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Below are three photos to give you an idea of how much product you will receive in each size package. We filled up each size bag with marbles and placed them next to a quarter to provide a clear representation. There are two different photos, one for standard spices/seasonings and one for herbs. Since many herbs are so leafy the same weight will fill up a much larger bag. This is why some of the herb prices seem a lot higher than the spice prices, but you are actually receiving more product.

The third image is of our 1 cup Bottle with Sifter next to a popular national brand found in most grocery stores. You can see that our bottle holds close to 2.5 times more product than the national brand bottle. Plus, ours often costs less! Please be aware some other online retailers only offer 1/2 cup(4 fluid ounces) bottles. We choose to offer double the size 1 cup (8 fluid ounces) bottles to give you the biggest bang for your buck!

We hope you can see from these images that regardless of which size you order, you are getting a lot of product and a very good value compared to the supermarket.


Based on 28168 reviews

Well packaged and quality product

Black Peppercorns
Rick N. (Cathedral City, US)
Love Black Pepper

Love these Black Pepper Corns from My Spice Sage
Have to have it on everything.

Sichuan Peppercorns
Ron W. (Mountain Home, US)

I couldn't find Sichuan Pepper at any store where I live and found your website. Glad I did! The product arrived promptly and was well packaged and fresh! Top Quality! Good Job My Spice Sage!

All Purpose Seasoning
Robert B. (Malden, US)

All Purpose Seasoning

Herbs De Provence
Terrence F. (Federal Way, US)
Well known spice

Herbs De Provence is basically the French version of Italian Seasoning. If you look up the ingredients, you'll see they're similar, +/- a few things. I tend to use them interchangeably depending on what I have or how much one costs vs the other. I buy it by the lb because I use a lot....that is, often & large amounts.

Blueberry Flavored Sugar
Michael S. (Morse Bluff, US)
Everything just as i expected

I ordered my next assortment of spices, including the blueberry flavored sugar. I am going to try combining it with the habenero flavored sugar to see what BBQ sauce i can come up with. Every spice is fresh and very flavourful. I will be purchasing again.

Garlic Bread Seasoning
Donna S. (Buffalo, US)

This is the best Garlic bread seasoning. I used to make my own by using softened butter and then adding garlic powder but this is so much easier and muc tastier

Red pepper flakes

Very good, very powerful, be judicious.

Tomato Powder
Herb W. (Salt Lake City, US)

Always the best

Allspice Extract
David C. (Gouldsboro, US)

My wife's grand father started his own spice factory in Norwalk Ohio Wildman Spices they stopped making the Allspice extract
I was worried about the flavor found yours that is pretty close to Wildman's and it fits what I needed can not say if it is better BUT I thank you for having and making the Allspice extract
being currently widowed I am working still on my flavors and what spices go and do to things
again thank you for your Allspice extract

love this flavor is so good

Cumin Ground
Eileen (Indio, US)
Great product!

We have several recipes that call for cumin and My Spice Sage has very high quality cumin. It's flavorful and fresh. Really makes the dish outstanding.

Tarragon French
william f. (Fredericksburg, US)

Tarragon French

Spinach Flakes
Bill D. (Moores Hill, US)
Dried spinach flakes

I have been using fried spinach flakes for several years now. I use about two tablespoons of the spinach with breakfast every day. spinach flakes have a close identical food value as fresh spinach. It contains high magnesium which is good for the heart plus the fact it has a significate anti-inflammation benefit.

Carob Powder
Ron E. (Philadelphia, US)
Not seen

Since " 21" I've been ordering same things. I make dryrubs. Why do I always have to fill all new info. Never getting seen

Cardamom Green Pods
RC o.N.Y. (Hadley, US)
Excellent Product

I appreciate the quality of MY SPICE SAGE products, as well as the way they are packaged. I used the pods in the Indian version of rice pudding (Keer), which my husband loves. They worked perfectly.

Excellent Hungarian papry

My kitchen is never without Hungarian paprika, being married to a Hungarian it’s a rule

Chinese Five Spice Powder
Scott L. (San Antonio, US)
OMG the best!

Love this 5 Spice. Have already gone through 2lbs and will order more!

Sweet Spanish Paprika
Kenneth G. (Miami, US)
The paprika was very good

I recommend your co to family and friends

Galangal Root Whole
William G. (Seattle, US)

Galangal Root Whole

Jerry L. (Pooler, US)
Not too much

Recently, I was preparing a meal and I used the dried chives in the main course, chicken pot pie. To explain, I have "Benign Emergent Tremor" syndrome and as I was adding the chives, directly from the bag to the mix a tremor developed in my right hand and OOPS! I dumped about a cup and a half! I do not waste if I can help it so I let it ride. As it turned out all was very good!

Espresso Powder
Erika C. (Gardnerville, US)
It's Great!

The Espresso Powder is a fine powder that blends smoothly into any recipe that calls for coffee powder or instant coffee.

Black Peppercorns
Jim G. (Westminster, US)
Always reliable!

All spices and seasonings are good quality, never anything less.

Beet Powder
Julie S. (Bismarck, US)
beet powder

good will order again

Saffron - Spanish Superior Grade
Sherry A. (Atlanta, US)

Received the saffron on rime and still trying to think of a recipe to use it.

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