came to the website, it had it listed as USA as product origin - I always consider the country of origin when choosing my organic products. I was able to go ahead and purchase my product with minimal effort because of the thoughtfulness of the information given. Thank You - I have added your website to my favorites and hope to shop with you again. I always remember good customer service - and that includes Free Shipping !
Guy from Maryland

I would like to thank you for your multiple free offers, it keeps me coming back for more. Even though money is tight right now, I feel as though I'm not only getting the freshest spices available, I'm also getting a great deal. Thanks again.
Melanie from Idaho

Love this site. I have ordered before from you before and the delivery was prompt and the spices were delicious. I also like that this site gives me an opportunity to try spices I have never had before. The descriptions are good, so a person gets to know of the spice before ordering.
Herald from Georgia

I have only ordered on two or three occasions, but find the response to be quick and the product of high quality. Also, the individual customer service is excellent: I ordered some spice just before Thanksgiving and was expecting a free bag of brining spices as well. When the brine mix didn't show up in the shipment I contacted the company and they had it in my hands in time to brine and roast the best turkey I've done yet!
Ferderick from Florida

I am a repeat customer. I love the great selection and good prices. I especially love getting free shipping on over $40 orders!! I like the descriptions of your products. I like shopping here!
Maura from Connecticut

Your site is excellent. Easy to find items, great info on each product, PICTURES, recipes. Your flat shipping rate says "We're not out to gauge (or try to deceive) our customers about what they'll actually have to pay." And your 4 oz. free sample that we can select with each order as well as the free 4 oz. promotions you have are absolutely brilliant for you and for us - you get more orders because we try things, we get to try before purchasing. I LOVE free enterprise when it works like your business does - fair and beneficial to both the business and the customer. You have superior products offered with superior policies, you have respect for your customers and it shows. I will continue to purchase all my spices from you and spread the word to all my "chef" friends.
Sam from Arkansas

This site is easy to use. I love the idea of getting information about the spices and the recipes. The prices are affordable permitting us to use them in our meals. I also love the samples, it permits us to try and use other spices that we generally never used. The shipment is also fast. Thank you!
Minerva from Delaware

I love this site. I have told several people about it and I know they also feel the same way. I comparison shopped and won't buy my spices or seasonings anywhere else. Great product. Jan from California.
Jan Herrera

Very impressed by my first order. Shipping was fast, spices very fresh, and communication excellent. Will be back...
Yvonne Parlour

This website is FANTASTIC! It is so easy to use and locate any spice you could ever wish for and/or try. The shipping charges are reasonable too. Even free samples....what more could you want? I will refer this site to everyone and visit it often! I am very glad that I tried this site when I saw the advertisement while on the Food Network website.
Christine Spindel

I really appreciate the spices and herbs from MySpiceSage, and have recommended the site to my foodie friends. Easy ordering and reasonable prices, as well as good quality spices. Thank you.
Megan from Wyoming

I love the recipe ideas. Up until 3 months ago, I had NEVER heard of grains of paradise. We recently used it in burgers, it gave them a texture inside the burger. We are cooking differently because of you. The lemon pepper seasoning without salt is absolutely marvelous. We're constantly working on recipes. Thanks!
Earl from Michigan

I tell anyone I can about My Spice Sage! Love the products, prices, free offers are amazing & very reasonable shipping. I buy almost all my spices here now.
Bernie from North Carolina

I love this site. Your spice selection is never ending and I love the fact that you get free spices with each order. Keeps me coming back. Great site!!!!
Chris from South Carolina

Thanks for the sample of Spanish Saffron. Great turn around and delivery time on my order. I'll be back for more.
Bill from California

I have ordered from your site often over the last 2 years and have referred many friends & family. All of those that I referred are SUPER happy with your company and products....We are SO happy you are out there to provide us with such amazing spices!
Cameron from North Dakota

This site is incredible! Love the prices and selection. Everything that I have gotten in the past has been superb!! I tell all of my friends about it. I live in a rural area and I have to drive a long distance to even get somewhere that might have just a few of these spices. Very, very convenient!!
Phil from Louisiana

I turned in an order about 2 months ago. It arrived in excellent condition and sooner than I had expected! I am so satisfied with this company that I am getting ready to turn in another order, and have also told many friends about the site.
Scott from Oklahoma

I have been shopping with your company for about 3 years now and I have nothing but good things to say about it. When there has been a problem, which has seldom happened, you have more than helped me
Ellen from Illinois

Hello, I received my order last night. Thank you for the free Madagascar Vanilla Beans. What a nice freebie! I thought I would get "one" free one not eight! Yay, these are pricey...and you gave them to me at no cost. In the past, I have blanched my almonds in water then hand peeled them in order to make marzipan from Mexico. I have 2 kids at home now and no longer have this sort of time. I hope that my marzipan turns out just as good with the ground almonds I purchased from you. My dill weed spice mix smells AMAZING! can't wait to try it on fish ..I bet its going to be better than the other stuff I ran out of from a different company. It smells great so that's usually a good indication. Thanks a lot.
Arthur from Massachusetts

I was very pleased with my order. It shipped very quickly and the spices smelled great! Thank you so much.
Paul from Arizona

You have great prices and your seasoning is always fresh and top quality.
Stephen from Virginia

I was impressed by the freshness of the spices I received. The value was great compared to what I pay at the specialty stores,
Roz from Vermont

I especially like the spice profile and other information provided for each item. And the Fun Facts are interesting. Everything I have ordered from My Spice Sage has been high quality and a good value for the cost.
Nancy from New York

I had placed one order to date, and am searching around for more spices in this second order. I'm VERY pleased and am certain that I will continue to order from this company. It has a wondrous variety of spices, and I've found more than I began looking for. THANK YOU!
Courtney from New Jersey

I've ordered flax seed here at a great price and got neat free samples too. You have lots of interesting products--I just learned what "teff" was--arranged together in imaginative and useful groupings. This will be a fun site to further explore with gifts in mind. But flax seed purchases alone will guarantee I'll be a steady customer.
Dee from Alabama

I had an issue with my last order just before thanksgiving and instead of simply sending me the replacement bag of turkey brine which was omitted from my order; your company decided to comp my entire order, which was about $40. That was not my first order with my spice sage and I was shocked by such an accommodation. I have never seen a courtesy discount so generous or easily given considering the circumstances and it was sincerely appreciated. I think your site is very simple to use, my spice sage spices are the best quality I've found and your staff are highly accommodating. You really have a good thing going, so keep it up. I just placed another order a few moments ago, I'll continue to use your company exclusively and recommend your site often to my fellow cooks. Thanks again, P.S. Couldn't pass up the smoked Spanish paprika promo this month; it's one awesome spice and I certainly needed more.
Cliff from Oregon

As always I am impressed with the quality of your products and I keep referring your site to my friends. They don't know what they are missing.
Harry from New Hampshire

Very happy with items I've received. Website easy to navigate. Great variety and great prices.
Terry from Mississippi

Love your herbs, they are far better than the spices i have purchased from the grocer. And the free goodie you give away with any purchase is an added plus!!!
Kat from Missouri

My Spice Sage is AWESOME, the people are friendly and it was the first time a vendor remembered me by NAME when I called - very impressive. Plus, the products are great quality, and so flavorful. My company ordered the All Purpose Seasoning and I literally have used it on EVERYTHING - from eggs in the AM to lasagne at night! It is delicious... thank you!!
Taylor from Washington

I've tried a few of your spices and am very pleased to say WOW, they really are the best and I recommend them to all of my friends. thank you
Lisa from Utah

I have purchased several items from this site. They arrived as scheduled and were of very good quality. I would recommend this site for the greatest variety and greatest quality spices
Nathan from Tennessee

I've ordered from My Spice Sage several times and I'm very satisfied with the large selection and freshness of the products. The service and delivery are top notch too.
Shelly from South Dakota

I love this place. The product is great and very fresh. Far less than the market and the taste is far better, none can compare to this site. i will not shop else where but here for my spices. Thank You!
Brett from Ohio

I have purchased several items now from My Spice Sage, almond flour, pecan meal, spices. All are excellent quality and as an added bonus, free spice/jam with my order. Great way to try new spices with no regrets. Thank you Spice Sage for the excellent quality and service!
Shevani from California

Fantastic selection, pricing, quality, and supply! The promotional offers seem too good to be true. It's great to get such quality spices, especially since I'm in a small town where things like fenugreek aren't available to me. Hooked after my first purchase!
Brianne from Wisconsin

I just received my order today and I am really impressed with the spices .. they smell so so good and you get a really nice amount and the prices are great . going to make Fajitas tonight with my spices .. cant wait .. will always order my spices from here more store bought spices ..

I am so happy I found this site. The spices are wonderful, and so much cheaper than buying them in a retail store. Shipping was super fast. Thank you for the wonderful variety.

Thanks for your fast shipping of very fresh, high quality products. I like to experiment and you've encouraged me to push the envelope a bit more.
Pete from Massachusetts

I just started doing business with you and i really love the way you send a free product and free shipping. Those kinds of promotions keep me coming back and you have high quality products. So refreshing doing business with a good company.!! thank You!
Andrew from Minnesota

I'm a Canadian customer, so any time I can find a place to ship such great product to Canada, I'm thrilled. I don't live in an igloo on a sheet of ice, but we just can't find some things here, even in the large city I live near. I have referred friends and I will be a return customer. Everything was as promised, tasty and I will never buy factory made steak rub again! Thanks for offering such great product.
Debbie from Ontario

This is the best place to find everything I need for my BBQ rub at the best prices! Love this site!
Ryan from Connecticut

You are my go to spice ordering company. Thank you for your fast shipping and wonderful service.
Erin from Iowa

Huge array of spices for every type of cuisine you can think of. Freebees with every order, and the web site is very functional. Top-notch service from site-functionality, to ordering, to swift delivery. Highly recommend!
Clare from Texas

I really enjoy this site. The herbs and spices are always fresh and are shipped quickly. I have ordered many diffeent spices but always enjoy trying the sample items for new flavors.
Art from New Mexico

We received our order today and we are really happy with your products and the free samples. I am about to place my next order. I am so glad I found your website.
Marion from Nebraska

I enjoy your site tremendously. I have ordered previously and I enjoyed everything that I received. I could not wait to place another order. I am a customer for life.
Samantha from Maryland

There is not one spice that I have not gotten that I have not been very pleased with. I share them with my friends. Tell all I see how wonderful them place is. The prices are great too! This place cannot be beat in anyway! I love this place. Thanks!
Barb from Maine

MySpiceSage is awesome! I ordered the curry collection along with some habanero powder and more. Everything is great. The bags are resealable, the prices can hardly be beat and everything tastes great!
David from Kansas

This is a tasty & easy recipe ~ just like your products and your ordering format which are set up so well to give ease & all information readily available including your follow-up info on shipment tracking. Thru the whole process you provide good info & make ordering such a pleasure. Also your products are fresh & your extensive inventory allow one stop shopping. You are the best!
Carla from Idaho

I am so happy I found this site. I have placed several orders now, and could not be more pleased with your products or service
Tammy from Georgia

Your array of spices is mind-boggling! And the spices I've ordered have always been the freshest I've ever purchased anywhere. Your quick response to my orders is so appreciated, and my spices always arrive swiftly and in perfect condition. I am able to purchase spices on your site that I have been unable to find in stores I've visited so when I come to your site I also purchase spices which MAY be available in stores - but why go there when I can get such wonderful service and fresh spices from MYSPICESAGE?
Ashleigh from Florida

I am so happy with all the products that I have obtained from My Spice Sage. My last order was short the free vanilla pods. But I have been very happy with the length of time to get the spices to me. Thank you for saving me money also and the spices are superior.
Sara from Delaware

Your site is amazing. I was going crazy trying to find good spices at a decent price. Thank goodness I came across your website!
Alison Ooms

Wow -- I just received my box of spices today. They are beeyootiful! I will definitely be ordering again and will tell all my friends.
Sandi Garcia

Great products, competitive prices, and fast free shipping on larger orders. I am very pleased.
Steven Williams

I shopped around before choosing My Spice Sage as my culinary supplier - and I'm so glad I found this site! The quality, value, and customer service is unparalleled. - Elizabeth from Ohio
Elizabeth Monfort

I got fed up with your competition because of their outrageous shipping charges. I found your site and decided to give it a try. I thought I would be losing quality but was very pleased to find that was not the case at all. Very impressed so far.
Scott Nunes

Wow, I can't believe your free gift. Great fresh spices, and then all those vanilla beans! Thanks so much! I'll be back.
Sarah Mentock

What can I say, it don't get any better than this. I love your spices. Willie B. Cumming from Atlanta, Ga.
Willie Cummings

Absolutely love these spcices! The are always fresh and the price is great!

This company is outstanding. Not only were the spices enticing, the prices were right and their customer service is first rate. All around A+.
doug lowery

I have loved everything I've gotten from MySpiceSage! No more subpar spices. Now I open my spice cabinet and the loveliest smells pour out! I will never buy my spices anywhere else again.
Traci Caitlyn

I received my first order not too long ago, and this company is by far the best I've come across. The ordering was easy, shipping was very fast, and the flavors are out of this world. The prices are very good compared to what you'd find in your local grocery store, and they have a huge selection too. I was able to find everything that I needed in a matter of minutes with no trouble at all. I will definitely be using Myspicesage for all of my spices. Thank you for everything!
Noelle Bryant

I have discovered a new world of spices in your delicious and exotic spices. Everything in the process from selecting the spices to delivery was fast and efficient! The people working at My Spice Sage are friendly and really go the extra mile to make it worth it! I will use My Spice Sage for all my spice needs!
Ilanit Benor

I did not know a lot about spices so my first order consisted of a variety of spices that contained no salt. For health reasons, my husband and I wanted a way to limit our salt intake and this site was a blessing. The seasonings were tasty, flavorful, and simply amazing to our tongues. I am recommending this site to everyone I know who enjoys spices that are unique and wonderful to taste. I feel so much better knowing that I do not have to give up on great tasting foods because I am limited on my salt intake. My Spice Sage you are the best

I recently used a Madagascar Vanilla Bean that I purchased from you in a recipe instead of using Madagascar Burbon Vanilla Extract, the difference was unbelievable! My hat is off to you for having such a high quality product! As a former Chef and Culinary Graduate, I am very picky about the spices I use, and my family is somewhat spoiled by being able to enjoy quality meals, made with spices that I grow, when I don't have particular spices available to me, I purchase them from you, and so far, you haven't let us down! Thanks! Tom
Thomas Privitera

I've received 2 orders from your wonderful company so far.. and have to say I'm thrilled with each and every product you make! Fresh, economical and the fastest delivery to Canada I've ever had. No hassles, no complaints.. just great service and quality all across the board! (Now all I have to work on is MORE SPACES FOR SPICES).. :D

This is an amazing site. I just placed my second order since I was so impressed with my 1st order.
Tamara Nichols

I would just like to say that, "aside from the huge selection of great products they have to offer here, they also provide excellent customer service." A slight mistake was made on a recent order and they were very prompt in correcting the mistake. I will gladly continue doing business here. They have earned my loyalty.
Rod Burch

I found your spice page on a search looking for vanilla beans in quantity as I make my own vanilla. LOVE the quality, the beans are plumb and fresh. I also ordered cinnamon I'd been looking for. The FREE shipping is a plus as well. Thank you so much for such quality products. I will defintely be a repeat customer.
Linda Aukerman

What can I say. I have placed two orders so far. This is the best spice site I have ever seen. Orders are prompt tasty and fresh. I made the vanilla bean simple syrup then added some condensed milk and it turned out with a great caramel taste for over vanilla bean ice cream. Yummy.
Tamara Nichols

Your organization ROCKS! Why would I ever buy herbs and spices from anyone else? The answer is....I won't!
philip drake

I have been buying bulk spices for almost twenty years. I buy individual spices to blend because, frankly, most blends have no subtlety. If your idea of spices blends is a chili blend that causes people to writhe in pain, we're on a different page. We got a small quantity of Ras el Hanout, a blend notoriously difficult to balance. It was sophisticated, subtle and produced an ever-changing series of flavors in the mouth. That prompted us to buy more blends and the same mastery was apparent. Whoever is creating the blends has a rare talent. Again, if your idea of spice blends is a sledgehammer to the mouth, you're not ready for these blends. I cannot say enough good about the blends we bought. These guys are my new source...the little freebies are a nice extra and I appreciate not having to meet a $30 minimum as one of my previous sources insists upon.
Roberts Howard

I ordered small quantities of various spices in order to the company. Every spice I ordered is very fresh and smells and tasted as if I had dried and crushed them myself. I received my order within a week. I was truly surprised and plan on order all my spices from here in the future. --C. Howard
Cheri Howard

My very favorite site ... I am determined to have an oz of every spice. The quality is outstanding, you'll never buy supermarket spices again once you see how they deepen your recipes. I especially like the spice education section.
Lesa Jowels

Well I did return for more spices, and have been very satisfied with all of the herbs and spices. I wanted to mention, I have always gotten fresh veggies, but have always had spoilage with celery, carrots and such, but I saw where there was lots of veggies and herbs, so decided I would try these!! Did and am sold, take some out put in your favorite recipe reseal the package and wham-mo no spoilage. Onions, chives and so many more. Just wanted to share my find. Save bucks
Belvia Hall

Great selection and the prices can't be beat. My order was received very promptly and everything I ordered was there including the free saffron. I am a customer for life now.
John Richardson

I just got my spice order today, so I haven't had a chance to experiment yet, but all of the spices I ordered look wonderful, and the couple I opened smelled heavenly. I was amazed how fast my order arrived. So far, I'm extremely pleased and looking forward to using some of my new goodies for Thanksgiving dinner.
Robert Rothenberg

Excellent website! So easy to use and update on the fly! The free shipping and promotional gifts were icing on the cake. Thanks for a great buying experience! Joann Long
Joann Long

Alberta, Canada here. Receiving my spices from Spice was like getting a box of gold in the mail! And a timely box, indeed! The selection, service, cost and mailing time on this site are all extraordinary--even to Canadian clients. I have been seeking a site just like this for so long. My advice to anyone who is "on-the-fence" about buying spices online is: try this site. You will not regret it! Enjoy your new culinary triumphs! Cheers, Elena Brunt
Elena Brunt

I ordered 5 packs of whole spices for the first time here, along with 2 free ones offered, and I'm very satisfied!! All the spices that I had purchased were great. They were not rancid ---which happened when I had once bought ground spices from an Asian grocery store. I look forward to buying more whole spices again! Thank you!
Maria Anglo

I found this site a few months ago after looking for vanilla beans at the grocery store. They were on sale for $11.99 with only two puny pods in the jar. I came home and googled wholesale spices and found this site. All my spice now come from My Spice Sage! Everything is super fresh and terrific, the prices are excellent, S&H is free, and customer service is great. I will never buy spices in the grocery store again! I tell everyone I know who cooks about this site. Thank you, My Spice Sage!
MaryLou Jackson

Amazing service and product! I will only buy my spices from here from now on!!!!

I'm a new customer and just recently placed my 3rd order. I'm amazed at the color, aroma and taste of your spices. Every time I've opened the box my kitchen smelled heavenly. I love your site and the various ways I can find spices as well as the information you provide about each one. Today, I've told 6 friends about my experience so far, as well as the reasonable prices, the free shipping and the gift you offer with each order. I'm absolutely delighted and see no reason to buy spices in the grocery store ever again. Thank you so much. Kathleen in Maryland
Kathleen Klein

I did not expect the shipment to come so fast! I'll be back !
leona biccum

I just received my first purchases, and I am delighted with the freshness and quality of every item. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes. I'll be telling all of my cooking friends about you. Thanks!

I'm always satisfied with my order and every spice is explained so well so no unpleasant surprises when I order a new spice! Thanks!
karoline schwartz

My Spice Sage is my new favorite website. I will definitely be ordering all my spices here from now on. the spices themselves are fresh and aromatic, service is quick, and the variety is next to none.
Sara Perales

Great company! The spices are top quality and the customer service is the best. I have ordered several times and have been happy with all orders. One order was lost in the mail and the company quickly sent me a replacement. I couldn't ask for a better spice supplier!
sabrina shamblin

Not sure how I found you but know I will not lose you!! Our first order arrived today an we are very delighted with everything. Was amazed at how large the package was of the chives an now I can use them freely again without paying a small fortune at the supermarket. Thank you for great prices an sizes. Looking forward to next purchase!! Susan
Richard Kirkpatrick

I couldn't be more pleased with my first order! You have a customer for life! Customer service is wonderful. My spices arrived in only 2 days and the shipping was free. The quality of the spices is excellent! I am looking forward to using the "freebie" you sent - a whole gram of saffron! WOW! Thank you a million times over!

This is the 3rd time I have ordered from My Spice Sage and I'm happy to say that I LOVE the spices that I have received from them! I was very pleased to find my recent order in my mail box 4 days later. Can't wait to try the new spices!! Great work guys!!
Stephen Sanchez

I purchased a Fossil Marble Swivel Top Salt Box and it had a place for pepper, great item, great price.The delivery was super fast received it within 3 days from date I ordered it, will be ordering again in the future, thank you.
diana rollins

Wow, I couldn't ask for a business that was quick and the cost reasonable and the shipping (or at least this time around) was Free! I received my order within the week I am so pleased with your service that I WILL be ordering from you again SOON!
Tina Smith

I couldn't be more pleased with my recent order from My Spice Sage. Super-fast and FREE shipping, great value and prices and fantastic selection. I can't wait to tell my friends what a great experience I had, and can't wait to place another order.
Amy Gavin

Thank you for the fast service and freebie addition to the order. I will be back.
Leda Lee

Love all the products I've received, and the Fast and Free Shipping is a huge plus! Thanks!
Norma Hayes

Not only are their spices the greatest; you can order the empty jars to fill, organize, label, date, and store. I love to grind my own concoctions!. I have been inspired by the spices to try many different cuisines. I get requests for specific meals from friends and family and I can make an authentic meals with the right spices. You rock!
kim Payne

the jalepeno salt is amazing. great service, fast delivery . very please !!! .. i will be a repeat customer. thank you ,susan
susan schmidt

Great site. I recently recieved my first order and the spices are wonderful. I will be ordering again real soon.
Sharon Williams

Just placed my first order. So far, the customer service is unbelieveable! Evan was amazing and very helpful on the live chat. The website is easy to navigate, and I enjoyed the brief descriptions of the different spices. Can't wait to try the applewood smoked salt. What a wonderful website.

This is my new favorite website! I have already ordered so many spices and several varieties of salt I'd never heard of before. It always makes me so happy to get my package in the mail, and their free shipping is FAST! I live in Utah and my order made it to my door in 2 days flat. The amounts you get are often a lot bigger than expected! My Spice Sage is my favorite online store, ever.
Anna Reed

I love this company! I've called customer service just for some reassurance before after placing an order and they were helpful, friendly, shipping was fast and efficient. I am new to experimenting in the kitchen with cooking and baking and I'm able to sample different spices through the free samples I obtain with my orders. It's just awesome! - Heather; East Coast Canada
Heather Wiseman

My first purchase: 5lb China #1 Ginger: Price=Excellent; Shipping=couldn't have been more prompt; Packaging=amazing, careful, Tetris-like, 5*1lb plastic sacks=5lb and no leakage whatsoever; Damage=none; Taste=just as it should be. I intend to store this ginger in a cool (40_T_77) dry, dark place. 5lb of ginger will last me almost a year and I am sure it will keep. If I am able then I will let you know more about this later. Thank you, myspicesageDOTcom!
Step Williamson

I love your website! I looked all over town for citric acid, and vegetable rennet, and had no luck! I came here, and found both, for a great price! I also love the free vanilla beans that come with my orders, when I spend 20 bucks! I have been experimenting with making home made cleaners, and home made body products, and your site makes it possible for me! Also, your prices are fantastic! Thank you!
Cindy Saighman

I'm so glad I found this website! The spices are great quality, the prices are amazing and each time I've ordered they've had some sort of free item to go along with it. It really motivates me to be more adventurous with spices.
Karen Gossett

Everything I've ordered has been fresh and great-tasting. A recent order arrived with a broken jar. My call was returned promptly and a replacement was offered immediately; not only the damaged jar is to be replaced, but the other spice packages that were soiled on the outside. The representative was cheerful, helpful, and courteous, too! This company has earned my patronage and respect!
erin dumont

Order arrived quickly. Pizza seasoning and pumpkin seasoning are both excellent. Spices were fresh, and the free sample is a great perk.
Renee Williams

Wow! This was my first order from you and I am impressed! Great selection and prices, super fast delivery, a freebie, so I can try something new and the smell....heavenly! I'll be back for more! Great website!
Susanne Treacy

I teach cooking and baking at our local culinary school and one thing I tell all my students is where to go for the BEST spices, and it is My Spice Sage!
Beth Streeter

I have just placed another order and I am very pleased with the quality of all the spices and products that I have received. I will be ordering more in the future because of the great service and quick delivery that I have received. Thank You Very much for the great service and I also appreciate the free gifts that have been offered !!!
Brent Boettcher

In 63 years I have never gotten such VERY fresh herbs and spices! They are wonderful and far less money than grocery stores. I'll not buy spices anywhere else. Your service is superb, Yankee ingenuity at its best. I'll bet your warehouse smells divine! Thank you so much for providing such excellent quality and care.
Candyce Bernstein

One of the best things about My Spice Sage is how the free samples can nudge me to expand my kitchen repertoire. A few months ago I received a 4-oz bag of Hungarian Paprika as a gift with my order. Our office Thanksgiving Pot-Luck was coming up, so I decided to bring deviled eggs - a dish I had never made before! I guess the paprika inspired me, because it had a sweet, rich flavor and a beautiful bright color. Well, those deviled eggs simply FLEW off the appetizer table! They looked so pretty with their dusting of paprika, people couldn't resist. Now I make myself deviled eggs for breakfast on the weekends, because they're so simple and easy, and I feel like I'm having a party. I'm so glad I discovered this website!
Eileen Vance

Your website is the best! Your service is the best! And your products are by far the best! I use something from my orders every single day. Thank you!
Linda Sharlow

I have used My Spice Sage for years as my only spice supplier, and could not be happier. The herbs and spices are always fresh and shipped to me very quickly. Thank you. chuck

I absolutely love myspicesage. Being a pastry chef, i can easily order any spice I need, get it quickly, and the free samples allow me to do one thing I really enjoy; experiment with spices I have yet to try, creating flavors in my foods that often surprise the people I serve.
Gordon Parmelee

Amazing! I love the selection and quality of spices and teas. I've placed quite a number of orders, and have always received my orders quickly. The quality is great - and you really can't beat their prices, either. On the rare occasion that I've been unhappy with a product, they have been quick to refund my money without any hassles, and very gracious about it as well. I am thrilled with My Spice Sage, and have recommended them to family and friends many times already.
rhonda bradley

I truly love this site I will never ever buy my spices from another store spice sage has everything you could ever want. My favorite is the applewood smoked salt OMG people this is great on meats potatoes and in desserts I think it would be good on a shoe you have to buy from spice sage you will never purchased spices for anywhere else I promise you that. Don't forget the vanilla beans you can get 8 for what you would pay for just 1 bean at Publix I truly love spice sage I have told all my friends and family about this site and they all use it now they even have the hard to find spices trust me you will enjoy everything about this site.
Deborah Nance

I started to order spices online a couple of years ago with another online company because I found the spices in the supermarket were too expensive or the spices weren't vibrant or "fresh." I just received my first order from Spice Sage and I am very happy with it! The smell and aroma permeated my kitchen as I filled up my bottles and when I compared some of the spices I had in my cupboard that I bought in the supermarket and the ones I got through Spice Sage -- what a difference in color and smell. Your prices are reasonable and it allows me to buy small quantities so that I use it within a reasonable time without losing flavors overtime and I can try different spices that most supermarkets don't offer. Plus, you have free shipping. I would defintiely order from you guys again.
Angie Crockwell

This site is great, you should buy your spices here. Wonderful prices. Free Shipping, Free Samples and Free promotions. Great price for items. Fast customer care. :) Answered my questions and even offer to exchange my item for another since I accidentally order an item thinking it was almonds. You should give this site a go. Nothing to lose.
Irene Jimenez

Words cannot tell you how delighted I was to receive My Spice order yesterday. I found your website while looking for saffron I could afford to buy. Imagine my delight to find such a treasure trove of spices. I am 77 yo and most of my life have depended on spices for flavor, health and just general well being. Your order came so quickly I was not expecting it. I have not cooked with any of the spices, but the aroma and appearance tell me that they are premioum. It was wonderful to have cardamom in my coffee last night. Thank you so much for a place where I can buy any spice my mind thinks of. Prices are more than reasonable and I will continue to shop here. I would recommend your site to anyone; chefs and gourmets included !!

I am fairly new to this site but so far my spice sage is simply the best! My spices arrive fresh and SUPER FAST! I have yet to order ANYTHING from ANYWHERE and get this fast of a service without paying the high priced shipping cost to get it fast! I have been telling all my family and friends about this site! I highly recommend anyone wondering if they should order from my spice sage...DO IT! And you probably will love this site like I do! Thanks My Spice Sage!
Shawn Goodman

I just ordered 10lbs of alum powder. My Sage Sage wasn't the cheapest I'd found, but the free garlic, free 1oz spice sample and the free shipping sweetened the pot sufficiently to get my business. I'll be using this company again for sure! (Assuming all goes as planned with my order.)
Raymond Gould

I've been ordering spices from your site for well over a year now. I started with hard to find spices but then tried some free samples of my everyday spices. I was amazed at the freshness I was missing out on buying from local grocery stores. Prices are very comparable also. Besides quality and freshness, the free shipping and the free sample keeps me coming back...thanks. Sherri from Florida
Sherri Edwards

I love your line of spices. I have always received prompt service. I will continue to shop with you. Thanks for great products and service
Joyce Vanschoor

this company kicks ass. ordered Tuesday & it's already here (Friday). xlnt quality. getting a great education about spices here. no more grocery stores. I shop here. tyvm
Brad Orris

I waited until it was almost too late to get mahlab for my tsoureki, and then I couldn't find it anywhere (even other online retailers). My Spice Sage saved my hide. The mahlab arrived in time for Orthodox Easter and was everything it was promised to be. I even found a little sample of free cardamom in my order that I hadn't anticipated. Thanks, Spice Sage.
Sean Webb

EXCELLENT....flavor and quality. I ordered several blended seasonings and they are such a wonderful addition to the standard spices. It is very easy to vary meals or "doctor" the flavor of microwave meals which makes them so much tastier. This was my first order from MySpiceSage but I will definitely be ordering again.
Richard Burt

I Love this site. I found it while searching around for some spices on the internet. Fast service and great quality products. I have reccomended it to my friends. Kudos!!!!
lorilei matteson

I found this website while looking for jalapeno powder and I am SO glad that I did! I've made several orders which have all been quickly shipped. All of my questions have been answered within minutes. You get a free 1 oz. spice with every order and that's a good sized bag! A free "gift" if you meet a quota which can't be beat. These spices are of highest quality and completely fresh. I've shared with several family members and friends and they are happy that I found this website as well!!
Carol White

I was very pleased with my first order, and immediately put in another order. Thank you for great service AND free shipping. I have mentioned your site to friends already. Anthony Barnacott
Anthony Barnacott